Kay Chandler
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Kay Chandler (Character)
from Random Hearts (1999)

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Random Hearts (1999)
Kay Chandler: You wanna know why, and there's no why.

Kay Chandler: You know those drugstore kits that tell you when you're pregnant? They should have one that tells you when you're sane.

Kay Chandler: Don't you... *fuck* with me!
Dutch Van Den Broeck: If you don't like that word, don't use it.

Kay Chandler: You're not a Democrat, are you?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: What if I am?
Kay Chandler: We talk, I give you books to read.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: What happens if you don't get elected?
Kay Chandler: The country goes to hell.

Kay Chandler: Got any cash?
Cullen Chandler: [reaching into his pocket] Sure.
Kay Chandler: I need about a half a million. Harold Cornelius is gonna run against me as a write-in.

Wendy Judd: What is the worst thing you've ever done?
Kay Chandler: If I've already done it, it'll be a dull life.

Kay Chandler: [eulogizing her husband] We had so many great days. Just not enough years.

Kay Chandler: Do you know what happens when a member of Congress accuses you of harassment?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: We'd get our names in the newspapers?
Kay Chandler: That's close to blackmail!

Kay Chandler: You don't care who knows, do you? About her and him, I mean.
Dutch Van Den Broeck: I care. They know anyway. Sooner or later, everybody knows everything.

Dutch Van Den Broeck: I wondered if you'd come.
Kay Chandler: Guy like you, girl like me. What reason could there be not to? Sorry I'm late.
[beginning to ramble]
Kay Chandler: I had to change a few times and pack. I thought - if I packed light, it'd look like I knew what I was doing. But I didn't know what I was doing, so I didn't know what to pack.

Kay Chandler: I want to know who is this woman who's wearing my clothes and using my body? Is she permanent? Or is she only around when you are?

Kay Chandler: [to her campaign manager] I think I may be losing what it takes to lie. This may become a problem.

Kay Chandler: Come on. It's only adultery. Nobody gives a damn except the people it happens to.

TV Reporter at Hospital: How would you characterize your relationship with the sergeant.
Kay Chandler: The sergeant's wife was killed on the plane that went down with my husband. I met the sergeant a few days after that day. He was a friend when I needed a friend. I hope he feels the same way.
TV Reporter at Hospital: So you're just friends?
Kay Chandler: Just friends? We are surely friends. We've seen each other through something... We're more than friends. We're survivors.

[last lines]
Dutch Van Den Broeck: How about I call you up sometime in New Hampshire?
Kay Chandler: And say what?
Dutch Van Den Broeck: Say... "You wanna go to a movie?" What do you say?
Kay Chandler: Wouldn't that be something?
[walks off for her plane]