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Nadia Santos (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Legacy (#3.21)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: I don't want to hurt you.
Nadia Santos: Then why are you doing this?
Arvin Sloane: When Abraham was asked to take his only child, Isaac, and offer him up to God, he didn't hesitate. And he took in his hand the fire and the knife, and it was only then, that the angel came. But Abraham had to be willing to make this unbearable choice.
Nadia Santos: I understand.
Arvin Sloane: You do?
Nadia Santos: You're a man of faith.
Arvin Sloane: Oh, my child. My child.
[Nadia opens her restraints with a pen and stabs Sloane with the needle he used on her]
Nadia Santos: How do you like it?

Arvin Sloane: What you did yesterday, destroying all the fluid like that: I want you to know I was not angry with you. I was proud of your courage.
Nadia Santos: Every Sunday at the orphanage in San Telmo, they made us dress up in our finest clothes. They would have us stand in line for hours waiting to be chosen by families. I wouldn't do it. I'd make myself filthy and always frown. I didn't want to be chosen, because I knew... I knew that somewhere my dad was still looking for me. And one day he'd come to take me away from that place... If I had known it was you I was waiting for, I would have cleaned up.

Arvin Sloane: You're gonna be okay. I promise.
Nadia Santos: No, I won't. I guess the angel isn't coming.

Sydney Bristow: [about Sloane] It's okay. You're safe. He will never hurt you again.
Nadia Santos: He protected me.

"Alias: The Awful Truth (#4.3)" (2005)
Eric Weiss: No woman ever wants to go to the Magic Castle.
Nadia Santos: Oh, I like magic.

Nadia Santos: [Nadia was watching Jack and Sydney talk] Is he always so cold?
Arvin Sloane: Jack? I'm afraid so.

Nadia Santos: Mr. Bristow, I don't mean to seem impatient, but I've never done anything that's lasted as long as this.
Jack Bristow: How sad for you.

[Jack is conducting Nadia's psych evaluation and giving her hypothetical scenarios]
Jack Bristow: While tapping a phone line of a target in New Delhi, you're spotted by the enemy. Your partner tells you to continue with the mission objective while he neutralizes the target. Do you obey him or fight back?
Nadia Santos: Is the phone system the new PBX Matrix?
Jack Bristow: [impatiently] Just answer the question, please.
Nadia Santos: [pause] Why is my partner a man?
Jack Bristow: [stiffly] The sex of your partner is irrelevant.
Nadia Santos: Oh. No, I would not obey. I'd help her fight him off, then she and I could finish the job together.

"Alias: Authorized Personnel Only: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2005)
Eric Weiss: [Sydney and Weiss are at Sydney's house] I just... I just don't see it, you're working in a bank? What kind of a job is that? Cashing checks, making change, "excuse me, next in line please".
Sydney Bristow: I'm a loans officer, I travel, service accounts.
Eric Weiss: Wait a minute, that cover job you had for SD-6?
Sydney Bristow: I happen to be good at it.
Eric Weiss: Great! That's stimulating stuff, watching over someone else's money, Syd come on seriously since you left the spy business you're a bore!
Sydney Bristow: It's an adjustment it's all... are you sure you don't want to stay for dinner?
Eric Weiss: I'd love to, but I've got to go save the world, see you.
Sydney Bristow: Bye.
[Weiss goes to the door and opens it, Nadia is standing there]
Eric Weiss: Hello.
Nadia Santos: Hi.
Eric Weiss: I'm Eric Weiss, 38, single...
Nadia Santos: Nadia.
Eric Weiss: How are you?
Nadia Santos: Good
[turns to Sydney]
Nadia Santos: Is this a bad time?
Sydney Bristow: Not at all Nadia, this is Eric he was just leaving.
Eric Weiss: No, I can stay...
[Sydney waves Weiss good bye]
Eric Weiss: or go, nice to meet you.

Nadia Santos: I was hoping we could talk about our mother.
Sydney Bristow: Did you bring your passport?

