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Arvin Sloane (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Detente (#4.7)" (2005)
Marshall Flinkman: OK, they're doing it, they're in the room. Yo, Mr. Sloane, I know how against this you were... If Sydney chooses to say I told you so.
Arvin Sloane: She's not out yet.
Marshall Flinkman: That's true. But their good, they're really good.

Arvin Sloane: Sydney, we didn't expect you back so soon... So Russia was a success?
Sydney Bristow: Yeah, there's a report waiting for you in the office.
Nadia Santos: Sydney, he just dropped by, I didn't realize.
Sydney Bristow: Get Out.
Arvin Sloane: Very Well... I'll walk myself to the door. I'll see you both tomorrow.
Nadia Santos: OK... He came by wanting to talk; he says he wants a fresh start to get to know me.
Sydney Bristow: You think that's all he wants; a little father daughter bonding?
Nadia Santos: I know how you feel about him.
Sydney Bristow: You can't possibly.
Nadia Santos: I don't understand, you work with him at APO.
Sydney Bristow: I accepted the job so I can watch him. Don't delude yourself, Nadia, into thinking you can trust that man. Do that and you will end up hating yourself for it.
Nadia Santos: He's my father.
Sydney Bristow: If you knew what he's done...
Nadia Santos: Sydney, I know, I know what he did to you. What he took from you, your best friend, your fiance...
Sydney Bristow: And knowing that, you still let him into my home?

Arvin Sloane: My sources confirm that their panicking
Sydney Bristow: Your sources...
Arvin Sloane: If that vial is their only prototype as Intel appears to collaborate. Its theft has set their classified weapons program back decades.
Sydney Bristow: Would you mind telling us where that Intel came from? Or are we all supposed to rely on your sources no questions asked?

Arvin Sloane: Just so we don't have these misunderstandings again, let me be clear to both of you. Questioning my authority, whether it's in this office or in the field; is unacceptable.
Sydney Bristow: Unacceptable... Coming from you that's almost funny
Nadia Santos: Sydney, please.
Sydney Bristow: Do you really want to engage in a conversation about what is and what is not acceptable? Every day I work here, I see your face in briefings; I hear your voice in my ear during missions. And do you want to know what it's like? It makes me sick to my stomach. Having to pretend that the past never happened, that you're not the same murderous, criminal, sociopath you were three years ago. It makes me want to wretch. If you want to talk unacceptable, that is unacceptable.
Arvin Sloane: I assumed that you had accepted the fact that I made amends for my past.
Sydney Bristow: Amends; Francie and Danny are gone and yet here you are. And everywhere I look I'm reminded of the man that killed them.

Arvin Sloane: We have no Intel on that woman. You'll be going in blind Sydney.
Sydney Bristow: We know enough. She has gossip rags all over the room, which means she's fine making a mess, so we know she's not a one-night stand. Her shoes cost more than most people's monthly salary, so she either has money of her own or access to Tambor's.
[Vaughn stares at Sydney, then looks up at Weiss bewildered]
Sydney Bristow: Either way, empty champagne bottles, her side of the bed. This girl likes to party. But her boyfriend would rather stay in and watch TV their last night in Monaco than hang out with her, so she's bored. Most likely pissed off.
Jack Bristow: How do you propose to find her?
Sydney Bristow: Well, she let her handbag. She didn't go far. In fact, I'm guessing she's hitting the hotel bar right now.
[Vaughn grins at Sydney]
Sydney Bristow: All Nadia and I need to do is get to her and get her to take us to the room. Why are you smiling?
Michael Vaughn: I don't know.

Arvin Sloane: So Sydney, I contacted Chase. She's expecting a call from you regarding a transfer from this unit. Given your sentiments, I assume that's what you want.
[Sydney leans in closer to Sloane]
Sydney Bristow: I want to make something clear. I will never forgive you for what you've done to me, to the people I love. No amount of time or distance will ever change that.
[She Pauses and stands up]
Sydney Bristow: I'll see you tomorrow.
[Last lines]

"Alias: Authorized Personnel Only: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Quite frankly I was surprised by their call too, until I understood what it is they want: their own SD-6.

Arvin Sloane: You'll need to get him to open the case for you.
Sydney Bristow: Do you have any suggestions?
Arvin Sloane: I assume you'll come up with something interesting.

Arvin Sloane: [about Nadia] I knew she would be of great value here... but she chose to leave intelligence... to drop out.
Sydney Bristow: You sure she really left? Fake-quitting seems to be all the rage.

Arvin Sloane: [about Nadia] Because I see in her something I once saw in you: the need to work for what's right. And because you know what it is to put aside personal issues, and that... that's a gift.
Sydney Bristow: It's not a gift. What it's been is a necessity, and it's become a burden, and, quite frankly, something I've run out of patience for.

Arvin Sloane: I'm sending you, Sydney. I'll give you the details in my office.
Sydney Bristow: Lucky me.

CIA Director Hayden Chase: I know you spoke of being hungry, looking for a fresh start.
Sydney Bristow: It was nothing, my father, Vaughn, irrelevant personal stuff. I want to serve my country the best I can.
CIA Director Hayden Chase: Well this assignment will be a challenge for you. More than you were lead to believe.
[Director Chase opens a set of doors and motions for Sydney to follow. She walks in and sees Dixon, Jack, and Vaughn]
CIA Director Hayden Chase: The four of you chosen, handpicked to help run this team.
Sydney Bristow: The four of us? Handpicked by whom?
[Sydney turns around to see Sloane]
Arvin Sloane: This is exciting!

"Alias: Remnants (#3.10)" (2003)
Michael Vaughn: [about Sydney] If you betray her, I swear to you no matter what it costs me, I will kill you.
Arvin Sloane: No need to worry, Agent Vaughn. I love her too.

Emilio Gamboni: Just when I was beginning to believe the glowing reports about you being such a humanitarian.
Arvin Sloane: You're a smarter man than that.

Arvin Sloane: Sydney, you have my word.
Sydney Bristow: That's a relief.

Sydney Bristow: You murdered Robert Lindsey.
Arvin Sloane: I think you already know my response.
Sydney Bristow: Let me guess: you don't know what I'm talking about.
Arvin Sloane: Not a word.

Arvin Sloane: The deceiver was Lindsey. Not me. His team might've thought so, but apparently Lindsey never gave us the Rambaldi device. It was a setup.
Sydney Bristow: I don't know how you did this, but you're not going to get away with it.
Arvin Sloane: I don't know what you're talking about.

"Alias: Legacy (#3.21)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: I don't want to hurt you.
Nadia Santos: Then why are you doing this?
Arvin Sloane: When Abraham was asked to take his only child, Isaac, and offer him up to God, he didn't hesitate. And he took in his hand the fire and the knife, and it was only then, that the angel came. But Abraham had to be willing to make this unbearable choice.
Nadia Santos: I understand.
Arvin Sloane: You do?
Nadia Santos: You're a man of faith.
Arvin Sloane: Oh, my child. My child.
[Nadia opens her restraints with a pen and stabs Sloane with the needle he used on her]
Nadia Santos: How do you like it?

