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Quotes for
Carrie Bowman (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Countdown (#2.20)" (2003)
Michael Vaughn: You're saying that five hundred years ago Rambaldi drew the DNA profile of a man who's alive today?
Carrie Bowman: It gets even better. Di Regno's DNA profile was a code key. It let us decrypt page 94 of the Rambaldi manuscript.
Marcus Dixon: What's on the page?
N.S.A. Deputy Director Brandon: Times and dates, each marking an apocalyptic event.

Sydney Bristow: There's a future date listed on the page, isn't there?
N.S.A. Deputy Director Brandon: Forty-eight hours from now.
Sydney Bristow: What's the prediction?
Carrie Bowman: The page doesn't say, it just gives the time. It's the equivalent of midnight, eastern standard time.

Carrie Bowman: Are you gay?
Marshall Flinkman: Why, is there someone you wanted to set me up with?
Carrie Bowman: No, it's just every cute guy that I meet turns out to be gay.

"Alias: A Missing Link (#3.4)" (2003)
Marshall Flinkman: [holding a machine that could reveal the sex of his baby] You know, I could find out right now.
Carrie Bowman: Touch me with that thing and you die.

"Alias: After Six (#3.13)" (2004)
Marshall Flinkman: [after get married with Carrie] I love you, Mrs. Flinkman!
Carrie Bowman: I'm keeping my name!