Dora Diamond
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Dora Diamond (Character)
from Loser (2000)

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Loser (2000)
Dora Diamond: I love self-loathing complaint rock you can dance to.

Dora Diamond: You have a girlfriend?
Paul Tannek: Ex-girlfriend. We dated in high school.
Dora Diamond: Do you still see her?
Paul Tannek: No. She lost some weight over the summer, so she's dating a lot more now. You know how it goes.

Paul Tannek: What was that?
Dora Diamond: A kiss.
Paul Tannek: You call that a kiss?

Dora Diamond: Well, you know how there are couples that stay together just because they feel like they can't do any better, or there are people who are sad and miserable and live alone? But then there's this microscopically teeny group of luck people who get to be with the person they're madly in love with.
Paul Tannek: Dora, you ever consider being in love and leaving out the "madly" part?
Dora Diamond: Well, what's the fun in that?

Professor Edward Alcott: I'm sure if she were alive, Betty Friedan would applaud your little epiphany.
Dora Diamond: Oh really? Well, if Kafka was still alive he'd say "Stop misinterpreting my novels, you pretentious bonehead!"

Dora Diamond: It isn't ennobling, being poor. It just makes you mean.
Paul Tannek: Yeah, that's why all the really nice people are rich.

Dora Diamond: You think I don't know anything!
Professor Edward Alcott: [flirtingly] I think you know how to walk in a pair of platform Mary Janes. I think you know how to style your hair with an egg beater.
Dora Diamond: You are so condescending!