Arvin Sloane: What you did yesterday, destroying all the fluid like that: I want you to know I was not angry with you. I was proud of your courage.
Nadia Santos: Every Sunday at the orphanage in San Telmo, they made us dress up in our finest clothes. They would have us stand in line for hours waiting to be chosen by families. I wouldn't do it. I'd make myself filthy and always frown. I didn't want to be chosen, because I knew... I knew that somewhere my dad was still looking for me. And one day he'd come to take me away from that place... If I had known it was you I was waiting for, I would have cleaned up.

Arvin Sloane: If we overload the cerebrum, her brain won't be able to function properly. She could die.
Julian Sark: But we would have the equation, wouldn't we?
Arvin Sloane: Don't. Don't push me, Julian.
Lauren Reed: You are wasting time we do not have. We have all chosen this path, Arvin. We have all made sacrifices. I trust you are willing to do the same.

Arvin Sloane: You're gonna be okay. I promise.
Nadia Santos: No, I won't. I guess the angel isn't coming.

Arvin Sloane: The deal's off. If you go quietly, you leave unharmed.
Lauren Reed: You remind me of my father. When he learned the CIA was close to identifying me as Covenant, he was willing to do anything to protect me, even take the fall. He loved me that much. He's dead now, because reaching this goal is far more important.

"Alias: Conscious (#3.9)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: I suppose I owe you a "thank you."
Arvin Sloane: Sydney, as long as you're alive, you'll never owe me a thing.

Arvin Sloane: My foundation gives grants to various researchers. One of these men has in development a non-invasive therapy for treating long-term severe amnesia.
Sydney Bristow: If this therapy works, why didn't you mention it before now?
Arvin Sloane: Well, Sydney, until now I didn't think you'd be willing to accept my help.

Sydney Bristow: What are we saying they want?
Arvin Sloane: What about the Rambaldi device?
Sydney Bristow: You'd like that, wouldn't you.
Arvin Sloane: Sydney, I know what you're thinking. Why don't you ask yourself, if the device was so valuable to me why did I let it go?
Sydney Bristow: For your freedom. You traded it for your pardon. Here's your chance to get it back.

NSC Director Robert Lindsey: I plan on making the trade. During the exchange, I want Sydney Bristow taken out.
Arvin Sloane: Ah, I see. She has something on you.

Arvin Sloane: What guarantee do I have that this isn't some form of entrapment?
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: Because I know what you're up to, Mr. Sloane. I can see your big picture. I know your endgame. I even have proof.

"Alias: A Free Agent (#2.15)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: [on the phone] Hello?
Arvin Sloane: Congratulations, Sydney. You have so many things to celebrate today. I, myself, am still coping with the pain and disappointment of learning that you and Jack were double agents. The two people I trusted most in the world.

Arvin Sloane: You don't really think it was a coincidence that I happened to be away these past two weeks, do you? The intel that you acquired that allowed the CIA to take down the Alliance... I provided that. My involvement with the Alliance is merely a means to an end.
Sydney Bristow: Why are you telling me this?
Arvin Sloane: Because knowing that I'm alive is going to tempt you to come after me. Don't. We've helped set each other free, Sydney. And as much as I wish you well, I will end your life if you get in my way.

Neil Caplan: I don't understand. Why do you want me? I'm nobody.
Arvin Sloane: You're going to help me put them together because, you see, Mr. Caplan, I know that you feel like you're only a hostage right now. But I assume you became a scientist to discover what secrets the universe has to offer. Believe me, when we're done here, you'll be thanking me for giving you the answer. So why don't you go ahead and take a look?

Julian Sark: I made contact with our point man. He's assembling a team for the bank but I must question your decision to lead them in yourself. In spite of your precautions, it's wildly risky, given your new level of notoriety.
Arvin Sloane: I'm approaching the finish line of a thirty-year odyssey. I won't let anyone else take the final steps for me.

Arvin Sloane: Ah... you must be the man that Sark told me about. The man that Sydney was willing to kill me for.
Michael Vaughn: She would have killed you for a lot less.

"Alias: Page 47 (#1.15)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: [watching a video of Will's visit to the prison] Lompoc prison, about two hours ago. The man talking to Tippin is David McNeil, software designer. About eight years ago, he created an encryption system that we wanted to acquire but he wouldn't sell. We don't have audio, but we got hold of the prison log. This is Tippin's third visit to McNeil in the last two weeks. You and I talked about Tippin some time ago. You convinced me that he was just a harmless metro reporter, far from a credible threat.

Arvin Sloane: Some of the text is Italian, but most of it is in code. Code we haven't been able to break. Who was this man, Sydney? What did he see? What did Rambaldi see?
[Flipping through the pages of Rambaldi's book, he comes to page forty-seven, the blank one]
Arvin Sloane: Those who know about him - various agencies, a few in the private sector - they're spending millions to answer these questions. Millions. Men would die for this book. Men have died. You know, Sydney, the work we're doing here, trying to figure out who Rambaldi was, what he was working on, is becoming an obsession for me.

[Talking about Tippin getting closer to SD-6]
Arvin Sloane: What concerns me is that this doesn't seem to concern you.
Jack Bristow: There is a difference between concern and assassination.

[Over dinner at Sloane's house Emily talks about an article Will wrote]
Emily Sloane: Anyway Maroma was one of these workers smuggled in from Mexico, their boss was a monster.
Will Tippin: He was the devil, he was literally the devil.
Arvin Sloane: How's that?
Emily Sloane: Well, if you spoke out against him, if you tried to leave, he'd have you killed.
[Jack stares at Sydney, she stares at Sloane]

Arvin Sloane: Ivankov's body was delivered last night to K-Directorate headquarters in Saint Petersburg.
Marcus Dixon: Delivered how?
Arvin Sloane: Commercial freight carrier, packed inside a crate of frozen Atlantic cod fish...
[Sloane changes the picture on the monitor]
Arvin Sloane: Lavro Kessar, K-Directorate's second in command, he hasn't been seen since that night. We believe he's being held by Mr. Sark as a captive. Unless K-Directorate delivers Rambaldi's manuscripts to Sark's employer, "The Man"... they should be expecting more fish in Saint Petersburg.

"Alias: Mea Culpa (#1.9)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: We both are. We're both doing our job. And I look at Sydney Bristow's test results - I don't see a single spike. She didn't falter once.
SD-6 Agent Dreyer: She's guilty. She's the one.
Arvin Sloane: I think that's a dangerous accusation made by a desperate man.
SD-6 Agent Dreyer: I'm not desperate, Mr. Sloane. But I am curious why you feel the need to defend Miss Bristow?