Nadia Santos: And you have no idea who was responsible? Who killed her?
Sydney Bristow: [after a pause] No.
Nadia Santos: I swear... somehow I will find out who did this to our mother, and I will kill him.

"Alias: Detente (#4.7)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Sydney, we didn't expect you back so soon... So Russia was a success?
Sydney Bristow: Yeah, there's a report waiting for you in the office.
Nadia Santos: Sydney, he just dropped by, I didn't realize.
Sydney Bristow: Get Out.
Arvin Sloane: Very Well... I'll walk myself to the door. I'll see you both tomorrow.
Nadia Santos: OK... He came by wanting to talk; he says he wants a fresh start to get to know me.
Sydney Bristow: You think that's all he wants; a little father daughter bonding?
Nadia Santos: I know how you feel about him.
Sydney Bristow: You can't possibly.
Nadia Santos: I don't understand, you work with him at APO.
Sydney Bristow: I accepted the job so I can watch him. Don't delude yourself, Nadia, into thinking you can trust that man. Do that and you will end up hating yourself for it.
Nadia Santos: He's my father.
Sydney Bristow: If you knew what he's done...
Nadia Santos: Sydney, I know, I know what he did to you. What he took from you, your best friend, your fiance...
Sydney Bristow: And knowing that, you still let him into my home?

Nadia Santos: Wait a minute... I hate that perfume. It has a weird patrulli smell.
Sydney Bristow: See the end of the bed, the sling backs.
Nadia Santos: Champagne bottles on the nightstand.
Sydney Bristow: Check out the magazines.
Nadia Santos: Designer purse.
Sydney Bristow: It's a shot.
Eric Weiss: What's a shot, what are you talking about?
Nadia Santos: I know where to get what we need.
Eric Weiss: What? Where is she going?
Michael Vaughn: You mind filling us in?
Sydney Bristow: Tambor's got a girlfriend, she's staying with him. She's our way in.

Arvin Sloane: Just so we don't have these misunderstandings again, let me be clear to both of you. Questioning my authority, whether it's in this office or in the field; is unacceptable.
Sydney Bristow: Unacceptable... Coming from you that's almost funny
Nadia Santos: Sydney, please.
Sydney Bristow: Do you really want to engage in a conversation about what is and what is not acceptable? Every day I work here, I see your face in briefings; I hear your voice in my ear during missions. And do you want to know what it's like? It makes me sick to my stomach. Having to pretend that the past never happened, that you're not the same murderous, criminal, sociopath you were three years ago. It makes me want to wretch. If you want to talk unacceptable, that is unacceptable.
Arvin Sloane: I assumed that you had accepted the fact that I made amends for my past.
Sydney Bristow: Amends; Francie and Danny are gone and yet here you are. And everywhere I look I'm reminded of the man that killed them.

"Alias: Search and Rescue (#4.21)" (2005)
Michael Vaughn: How you holding up?
Nadia Santos: I'm trying to stay focused.
Michael Vaughn: By re-opening up the Bishop files?
Nadia Santos: He killed my mother; supposedly, if she's alive then the CIA obviously missed something.
Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn sighs] Nadia, researching Martin Bishop, it's... It's not the most productive use of your time.
Nadia Santos: What do you mean?
Michael Vaughn: You should talk to Jack...

Sydney Bristow: It's okay to be nervous.
Nadia Santos: It's just not about meeting Irina. It's just this feeling...
Sydney Bristow: Dread; darkness?
Nadia Santos: Yeah, how do you know?
Sydney Bristow: I've been feeling it to.
Nadia Santos: I've never believed in prophecies, fate, now I'm not so sure.

