David McCall
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David McCall (Character)
from Fear (1996)

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Fear (1996)
Nicole Walker: Isn't this the car they stopped making 'cause it, I don't know, blows up or something?
David McCall: Guess that's why I got her.

David McCall: Hey Mr. Walka!

David McCall: You filthy little whore!

David McCall: You're not dancing.
Nicole Walker: I know.

David McCall: [preparing to execute Steve] Daddy, you will forever hold your peace.
[Nicole produces the "peace pipe" letter-opener and buries it in David's back]
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE: deadpan] Oh, no you don't.
[as David gets up and turns to face Nicole, she stands ready for him, despite no longer being sure of what he intends to do with her. Then Steve gets up and pounces on David from behind. They fight murderously as Nicole looks on in tears. Finally, Steve gets the upper hand; he choke-holds David, while turning toward Nicole's bedroom window]
Steve Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] ... I've spent my whole life taking the easy way out, David. Now, IT'S YOUR TURN!
[David is thrown headlong through the window and plummets to his death. Steve then turns back to face Nicole]
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE: softly] ... Dad, are you all right?
Steve Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] ... I didn't abandon you this time.
[She runs into his arms and they hug each other]
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE: sobbing] ... I wanted to save David from himself, in spite of everything. I'm sorry I couldn't.
Steve Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] Well, I didn't do so hot either, not on that score... But I think we BOTH did the next best thing, don't you?
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE: forcing a smile] Touché, Dad.
[Laura, Margo and Toby come in and group-hug them both]

David McCall: [At the door] It could of all been different Mr. Walker. You should have let neature take its course... but in the end, it will anyway.

David McCall: Nicole, get me a Coke.

David McCall: Just you and me Nicole, nobody else.
Nicole Walker: Nobody else
[kisses David back]
David McCall: Do you want me?
Nicole Walker: Yes.
David McCall: Tell me, tell me you want me.
Nicole Walker: I want you David.
David McCall: Yeah?
Nicole Walker: [nods her head] David?
David McCall: Yeah?
Nicole Walker: I love you.

Steve Walker: David, I don't want to beat around the bush. I came to tell you that you're gonna stop seeing Nicole. Now, either you're as smart as you think you are and you'll just go away, or else you're gonna make things a lot harder on yourself than they have to be.
David McCall: You know, Steve, you're really not a faggot.
Steve Walker: ...What?
David McCall: No, I'm serious. You seem like a pretty solid guy; you should lighten up on yourself.
Steve Walker: We're not talkin' about me, we're talkin'...
David McCall: Yes we are. That's what this whole thing's about, Steve. Your inadequacies. Your fears.
Steve Walker: You just wait a minute...
David McCall: Listen to me. See, I'm hip to your problems. All of 'em. I know you abandoned Nicole when she needed you most... 'cause I licked her sweet tears. I know about things comin' apart at work. Maybe you fuckin' lost it in that department. I also know you ain't keepin' up, so to speak, your end of the bargain with the missus. 'Cause if you were she wouldn't be all over my stick. Relax, Steve. We're friends. We're practically family.
Steve Walker: I want you to understand somethin', pal. If you don't disappear from my family's life, I'm gonna rip your balls off and shove 'em so far up your ass they'll come out your fuckin' mouth! You got that, my friend?