Arvin Sloane: I always knew there was something about you, from the first time I saw you.
Sydney Bristow: A lot can change in seven years.
Arvin Sloane: It's been a lot longer than seven years. I've known your father since 1971. I met him at Langley. I knew your mother. I went to your parents' wedding. Sydney, I've known you since you were a baby. I was out of the country for most of your childhood, various operations, but I kept tabs on you. I checked in on you in my own way. I always thought of you as my daughter, even from the beginning. Well, I just wanted to let you know... before you went away.

Arvin Sloane: You have your answer regarding Sydney Bristow.
SD-6 Agent Dreyer: What are you protecting?
Arvin Sloane: Mr. Dreyer, I still believe we have a situation here at SD-6. I strongly suggest you keep looking for the mole and stop questioning every decision I make.

[Sloane's fully convinced that Sydney's the mole]
Arvin Sloane: I need to send a communiqué to SD-4 office in Rome: attention Spinelli, put it through Server 5.
Officer Pollard: Yes Sir.
Arvin Sloane: I'm ordering with Security Section full knowledge, the assassination of an SD-6 Officer. Method: close range hit, this Officer's scheduled to make a dead drop at Denati Park 10 pm tomorrow, that's when the kill should take place.
Officer Pollard: Yes Sir.
Arvin Sloane: The target's name is Bristow... Sydney Bristow.

"Alias: Taken (#3.16)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: Jack. To what do I owe this pleasure?
Jack Bristow: I take no pleasure in this, Arvin.

Jack Bristow: All of the resources of this agency are being diverted to meet demands the Covenant must know are unattainable, which leads me to believe it's merely a distraction. What do they really want?
Arvin Sloane: Well, then my question to you is: why target Dixon? What does he have access to, Jack?

Arvin Sloane: Look, Judy, why don't you ask yourself: if I wanted to damage you, if I wanted to damage the CIA, would I be so careless? Would I leave a trail that so obviously leads in my direction?
Dr. Judy Barnett: You used me. I compromised my judgment because I believed that you had changed. You are incapable of it.

Arvin Sloane: [to Dr. Barnett] I found our time together very therapeutic.

"Alias: Hourglass (#3.19)" (2004)
Agent Jack Bristow: In April '75 in Saigon, you toasted Sydney's birth with a bottle of Chambertin Clos de Bez. Your favorite. Now that I know you have a daughter, I thought I should return the honor, especially considering they share the same mother
Sloane: Irina betrayed both of us Jack. She sought me out for information the same way she did you.
Agent Jack Bristow: She was my wife
Sloane: She was a KGB spy who cared nothing about you or me. I've always thought that you understood your relationship with Irina was nothing more than that. But now that your schoolboy crush on the woman who destroyed your life is preventing you from saving mine, I will have to revise that assessment.

Sloane: I have seventy-two hours to live. I want you to focus on that, not on some affair I had twenty-five years ago.
Sydney Bristow: I'm not focusing on the affair. I'm focusing on the child that resulted from it: a sister I never knew I had.
Sloane: Must have come as a shock to you. It did to me when I found out.
Sydney Bristow: Are you telling me you didn't know?
Sloane: No, not until two years ago, while I was in a monastery in Nepal run by followers of Rambaldi.

Sydney Bristow: You know she is The Passenger.
Sloane: [tearfully] I know. I know. I also know the Covenant is after her. Sydney, I want to protect my child.

[Sloane is asked if he has any last words]
Sloane: I do. For you who pay witness, I can only believe there is a common thought amongst you all - this is as it should be. I do not disagree. My only request - that if my daughter is in fact found alive, that she understand my actions. That she understand that this day's events are the net result of her father's passion to find her... to know her... to love her.

"Alias: No Hard Feelings (#5.15)" (2006)
Sydney Bristow: [Posing as Anna] Sloane's here.
Kelly Peyton: Of course, you didn't' think we'd dispose of him this soon, did you?
Arvin Sloane: I hear your mission was a success. I suppose I should offer you congratulations.
Sydney Bristow: Thank you.
Arvin Sloane: Did you encounter any complications.
Sydney Bristow: Just one; but I've dealt with her once and for all. We should celebrate Arvin. Sydney Bristow is dead.

Sydney Bristow: [Posing as Anna] So this is why you needed her? Or should I say me?
Arvin Sloane: In his prophecies, Rambaldi referred to Sydney as the chosen one. He foretold that she would bring forth his final works.
Sydney Bristow: And you really believe that? That a man who lived five hundred years ago, had intentions for Sydney Bristow?
Arvin Sloane: Excuse me... I may be mistaken, but I always believed you to be a follower of Rambaldi's works.
Sydney Bristow: Only when it suits my checkbook. I'm not someone who'll guide my life by some perverted sense of faith. But as long as I have to look like this, I might as well make some use of it. What does Rambaldi want me to do?

[last lines]
Arvin Sloane: It was you Sydney, of course, how could I have ever thought otherwise? I saw it in you the first time we met. You're a survivor, just like me. And now, thanks to you, I have everything I need.

"Alias: Breaking Point (#3.8)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: I've been trying to think of a single reason why you saved my life. The only conclusion I've come to is that it would incur some feeling of debt on my part.
Arvin Sloane: As usual, Jack, you're in danger of outsmarting yourself.

Arvin Sloane: You and Sydney still believe I'm pursuing some hidden agenda. Now, whatever you may perceive that agenda to be, clearly it would be easier to obtain if you were both dead, given that you're my most vocal detractors - my most capable antagonists.
Jack Bristow: Or you need us for something. Something you believe only we can provide.

Arvin Sloane: You and Sydney are my absolution, my penance. You're all I have left.

"Alias: Succession (#3.2)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: A world relief organization. The sheer audacity of your alleged turnaround would be laughable, if you weren't so dangerous.
Arvin Sloane: I was wondering when you'd come to see me, Jack.

Arvin Sloane: Jack, don't go digging. You won't find anything. I know that you were imprisoned for making contact with your ex-wife. You went to Irina Derevko for help to find Sydney. Now I wouldn't have believed that you would ally yourself with a woman you vowed you'd never trust again. So, if you're capable of having such a change of heart, why is it so hard to believe that I am as well?
Jack Bristow: Because every morally questionable thing I have done has been to protect Sydney. You don't have the same excuse.
Arvin Sloane: Really?

Arvin Sloane: I expect you to trust in the consistency of my obsessions.

"Alias: Blowback (#3.14)" (2004)
Dr. Judy Barnett: Excuse me?
Arvin Sloane: I'm suggesting that we talk over dinner. You know, in vino veritas?

Dr. Judy Barnett: It's hard to believe that you threw away something that you would normally consider holy.
Arvin Sloane: Are you calling me a liar?