"Alias: Mirage (#4.18)" (2005)
Sophia Vargas: Eric, you have no idea how excited I am to finally meet you. Nadia says the most beautiful things about you.
Eric Weiss: Really?
Nadia Santos: She asked me if you were tall, dark and handsome. I told her you were tall.
[Weiss and Nadia giggle then kiss]

Michael Vaughn: You okay?
[He looks at Sydney, get closer and places his hands on her shoulders]
Michael Vaughn: You're not okay.
Sydney Bristow: I don't know how I'm going to do this.
Michael Vaughn: Well, you know it's not too late, we can always have Weiss dress up as Irina. He'd make a great housewife.
[Sydney has a small laugh]
Sydney Bristow: I don't remember my parents; back when they were together.
Michael Vaughn: Well, you were a little girl.
Sydney Bristow: I remember the time; I don't remember them .My dad was my dad. He was never around when I was a kid. He was always away on business. My mom, I don't know what my dad was like around my mother. Or what she was like around him. I... I don't know how to do this.
Michael Vaughn: Syd, it's just a job. It's another alias, like all the others. Just trust your training, follow your dad's cues, follow his lead. Besides, I've got snipers everywhere if he starts to get inappropriate.
[Sydney laughs a little]
Nadia Santos: They're ready.
Michael Vaughn: Hey listen to me. You can do this.

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: Nadia? I can't move.
Nadia Santos: I don't think there's anything I can do.
Arvin Sloane: I can't move.
Nadia Santos: Well, as you said, you have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to spend it here.
Arvin Sloane: Well, at least you're here with me.
Nadia Santos: No.
[She fades away]

Arvin Sloane: Nadia, I'm so glad you're here. If I didn't have someone to share this with, I may have doubted my own eyes.
Nadia Santos: You're talking to your dead daughter. This is an odd time to question your sanity.
Arvin Sloane: Perhaps.

"Alias: Before the Flood (#4.22)" (2005)
Sydney Bristow: You still feeling it too?
Nadia Santos: Like something awful is gonna to happen...
Sydney Bristow: I know...
Sydney Bristow: Vaughn asked me to marry him.
Nadia Santos: Sydney, that's amazing!
Sydney Bristow: I'm sure there are plenty of brides that want to kill their maid of honor. I'm not one of them.
Nadia Santos: Okay.

Nadia Santos: [Nadia is tied to a chair in Elena's bunker] The only reason that you want me on your side is because you believe that I'm the one to stop Sydney Bristow. But she's my sister. You're nothing to me.
Elena Derevko: I'm sorry you feel that way.
[Elena goes over to a work station and gets a syringe and fills it]
Nadia Santos: What's that?
Elena Derevko: Don't worry darling, it's only tap water.
Nadia Santos: I will never betray my sister.
Elena Derevko: Oh we'll see.
[Elena injects Nadia in the back of her neck. Nadia starts screaming]

"Alias: In Dreams... (#4.19)" (2005)
Marcus Dixon: Smile and look like a lot of money.
Nadia Santos: Dollars or Euros?
Marcus Dixon: Euros, definitely.

Arvin Sloane: Because I didn't have the orchid, I attempted to artificially manufacture its nectar
Sydney Bristow: Because your imposter already has the orchid, he doesn't need to acquire any of the other substances you mentioned. All he has to do is put the nectar into the water, you contaminated.
Nadia Santos: You loaded the gun.
Arvin Sloane: [nods his head] That's right.
Sydney Bristow: How many people are we talking about? How many people drank the contaminated water?
Arvin Sloane: Somewhere between three and four hundred million.
Sydney Bristow: What?

"Alias: Nightingale (#4.14)" (2005)
Michael Vaughn: No I'm fine, thanks, I'll help.
Eric Weiss: Oh boo hoo, I'm going to go up north and drink wine for two days, while my friends stay here and work.
Michael Vaughn: It's called accumulated vacation man, use it or lose it.
Sydney Bristow: So you'll water the plants...
Nadia Santos: Got it.
Sydney Bristow: And you'll send out the...
Nadia Santos: Sydney, go have a good time.
Eric Weiss: You know what; we could actually drive up and meet you guys.
Michael Vaughn: Ahh
[He looks at Sydney and pulls her closer to him]
Sydney Bristow: We're busy...
Michael Vaughn: Yeah...
[He smiles]
Eric Weiss: You gotta eat; one meal?
Michael Vaughn: Yeah, that's what room service is for...
[Sydney half hugs Vaughn and they both happily grin]

"Alias: The Orphan (#4.12)" (2005)
Sydney: What's going on?
Nadia Santos: Nothing...
Sydney: When something's bothering me I go running. You've gone twice in less than 12 hours.

