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Jack Bristow (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Conscious (#3.9)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: What happens if what we're looking for isn't metal?
Jack Bristow: Then we're screwed; it isn't an unfamiliar situation.

Sydney Bristow: I've been through too much with him; I don't trust that man. I still can't believe that you don't feel the same.
Jack Bristow: What I'm feeling is irrelevant. In conspiring to save you from the NSC, Sloane's also given us all the ammunition we'd ever need to invalidate his pardon agreement. He's put his life in our hands.

Jack Bristow: Once we make the exchange, the device will be destroyed. No one will have it.

Jack Bristow: I used to think you didn't have much of a spine.
Michael Vaughn: And has that assessment changed?
Jack Bristow: No.
[Jack smiles ever so slightly]

Dr. Brezzel: I don't know anything about you, except that I'm not supposed to know anything about you.
Jack Bristow: Suffice to say there are people who are under the impression that my daughter has committed a crime. Her memories are the only things that can exonerate her.

Michael Vaughn: She was knocked unconscious after the fight. How can she remember anything that happened after that?
Dr. Brezzel: Because unconsciously the mind can still establish transhistorical accounts of the real world.
Jack Bristow: Meaning even with her eyes closed, her other senses were alert?
Dr. Brezzel: Yes, thank you. And based upon those senses, her brain will construct an accurate but incomplete memory of the events that followed.

Dr. Brezzel: [about Sydney] She's in a tangent.
Kaya: I was in a tangent once.
Jack Bristow: How nice for you.

Jack Bristow: Forensic analysis leads Marshall to believe that whoever this hand belonged to was alive as recent as four months ago.
Sydney Bristow: It couldn't have been Lazarey because I killed him last year.
Jack Bristow: Unless, you didn't.

Jack Bristow: You're sure the DNA matched Lazarey's?
Lauren Reed: Yes. Which means that Sydney did not kill him... Lindsey has nothing on her. She can come home.

"Alias: Authorized Personnel Only: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: What you need to do is find a way to accept what's happened. If you can deal with Arvin Sloane...
Sydney Bristow: I love that you knew that. That you approved it.
Jack Bristow: It may be hard for you to accept that your father doesn't have the authority to...
Sydney Bristow: No, what's hard to accept are the decisions you do make. What's hard is looking at you. Walking past you. Smelling that sickening cologne. And what's hard is being your daughter and not being able to separate myself as far as I may get from the person I despise the most.

Jack Bristow: Sydney, get in. Get in now... you can be stubborn later.

Arvin Sloane: You didn't tell her, did you? The truth?
Jack Bristow: I told her that I was responsible for the death of her mother.
Arvin Sloane: Did you tell her everything?
Jack Bristow: She's better off not knowing everything.

Jack Bristow: I'll make you a deal; you cooperate with us... That's it.
Large Russian: You don't frighten me.
Jack Bristow: Then, clearly you're an idiot.

Jack Bristow: [Jack and Sydney sit in total silence waiting for a contact] This is the best conversation we've had in weeks.

Sydney Bristow: I'm going in. Alone.
Jack Bristow: [on comms] I assume you all heard that...?

Jack Bristow: If she were apprised of the situation, she might help.
Michael Vaughn: I'll make her help; where is she?

Jack Bristow: You went to see Nadia. Did you tell her what you know?
Sydney Bristow: I guess I thought that maybe you'd come here, I don't know to give me something. Information... Something that would help make sense of what I was afraid you'd become, but there's nothing you could say. Of course you were only looking out for yourself.
Sydney Bristow: Is that what you think of me as an operative? That I would reveal your secret to that poor girl?
[Vaughn walks in the door]
Sydney Bristow: I didn't tell Nadia a thing.

"Alias: Breaking Point (#3.8)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: We're waiting for Sloane.
Michael Vaughn: You called Sloane on this?
Jack Bristow: You and I will be the prime suspects behind any attempt to free Sydney from NSC custody. Sloane has agreed to make it seem as if it were the work of the Covenant. Do I trust him on this? Not necessarily.

Michael Vaughn: The fact that you're letting me see this place means: it's not your only one, is it?
Jack Bristow: You're smarter than you look.

Michael Vaughn: I didn't know you wore glasses.
Jack Bristow: Only during surgery.

Jack Bristow: I've been trying to think of a single reason why you saved my life. The only conclusion I've come to is that it would incur some feeling of debt on my part.
Arvin Sloane: As usual, Jack, you're in danger of outsmarting yourself.

Arvin Sloane: You and Sydney still believe I'm pursuing some hidden agenda. Now, whatever you may perceive that agenda to be, clearly it would be easier to obtain if you were both dead, given that you're my most vocal detractors - my most capable antagonists.
Jack Bristow: Or you need us for something. Something you believe only we can provide.

Jack Bristow: [Syd pauses after seeing Sloane in the helicopter] He's with us. Get in!