Dr. Judy Barnett: Are you telling me Sydney is your daughter?
Arvin Sloane: I never tried to prove it, one way or the other. But the strength that Sydney finds within, I like to believe that comes from me... How about that: the world didn't come to an end.

"Alias: The Box: Part 2 (#1.13)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: So easy for you to blame me, huh? When you know the truth. You got your own men killed. That helicopter was waiting for you...
McKenas Cole: I had a man down! I was saving Whitney's life. You know that!
Arvin Sloane: Yeah, at the expense of all the other men. Those men counted on you to lead them to safety. They trusted their life to you and you led them to slaughter.

Arvin Sloane: They broke you, didn't they? They made you beg. You wept like a baby!

[Sloane can't go to his office to defuse a bomb due to him being cuffed]
Arvin Sloane: You could take my fingerprint.

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: Nadia? I can't move.
Nadia Santos: I don't think there's anything I can do.
Arvin Sloane: I can't move.
Nadia Santos: Well, as you said, you have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to spend it here.
Arvin Sloane: Well, at least you're here with me.
Nadia Santos: No.
[She fades away]

Arvin Sloane: You're dying. I can help you.
Agent Jack Bristow: I don't want your help, Arvin. You've caused my daughter so much pain. I could've prevented it. I won't make continue to make that mistake.
Arvin Sloane: I think you've overestimated your position, Jack. You can't hurt me anymore.
Agent Jack Bristow: True. But I can keep you down here with me.
[Jack opens up his jacket to reveal the C4 and a detonator]
Arvin Sloane: What are you doing?
Agent Jack Bristow: You beat death Arvin. But you couldn't beat me.

Arvin Sloane: Nadia, I'm so glad you're here. If I didn't have someone to share this with, I may have doubted my own eyes.
Nadia Santos: You're talking to your dead daughter. This is an odd time to question your sanity.
Arvin Sloane: Perhaps.

"Alias: Passage: Part 1 (#2.8)" (2002)
Julian Sark: I must admit, this is one of the most impressive operations I've seen. Though it is a touch pathetic how so many of them believe they actually work for the CIA.
Arvin Sloane: Look at me. You've offered me a substantial prize to make our partnership worthwhile, but do not think for a second that gives you the right to insult my people.

Arvin Sloane: I've been a presence in Sydney's life since she was born. Sydney will believe whatever I tell her to.
Julian Sark: And her father? He must often battle the temptation to tell her the truth about SD-6. I'd hate to see Jack's paternal instincts compromise our objectives. So, for the time being, I wouldn't tell him what those codes are really for.

Mysterious Caller: We have your wife, and, yes, she's alive. You will provide us with the account numbers for all of SD-6's investments, or the Alliance will be informed that you failed to carry out her execution.
Arvin Sloane: Offer me proof that she's alive. Until then, know this: as soon as I hang up the phone I will use every available resource to find out who I'm talking to and when I do, it will be my sincere pleasure to make your acquaintance.

"Alias: Before the Flood (#4.22)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: [Nadia sneaks up behind Sydney and starts choking her with a chain. Sloane shoots Nadia which releases Sydney] I had no choice...
Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn opens the door to the roof] Sydney, we gotta go.
[He runs to Sydney who is bent over Nadia]
Sydney Bristow: Get her into the elevator.
[Sloane and Vaughn pick up Nadia]
Michael Vaughn: She's still breathing.
[Vaughn is at the elevator with Nadia in his arms]
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, let's go.
[Sydney cuts the blue wire and runs to the elevator]
Arvin Sloane: [Over Nadia in the elevator] She's bleeding out.
Michael Vaughn: Put some pressure on her.
[We see the ball burst and start falling on the building]
Sydney Bristow: The device is coming apart.
[Sloane, Sydney and Vaughn carrying Nadia race towards the bunker door. They get there just in time and shut the door]

Sydney Bristow: I've arranged for you to see Nadia...
Arvin Sloane: Sydney...
Sydney Bristow: I didn't think I would ever say this. But I believe you were trying to do the right thing.
Arvin Sloane: Thank you.

Sydney Bristow: [She is on the roof and Nadia approaches her] Nadia!
[Sydney realizes that Nadia has been infected]
Sydney Bristow: Nadia, it's me. It's Sydney. I don't want to hurt you.
Jack Bristow: [Over the coms] Sydney, what's happening?
Sydney Bristow: It's Nadia, she's guarding the device. She's infected.
Arvin Sloane: [to Elena] This is all you're doing.
Jack Bristow: You have to take her out.
Sydney Bristow: No dad... She's my sister.
Irina Derevko: Listen to me; she's not your sister anymore.

"Alias: The Frame (#3.17)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: In order to maintain my cover, I had to grant Bomani access to certain Omnifam resources. Check the report, Sydney. I detailed all of this.
Sydney Bristow: You're here because you committed treason by spying on your country. I won't put much stock in your reports.

Arvin Sloane: Ah, you have such a beautiful smile, Sydney. I miss it.
Sydney Bristow: If you're executed, I'll be a witness. I'll smile then.

Marcus Dixon: We've looked everywhere on Earth.
Arvin Sloane: Really, Marcus? Have you? Or is it simply that you've looked everywhere on land?

"Alias: The Nemesis (#3.6)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: I miss LA. I miss Emily. I miss the friendship with your father.
Arvin Sloane: I miss your confidence and trust. Perhaps, I can get it back someday?
Sydney Bristow: You will never have my confidence and trust... or my father's friendship and respect... ever.

Arvin Sloane: Sydney, I was very pleased when Dixon said you'd agreed to be my handler.
Sydney Bristow: It was an assignment, not an agreement - the way a janitor doesn't agree to clean a toilet. But as your handler, you'll do as I say, when I say it. I select your assignments; I design your missions. I control you, not the other way around.
Arvin Sloane: Is that what you used to let Vaughn do? Control you?

Sydney Bristow: You will set up a meeting with Sark and Allison. You'll explain to them that their travel plans have been compromised. You'll then offer them assistance in revising their arrangements.
Arvin Sloane: And pass the information along to you.
Sydney Bristow: That won't be necessary. You'll be wearing a wire.
Arvin Sloane: And if they discover that it's a setup?
Sydney Bristow: Then I get to hear them kill you.

"Alias: Repercussions (#3.5)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: [to Bomani] Yes, I turned you in, as you would have done me. Why? To obtain what you now need: legitimacy. In a nutshell, Mr. Bomani, I could help you become more powerful than ever.

Sydney Bristow: You're telling us you gave this information to a man who is working with the Covenant.
Arvin Sloane: That's right. And now I'm giving it to you. So that you can disable it before the Covenant gets it.

Lauren Reed: You've told Bomani you'd work for the Covenant?
Arvin Sloane: Yes. And now I'm telling you that I'm in the position to be a double agent. Working for the Covenant but loyal to the CIA... What is it, Sydney?
Sydney Bristow: [in disbelief] This is classic...