"Alias: The Descent (#4.20)" (2005)
Nadia Santos: [Agents are rifling through all the drawers, cupboards and all over Sydney's home looking for items] She also has...
[We come to an agent questioning Sydney]
Young Agent: An assault rifle, a twelve gauge shotgun, four handguns, two Tasers, and a secret drawer of knives. Let's start with the knives.

"Alias: Welcome to Liberty Village (#4.5)" (2005)
Nadia Santos: We have bowling in Argentina, you know.
Eric Weiss: Yes, but you don't have like glow in the dark pins, you don't have all you can eat hot dogs after 10, or bad disco music pumping through the stereo. You know what, why am I still talking about this? Let's just do it. We're going bowling. Come on.
Nadia Santos: Really?
Eric Weiss: Yeah, yeah, come on, we're all going bowling.
Sydney: Now?
Eric Weiss: Yeah, there's a 24 bowling alley.
Vaughn: No, no, that's not the point.
Sydney: We have work tomorrow.
Eric Weiss: Guys, you don't have to analyze everything you do, you can just decide to have fun, it's ok.
Sydney: We're fun.
Eric Weiss: Yeah... You guys are about as spontaneous as my grandparents. And they're dead.
Vaughn: No, look, it's Wednesday night.
Sydney: We're not going bowling.
Eric Weiss: Alright, well suit yourselves, the kids are going out.
Nadia Santos: How can I resist all you can eat hot dogs after 10.
Eric Weiss: Don't wait up.
Nadia Santos: Let's go.
Sydney: [to Vaughn] We don't analyze everything that we do.
Sydney: Do we?

"Alias: Pandora (#4.15)" (2005)
Sloane: [after Nadia visits Katya in prison to ask about her mother] What did she tell you?
Nadia Santos: Nothing I didn't already know. That she was a criminal, a murderer.
Sloane: Sweetheart, no one is a single thing.

"Alias: 30 Seconds (#5.13)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: [Nadia has just found Rambaldi's page 47 in Sloane's homes office] Let me explain. Nadia you're going to have to trust me.
Nadia Santos: You said it was over.
Arvin Sloane: No... It's not what it looks like.
Nadia Santos: You've been lying all along.
Arvin Sloane: Look, I handed everything over to the DSR except for that page; I couldn't part with it, I... I'd spent so much time.
Nadia Santos: I don't want more excuses. Just talking about Rambaldi, your face, your voice, it all changes. This obsession you have...
Arvin Sloane: No it's not an obsession... It's faith.
Nadia Santos: Do you have any idea what your faith costs me? What did you think, that I was sleeping peacefully? The last twelve months were an extended nap?
[She begins to cry]
Nadia Santos: I heard people talking; I felt tubes being shoved down my throat. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't move, I couldn't scream. But I felt everything! So forgive me if I don't have much tolerance for your faith.
Arvin Sloane: Nadia, please... You have to understand.
Nadia Santos: I'm done trying to understand you. You have to make a choice; either me or this.
[She holds up the page]
Arvin Sloane: Please don't make me choose between the two most important things in my life.
Nadia Santos: I suppose then, you'll lose us both.
[She throws the page in the fire. They fight and he recovers part of the page from the fire and knocks her into a glass table. She falls thru it and glass shards slash her neck and Sloane watches her die]

"Alias: Resurrection (#3.22)" (2004)
Nadia Santos: When I was drawing, there were moments as the fluid wore off. I altered the equation. I didn't want to give you what you were looking for.
Arvin Sloane: Which means the Covenant has the wrong coordinates. They're looking for the sphere in the wrong place.
Nadia Santos: We should go. We have a long journey ahead of us.

"Alias: I See Dead People (#5.14)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: Why don't you understand, Nadia? Every sacrifice I've ever made has been for the greater good.
Nadia Santos: Yet, every sacrifice you've made has come at someone else's expense. Or have you forgotten?