Forney Hull
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Forney Hull (Character)
from Where the Heart Is (2000)

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Where the Heart Is (2000)
Novalee Nation: It's too late, isn't it, Forney?
Forney Hull: Too late for what?
Novalee Nation: I lied to you, when you asked me if I loved you, and I said no. Remember?
Forney Hull: Yes.
Novalee Nation: I lied. It wasn't true, I-I love you. It's just I lied because I thought you deserved something better.
Forney Hull: Something better than you? Novalee, there isn't anything better than you.
[they kiss]

Forney Hull: Why would a man on a Harley steal a woman's pillows?

Novalee Nation: Do I look professional?
Forney Hull: Well you know what'd help?
Novalee Nation: What?
Forney Hull: If you brought your camera
Novalee Nation: SHIT!...
[to Americus]
Novalee Nation: Mommy didn't say shit!
Americus: Yes, she did.

Novalee Nation: I lied, Forney.
Forney Hull: You lied? You didn't go to Tennessee?

Novalee Nation: [uncertainly] I'm looking for a book.
Forney Hull: What kind of book?
Novalee Nation: About... 'bout trees?
Forney Hull: Trees?
Novalee Nation: Yeah.
[makes motion over her head to demonstrate]
Novalee Nation: You know.
Forney Hull: Forestry? Environment? Agriculture? Botany? What do you want to know about trees?

Forney Hull: Do you love me?
Novalee Nation: You are the best friend I've ever had.
Forney Hull: Just answer me.
Novalee Nation: You delivered my baby.
Forney Hull: Do you love me?
Novalee Nation: No. No, Forney, I don't love you. Not that way.

Americus: Forney, if you give a cow chocolate will you get chocolate milk?
Forney Hull: Yeah. And if you spin a cow around real fast you'll get whipped cream.
Americus: Wow! You know a lot.
Forney Hull: Well, I work in the library.

Forney Hull: Here!
[throws books on the table]
Forney Hull: Look up Buckeye in the index.
Novalee Nation: The what?
Forney Hull: I'll start slower, these are called books. You still with me?
Novalee Nation: Hey!
Forney Hull: There. See, read.
Novalee Nation: Leaf rot. Root damage. Night nitro.
Novalee Nation: Night nitrogen defic... defic...
Forney Hull: Deficiency! Keep reading.

Forney Hull: Are you finding everything you need?
Novalee Nation: I don't know what they're talking about. I have to look up every other word in the dictionary then I have to look up those words in the children's dictionary. Takes me a half hour to read a page.
Forney Hull: Well maybe this is something that's hard to learn from books. I mean, it's photography.
Novalee Nation: Hard for me, anyway.