"Alias: Second Double (#2.21)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: [to Jack] I've missed your poker face.

Arvin Sloane: [Sloane joins Jack at his outdoor table at a restaurant] It's good to see you, Jack.
Jack Bristow: I assume that since you're sitting across from me with so little regard for your life, I'm in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle.
Arvin Sloane: Two of them.

Arvin Sloane: I'm curious, Jack. When did our friendship end?
Jack Bristow: The moment you recruited Sydney over my objections.
Arvin Sloane: Ahh. I thought so. If I had known that decision would cost me our friendship and my relationship with Sydney, I would have done things differently.

"Alias: The Prophecy (#1.16)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: Using all available resources, we have finally tracked down the enemy who we no longer have to refer to as The Man. Thanks to the surveillance photos you obtained in Brazil, we have confirmed his identity. He is Alexander Khasinau.

Arvin Sloane: Briault wasn't the traitor, it was you... this whole time! Our conversations were never recorded. We talked on secure phone lines. I made sure I met Briault in secret. You used me. You wanted him removed so no one could stand in your way from aquiring your special place in the Alliance!
Edward Poole, SD-9: [makes a very wicked smirk] I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Arvin Sloane: [angry and frustrated] Someday, somehow... I will repay the favor.

[the French conversation when Sloane meets Briault]
Jean Briault: My friend!
Arvin Sloane: How are you my friend?
Jean Briault: Very, very well. I became a grandfather last week.
Arvin Sloane: Oh, you are a grandfather.

"Alias: After Six (#3.13)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: About last week: it was a matter of circumstance, Arvin. Whether I would have gone through with it...
Arvin Sloane: Oh, you would've. I would've.
Jack Bristow: Perhaps.
Arvin Sloane: And now you feel guilty. Well don't bother, Jack. Sydney's life was at stake. How can I blame a man for doing whatever he can to save his daughter's life?

Arvin Sloane: I presume that you treated Sydney and Jack Bristow before.
Dr. Judy Barnett: I can't discuss other patients with you.
Arvin Sloane: Then they were your patients?

Arvin Sloane: [to Barnett] I manipulate people. I'm good at that, and I know it. I lie. I keep secrets. I divulge only what I must in order to elicit the reaction I need. That skill, in part, is why I'm still alive. One of those secrets affects the only two people I care about in the world, Sydney and Jack Bristow. There are many secrets I enjoy keeping. There is power in secrets that you keep. But this one... no. This one wears on me. It has for many years. It's central to my very existence. It's who I am.

"Alias: Masquerade (#1.18)" (2002)
Sydney Bristow: No. I don't want an explanation. I came here because I need you to help me find her.
Arvin Sloane: Mmm. Sydney, how much do you remember about the year after you were told that your mother died?
Sydney Bristow: I remember... just feeling disconnected from everything. My father was away on business for most of that year.
Arvin Sloane: No. Your father spent six months in solitary in a federal prison. He was suspected of being in collusion with Laura. The FBI almost tried him for treason and even though he was vindicated, the damage was done. And he began to unravel.
Sydney Bristow: Unravel...
Arvin Sloane: He drank. He started taking unnecessary risks. Come on, Sydney, you know the father he was to you all those years. He took a long time to fully recover and I was under direct orders from the DCI not to let him know that Laura survived the accident. Unfortunately, that also required lying to you.

Sydney Bristow: I don't understand what Khasinau has to do with my mother!
Arvin Sloane: He has everything to do with your mother. He was her superior. When you first identified Khasinau as The Man, I recognized his name from your mother's investigations. I thought, "This has to be a coincidence." I did some checking. He was her superior back in his days at the KGB. This is the only clue I have to offer you. Get the microchip. The more we find out about Khasinau, the closer you get to your mother.

"Alias: The Counteragent (#2.7)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Are there concerns?
Arvin Sloane: Since I was made a partner in the Alliance, SD-6 has consistently stumbled in its operations. We lost the terahertz wave camera. We failed to retrieve the formula for zero-point energy. We didn't acquire Derevko's operations manual.
Jack Bristow: The situation regarding Emily has been a distraction. Informing them puts these setbacks in context.
Arvin Sloane: Christophe wants me to meet with him in Tokyo. I need a victory, Jack. I need to bring something tangible to the organization.

Arvin Sloane: [to Sydney] You know Mr. Sark.
Julian Sark: I don't think we've ever been officially introduced.
Arvin Sloane: Mr. Sark is now cooperating with us in our ongoing search for Derevko and the remains of her company.

"Alias: Another Mister Sloane (#4.16)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: What's this about Jack?
[Jack grabs Sloane and slams him against the wall]
Jack Bristow: You can't imagine what it felt like looking into the face of a woman that I once shared a life with and with a single bullet, ending that life. I ran through every scenario... Why, what was the purpose of having me believe that the only way to save my daughter's life; was to kill her mother. And then it occurred to me, why you would go to such lengths, it was for Sydney. You imagined you could drive a wedge between me and my daughter.
Arvin Sloane: I didn't, I had nothing to do with Irina's death.
[Jack pulls out a gun and holds it to Sloane's head]
Jack Bristow: One good reason, why I shouldn't do to you what I did to my wife?

Arvin Sloane: As you are aware, someone has been actively perpetrating crime in my name. Objective is simple, find the man. Apprehend him.
Michael Vaughn: Assuming he exists at all.
Jack Bristow: That's the assumption we're working with.
Arvin Sloane: Our best lead, so far, is Roberts. Where are we with him?
Marcus Dixon: Roberts has been interrogated, his knowledge of the organization he's working for is extremely limited.
Sydney Bristow: Well, we can still use him, he knows their contact protocol. We give Roberts the coil, put him into play. He makes an exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone.
[Sloane looks at her puzzled]
Sydney Bristow: Sorry, that's what we've been calling him.
Eric Weiss: Yeah also Marvin Sloane,
[laughing in the room]
Eric Weiss: Rolling Sloane's...
Marshall Flinkman: But obviously equally disrespectful...

"Alias: The Indicator (#2.5)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: In his last communique to our source in Vienna, Hater informed us that the triad was engaged in a plot to deploy and develop sixteen Next Generation weapons.
Marcus Dixon: Any idea what Next Generation refers to?
Arvin Sloane: No, which is a major source for concern. According to the communique, testing of the weapons is ahead of schedule which means they may soon be put into the field.

SD-6 Agent Kelsey: There are no fingerprints on the glass. The wine is a '99 Hadley Cabernet Franc, unremarkable vintage. What is remarkable is what I extracted from inside the wine. I was so surprised I redid the test but I'm certain. It's VTX, a calcium-based anitdote. Extremely scarce.
Arvin Sloane: Antidote to what?
SD-6 Agent Kelsey: Uh, mainly heart attack inducing toxins. Kertotic acid, um, sodium morphate. VTX simulates death, it slows the lungs, nearly stops the heart, which is how it prevents the poisons from causing cardiac arrest. And then the VTX is, uh, is metabolized. The, uh, body, it returns to normal.

"Alias: Passage: Part 2 (#2.9)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: What do you want?
Mysterious Caller: One hundred million in bearer bonds.
Arvin Sloane: This is about money?
Mysterious Caller: Everything is about money. Instructions for the drop have been electronically mailed to you. You have twenty-four hours. Fail to deliver the bonds, and the next delivery will go to the Alliance.

Alliance Member Ramon Veloso: Who else knew about your instruction to kill Emily?
Arvin Sloane: Only the people in this room.
Alliance Member Alain Christophe: You believe one of us may be behind this?
Arvin Sloane: No. But someone has infiltrated our secure communications.

"Alias: A Missing Link (#3.4)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: [to Lauren] I must admit, I was concerned for you when Sydney resurfaced. I remembered seeing her with Vaughn: their relationship reminded me my own with my late wife. It was the kind of bond that even death cannot sever. Hmmm. Well, apparently I misjudged.

Lauren Reed: What about my father?
Arvin Sloane: Well, he knew how badly you wanted to become field rated, and he thought it was too dangerous, so he made sure it didn't happen. But you knew that... didn't you?

"Alias: 30 Seconds (#5.13)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: [Voiceover the last shots of the episode. Jack finds out that Sloane killed Nadia, and Sydney finds Renee dead] A few days I was absolutely horrified that you would suggest that I turn against APO that I would kill my own daughter. I realize now that both were inevitable. That death is a necessary sacrifice; necessary to complete the final leg of this journey. And I have been preparing for this my whole life, I knew it was coming. I have betrayed everyone I ever loved, but I was chosen.
Joseph Ehrmann: We appreciate what you've done.
Arvin Sloane: This is my road to follow.
Joseph Ehrmann: Welcome back.
[last lines]

Arvin Sloane: [Nadia has just found Rambaldi's page 47 in Sloane's homes office] Let me explain. Nadia you're going to have to trust me.
Nadia Santos: You said it was over.
Arvin Sloane: No... It's not what it looks like.
Nadia Santos: You've been lying all along.
Arvin Sloane: Look, I handed everything over to the DSR except for that page; I couldn't part with it, I... I'd spent so much time.
Nadia Santos: I don't want more excuses. Just talking about Rambaldi, your face, your voice, it all changes. This obsession you have...
Arvin Sloane: No it's not an obsession... It's faith.
Nadia Santos: Do you have any idea what your faith costs me? What did you think, that I was sleeping peacefully? The last twelve months were an extended nap?
[She begins to cry]
Nadia Santos: I heard people talking; I felt tubes being shoved down my throat. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't move, I couldn't scream. But I felt everything! So forgive me if I don't have much tolerance for your faith.
Arvin Sloane: Nadia, please... You have to understand.
Nadia Santos: I'm done trying to understand you. You have to make a choice; either me or this.
[She holds up the page]
Arvin Sloane: Please don't make me choose between the two most important things in my life.
Nadia Santos: I suppose then, you'll lose us both.
[She throws the page in the fire. They fight and he recovers part of the page from the fire and knocks her into a glass table. She falls thru it and glass shards slash her neck and Sloane watches her die]

"Alias: Snowman (#1.19)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Tippin didn't turn out to be a problem, did he?
Arvin Sloane: Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks.
Jack Bristow: I'm not sure that's my business, and I know it isn't yours.

Marshall Flinkman: Listen, I know I've been somewhat impressed with myself in the past, but this time I am, like, freaking out about it.
Arvin Sloane: Marshall, could you just tell me what?
Marshall Flinkman: I used a signal lost recovery procedure to examine the low-level data sector. I created a raw image ...
Arvin Sloane: Marshall! What did you do?
Marshall Flinkman: I found Valenko. I mean Calder. Well, it's the same guy, right? Well, I found him!

"Alias: The Getaway (#2.12)" (2003)
Ariana Kane: Well, three months ago Agent Dixon reported evidence suggesting she's a double agent.
Arvin Sloane: That was a misunderstanding. Dixon came upon Sydney as she was executing an operation that Jack had authorized.
Ariana Kane: Yes, I read your report. I think either she was an accomplice to his blackmail or else the two of them have been up to something more... long-term. You must have noticed that Bristow frequently assigns his daughter to operations of his own design.
Arvin Sloane: Sydney Bristow is an excellent agent.
Ariana Kane: All the more reason he would enlist her help.

Arvin Sloane: We did it.
Emily Sloane: Are you sure? Are you sure it worked?
Arvin Sloane: Yes, my love. We're free.

"Alias: The Abduction (#2.10)" (2002)
Sydney Bristow: My math skills may be above average but I can't do advanced calculus in my head.
Arvin Sloane: That's why you're going in with Marshall.
Marshall Flinkman: Marshall who?

Arvin Sloane: Jack Bristow is not the man responsible for blackmailing me.
Ariana Kane: His answers are too perfect. I mean, he even gets angry when it makes strategic sense.
Arvin Sloane: If he had nothing to do with it, I would expect his answers to be perfect. Now, Ariana, unless you have evidence...
Ariana Kane: Contrary to what you tell your subordinates, we are not the US government. I don't need probable cause to go after Bristow. All I need is a hunch.

"Alias: The Awful Truth (#4.3)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Thank you.
Sydney Bristow: For what?
Arvin Sloane: For letting my daughter stay with you. As Nadia acclimates to this life, to a new family... she needs support... and you have put my mind at ease.
Sydney Bristow: The thought that I did something that might have given you a warm and fuzzy feeling makes me want to kick my own sister out of my house.

Nadia Santos: [Nadia was watching Jack and Sydney talk] Is he always so cold?
Arvin Sloane: Jack? I'm afraid so.

"Alias: Firebomb (#2.16)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: This is bigger than SD-6. Bigger than the CIA.

Julian Sark: [Talking to Sloane over the phone about the firebomb] Sir, if Caplan's off by even a micro Tesla... this could go very wrong.
Arvin Sloane: Do it.
Julian Sark: That's easy for you to say sir; you're eight thousand miles away.

"Alias: Spirit (#1.10)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: For the past few weeks, you've been under suspicion. We knew we had a mole and there were signs that indicated that it was you. And then when you were in Geneva, we picked up a third-party transmission and it seemed to confirm that you betrayed SD-6. And what I just learned is that it wasn't your transmission. It was Russek's.
Sydney Bristow: Russek...?

Arvin Sloane: One night, this was years ago, maybe two years before you and I met. I just finished my first briefing in The White House. I was new to the CIA. After that meeting everyone got into a limousine to head back to Langley. But I didn't. I told them I was gonna walk for a while. They looked at me sort of a funny, I mean, it was a cold night. So I said I needed to get some air. But the truth is, I was overcome. Itdid accure to me as I was walking down on The White House steps that I was living in a perfect moment. Everything was filled with a promise: my role in CIA, my realationship with a wife that I had not yet met. Still, I could feel a darkness coming. So I wandered around for a while and ended up at The Jefferson Memorial, it was always my favorite one. Looked up across the basin : Lincoln right there. I didn't know how it would finally materialize: the darkness. I had nothing to base it on. It wasn't as if the C.I.A. had just betrayed me, that my wife had just been diagnosed with lymphoma. None of that had happened yet. So, whenever life takes an unfortunate turn, as it has this week, I just remind myself that I could see it coming all along.

"Alias: Blood Ties (#3.20)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: Sydney, whatever grief my apparent death might have caused you, I only wish I could have spared you the pain.
Sydney Bristow: When I heard you were dead, any grief I felt was over the possibility of never knowing my sister. I did not grieve for you.

Arvin Sloane: [to Sydney and Jack] All I want to do is protect my child.

"Alias: Truth Takes Time (#2.18)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: I see through you. You must know that.
Arvin Sloane: This is who I am.
Irina Derevko: You may need to think of yourself as an honorable husband, a father figure. But I don't. I will never see that man in you, which frankly is why we have this agreement.
Arvin Sloane: You need to get some rest.
Irina Derevko: Never talk to me about your love for Sydney again.

Arvin Sloane: What I'm pursuing, this truth...
Emily Sloane: Truth. Good. Well. That explains it all. I guess you and I are looking for the same thing.
Arvin Sloane: Emily, what I'm looking for - among other things - will let you live cancer free.
Emily Sloane: I am cancer free.
Arvin Sloane: Forever.

"Alias: Parity (#1.3)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: Marshall, go back to work.
Marshall Flinkman: Just to clarify this, I am not fired?
Arvin Sloane: 'Go back to work' does not mean fired.

Sydney Bristow: [reading one of Rambaldi's schematics] "Rudimentary Schematic for Transportable Vocal Communicator".
Arvin Sloane: The guy was drawing up plans for a cellphone around the time of the Ottoman Empire.
Marcus Dixon: Come on!
Arvin Sloane: Ridiculous, right? You know me, I'm not a new age kind of guy, I don't believe in the power of the pyramids, I'm not a big granola fan.

"Alias: Time Will Tell (#1.8)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: Tell me something. How did Tippin get a lead on the Kate Jones alias in the first place?
Jack Bristow: I don't know yet, but I'm looking into it.
Arvin Sloane: Well, your efforts notwithstanding, that reporter may be a casualty of his own curiosity.
Jack Bristow: I'd consider that a last resort. I know you want what's best for Sydney, and if at all possible, we should spare her the pain of losing someone else.

[Sloane wants Will to stop looking into Danny's murder]
Arvin Sloane: How do you suggest we proceed?
Jack Bristow: Leave it to me, I'll get Tippin off the story.
Arvin Sloane: And if you can't?
Jack Bristow: Then I'll kill him myself.

"Alias: Reunion (#3.3)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: Mr. Vaughn. You know, I remember how close you were with Sydney. I'm sure you share my relief in having her back.

"Alias: Authorized Personnel Only: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: You didn't tell her, did you? The truth?
Jack Bristow: I told her that I was responsible for the death of her mother.
Arvin Sloane: Did you tell her everything?
Jack Bristow: She's better off not knowing everything.

"Alias: A Dark Turn (#2.17)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: It's good to see you again, Irina.
Irina Derevko: Thank you for extracting me.

"Alias: Crossings (#3.12)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: I remember years ago, I was working at SD-6. I was on my way to a meeting in Berlin. It was a typical day... except K-Directorate made an attempt on my life. As I opened my car door, a sniper shot came out of nowhere. The bullet grazed my neck. Actually left a burn mark... You never forget what that feels like... to barely escape with your life.
Jack Bristow: I have a plane waiting.
Arvin Sloane: Then you should go.

"Alias: S.O.S. (#5.10)" (2006)
Jeffrey Davenport: [At CIA headquarters in DC] So Jack, you care to enlighten us as to why you called and operations meeting at 8:00 on a Friday?
Jack Bristow: I didn't call you all here for an operations meeting. Given that all of you have Alpha Black clearance, most of you may already be aware that A.P.O. has been investigating an organization known as Prophet Five. What may however, come to news to you is we have reason to believe that someone within our own agency is in collusion with this organization... Someone with Alpha Black clearance.
Arvin Sloane: [At APO with Marshall and Dixon] What have we got so far?
Marshall Flinkman: Four down, three to go. Still nothing.
Jack Bristow: The reason I've gathered you all here, if it isn't obvious by now, only seven people in the entire agency have this level of clearance, and all of them are sitting in this room.
Jeffrey Davenport: Oh, come on!
Arthur Devlin: Jack, this is absurd. Are you suggesting that one of us is working for a terrorist organization?
Jack Bristow: That's exactly what I'm suggesting.
Marshall Flinkman: I got a match.
Marcus Dixon: Jack, we've got a signal match.
Jack Bristow: One of you is working for Prophet Five and we have your number.
Arthur Devlin: Oh, that's enough, this meetings over.
Arvin Sloane: Go.
[You can hear dialing in the background and then a cell phone rings. The room sees that the ringing phone belongs to Davenport. Jack pulls his gun out and shoots him in the leg]
Jeffrey Davenport: [Screams in pain] Aah...

"Alias: Tuesday (#4.13)" (2005)
Sydney Bristow: You guys have to come get me.
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, the hard drives been rigged, it released some kind of a toxin in here. We're in lock-down.
Sydney Bristow: Lock-down; for how long?
Arvin Sloane: We estimate about 36 hours.
Sydney Bristow: What are our other options?
[There is a long pause as Jack and Vaughn look down]
Marshall Flinkman: Umm... excuse me, listen I know you told me you'd let me know if you need anything. But I could do it. I could go to Cuba.

"Alias: Ice (#4.4)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: He believed that Ice 5 was being covertly developed there by a man named Fenton Keene.
Marcus Dixon: Haven't heard that name in a while.
Arvin Sloane: That's because Mr. Keene claims to have gone legitimate.
Sydney Bristow: Seems to be all the rage among evil geniuses.

"Alias: The Telling (#2.22)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: He had so many brilliant creations. Rambaldi. But there was one in particular, a machine. He called it "il dire" - the telling. The construction consists of forty-seven pieces. Classic Rambaldi. As you know, it took me a long time, longer than I thought, but I've acquired them all, including the Di Regno heart with your help. They're in the next room, Jack. I have a team assembling "il dire" right now. They said it shouldn't be more than a day.
Jack Bristow: And then what?
Arvin Sloane: I've seen things recently. I've seen what's possible. There's a change coming, Jack. Something even I couldn't imagine.

"Alias: Pandora (#4.15)" (2005)
Sloane: [after Nadia visits Katya in prison to ask about her mother] What did she tell you?
Nadia Santos: Nothing I didn't already know. That she was a criminal, a murderer.
Sloane: Sweetheart, no one is a single thing.

"Alias: Salvation (#2.6)" (2002)
Arvin Sloane: I had toxicology analyze the glass of wine that somehow made its way into my house last week. They found a compound called VTX which counteracts the effects of sodium morphate. Sodium morphate is the poison I used to... end Emily's suffering.
Jack Bristow: I see two possibilities. Either Emily predicted your intention to euthanize her, took the necessary countermeasures and is now playing a game with you, or the more likely scenario, someone wants you to believe Emily's alive or worse, they'll try and make the Alliance believe it, too.

"Alias: Countdown (#2.20)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: I'm taking a leave. I want you to continue without me.
Julian Sark: Sir, not to belittle your grief, but do not deny yourself the victory of a thirty-year pursuit.
Arvin Sloane: If I don't see you again, Mr. Sark, tell Irina that I hope you both succeed where I couldn't.

"Alias: Phase One (#2.13)" (2003)
Julian Sark: Sydney leaked the intel to the CIA and the rest played out exactly as you predicted it would. So congratulations, sir. The Alliance is gone.
Arvin Sloane: We shouldn't celebrate yet. As you know, there's much more work to be done.
Julian Sark: I just wanted to let you know that phase one is complete.

"Alias: Reckoning (#1.6)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: Jack will no longer be working out of Jennings Aerospace. His assignment there is complete. As of today, he will be working here with a cover as portfolio manager for Credit Dauphine. This way, he can more actively participate in the planning and execution of missions.
Sydney Bristow: [forces a smile] Good.

"Alias: Reprisal (#5.16)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: So you want to see your family again, don't you? Don't be difficult. Think about your son. Marshall, you're not cut out for this.
Marshall Flinkman: You know, I never liked you. But I tolerated you, because I had to, because you were my superior, and I was afraid of you. I mean I saw how twisted you were. But now I see you for you for who you really are, you are a weak pathetic man. You know what, you're right, I'm not cut out for this, but I am thinking about my son. I want Mitchell to look up to me, to be proud of his dad, which is why, no matter what you do to me... I'll never help you.

"Alias: Truth Be Told (#1.1)" (2001)
Sydney: You killed the man I loved!
Sloane: No, Agent Bristow. *You* did.

"Alias: Endgame (#2.19)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: This plan might not hold up. The CIA knows too much: they could guess why we were after the genetic database.
Arvin Sloane: I'm not interested in the database. I want satellite footage of Tuscany. I want to know who murdered my wife.
Irina Derevko: We both had to make sacrifices, Arvin. You won't forgive yourself if you stop now. We're so close to knowing what Rambaldi knew.
Arvin Sloane: I wish I never heard that man's name.

"Alias: Prelude (#3.7)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: There was a time you trusted me.
Sydney Bristow: That was before I knew who you were... That was before I knew who "I" was.

"Alias: In Dreams... (#4.19)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Because I didn't have the orchid, I attempted to artificially manufacture its nectar
Sydney Bristow: Because your imposter already has the orchid, he doesn't need to acquire any of the other substances you mentioned. All he has to do is put the nectar into the water, you contaminated.
Nadia Santos: You loaded the gun.
Arvin Sloane: [nods his head] That's right.
Sydney Bristow: How many people are we talking about? How many people drank the contaminated water?
Arvin Sloane: Somewhere between three and four hundred million.
Sydney Bristow: What?

"Alias: Dead Drop (#2.4)" (2002)
Rebecca Martinez: Will Tippin shouldn't be a problem. I gave him a number of opportunities, all recorded on audio files, to restart his SD-6 investigation. Tippin never took the bait.
Arvin Sloane: Has Security Section seen that?
Rebecca Martinez: Yes, and they're classifying Tippin as a non-threat.

"Alias: The Box: Part 1 (#1.12)" (2002)
McKenas Cole: You give us the codes, I won't have to open the box which will be really excellent for you.
Arvin Sloane: I can't be the first person to have difficulty taking you seriously, can I?

"Alias: Nocturne (#4.6)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Sydney, you listening? Its working isn't it? Bit by bit. I'm wearing down your defenses. I'm gaining your trust.
[Sloane moves from TV and replaces Vaughn]
Arvin Sloane: But we both know that at some point I'll betray you, and the people that you care most deeply about, they'll die.
[Sloan turns back into Vaughn as the delusion ends]
Michael Vaughn: Syd, you ok?

"Alias: Doppelgänger (#1.5)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: [during a briefing] This is the Hensel Corporation, a Germany based chemical conglomerate, they make ibuprofen, hand lotion, toothpaste. They also have a multimillion dollar research and development fund, with ties going back to World War II and the Third Reich. They don't list the last part in their annual stock report.

"Alias: A Higher Echelon (#2.11)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: Who's leading the team to recover Marshall?
Arvin Sloane: We've changed his access codes. There is nothing that Marshall can tell Cuvee that could possibly hurt us.
Jack Bristow: He will be tortured. Most likely, killed.
Arvin Sloane: Oh yes, I'm sure he will be. I've already contacted SD-4. There'll be a replacement in op tech by morning.

"Alias: Fait Accompli (#5.7)" (2005)
Arvin Sloane: Nadia won't be getting better Jack.
Arvin Sloane: if I have to face life without my daughter, I still have to live with myself. It sounds hollow, I know, in light of what I just told you. But I consider you both to be my family.

"Alias: Resurrection (#3.22)" (2004)
Nadia Santos: When I was drawing, there were moments as the fluid wore off. I altered the equation. I didn't want to give you what you were looking for.
Arvin Sloane: Which means the Covenant has the wrong coordinates. They're looking for the sphere in the wrong place.
Nadia Santos: We should go. We have a long journey ahead of us.

"Alias: The Two (#3.1)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: You remember the Rambaldi device? The machine designed 500 years ago by a prophet? All I did was bring all the pieces together and have it assembled. And when I turned it on, it delivered a message, as I suspected it would. I wasn't prepared for what it said. The message was just one word, one simple word: Peace. The epiphany I had at that moment... suddenly I saw all the mistakes I'd made, the pain I had inflicted on the world, the people I loved. So I chose right then and there to give information to the CIA with which they were able to dismantle at least two dozen terrorist cells.
Sydney: I don't know how you convinced the CIA that you're trustworthy...
Arvin Sloane: Why don't you check my files?
Sydney: I know you too well. I don't buy any of it.

"Alias: I See Dead People (#5.14)" (2006)
Arvin Sloane: Why don't you understand, Nadia? Every sacrifice I've ever made has been for the greater good.
Nadia Santos: Yet, every sacrifice you've made has come at someone else's expense. Or have you forgotten?