Jack Bristow: Thomas Brill, Michael Vaughn.
Michael Vaughn: [nods]
Brill: You Bill Vaughn's kid?
Michael Vaughn: Yeah, he was my father.
Brill: No kidding.

"Alias: The Awful Truth (#4.3)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: It must've been lost in the mail.
Sydney Bristow: Your invitation?
Jack Bristow: Unless it was an e-vite. I don't read e-vites.

Sydney Bristow: If you're wondering whether I've told Nadia that you killed our mother, no I haven't. But I plan to.
Jack Bristow: Out of spite?
Sydney Bristow: Out of respect.

Sydney Bristow: She's my sister; I need to tell her...
Jack Bristow: This isn't about what you need, Sydney...
Sydney Bristow: No, apparently it's about what you need.

Sydney Bristow: What are you up to, Dad?
Jack Bristow: They're waiting for you, Sydney.

Nadia Santos: Mr. Bristow, I don't mean to seem impatient, but I've never done anything that's lasted as long as this.
Jack Bristow: How sad for you.

[Jack is conducting Nadia's psych evaluation and giving her hypothetical scenarios]
Jack Bristow: While tapping a phone line of a target in New Delhi, you're spotted by the enemy. Your partner tells you to continue with the mission objective while he neutralizes the target. Do you obey him or fight back?
Nadia Santos: Is the phone system the new PBX Matrix?
Jack Bristow: [impatiently] Just answer the question, please.
Nadia Santos: [pause] Why is my partner a man?
Jack Bristow: [stiffly] The sex of your partner is irrelevant.
Nadia Santos: Oh. No, I would not obey. I'd help her fight him off, then she and I could finish the job together.

Jack Bristow: I gave your sister closure.
Sydney Bristow: But not the truth.
Jack Bristow: Sometimes a satisfying lie, Sydney, can do more good than the awful truth.

"Alias: Hourglass (#3.19)" (2004)
Agent Jack Bristow: In April '75 in Saigon, you toasted Sydney's birth with a bottle of Chambertin Clos de Bez. Your favorite. Now that I know you have a daughter, I thought I should return the honor, especially considering they share the same mother
Sloane: Irina betrayed both of us Jack. She sought me out for information the same way she did you.
Agent Jack Bristow: She was my wife
Sloane: She was a KGB spy who cared nothing about you or me. I've always thought that you understood your relationship with Irina was nothing more than that. But now that your schoolboy crush on the woman who destroyed your life is preventing you from saving mine, I will have to revise that assessment.

Sydney Bristow: We should talk to Dixon and figure out a way to handle this.
Michael Vaughn: Oh, I know how to handle this.
Agent Jack Bristow: You will act like nothing has changed.
Michael Vaughn: Okay, what's Plan B 'cause that's not going to happen.

Michael Vaughn: My wife betrayed me. She betrayed all of us. You can't expect me to pretend that never happened.
Agent Jack Bristow: I'm not sure you have a choice.
Michael Vaughn: Why is that?
Agent Jack Bristow: Because you're the one that married her.

Sydney Bristow: [watching Vaughn with Lauren] After thirty years you still live with your wife's betrayal. Will he?
Agent Jack Bristow: Absolutely.

Sydney Bristow: Before he died, he told me my mother was not the Passenger. He said my sister was.
Agent Jack Bristow: Who was this man?
Sydney Bristow: A monk, a cleric, a Rambaldi scholar... what difference does it make? Do I have a sister?

Sydney Bristow: If Sloane dies, any chance I have of finding my sister dies with him.
Agent Jack Bristow: Has it occurred to you that your half-sister might be a danger to you?
Sydney Bristow: Yes of course. But it's equally possible that I can help her. She could be an innocent victim.
Agent Jack Bristow: With Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane as her parents, I don't think so.

Agent Jack Bristow: You're right. I'm not going to help you. Since this is the last conversation we will ever have, I want to make this perfectly clear. What you have done to my daughter is nothing compared to what I will do when I find yours. Salut.

"Alias: A Dark Turn (#2.17)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: Sloane doesn't know that you're in CIA custody.
Irina Derevko: He thinks I'm in hiding, as he is.
Jack Bristow: If Sloane believes you've surfaced, obtained the manuscript he's after, he'll want to meet with you. Negotiate a purchase.

Jack Bristow: We may never have a better chance to get Sloane. Remember, without Irina's help, the operation in Kashmir would have been an embarrassment.
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: Jack, when the hell did we switch places? Derevko could be using this operation just to convince us that she's trustworthy.
Jack Bristow: I've had twenty years to reflect on that woman's ability to deceive. Trust me. If she lies to me again, I'll know it.

Irina Derevko: I remember the first time you introduced me to Sloane. You were both working at the CIA, he came to the house for dinner. You were true friends.
Jack Bristow: Yes. We shared a similar unsentimental patriotism... and a devotion to our wives. But Sloane changed and... it was Rambaldi that did it. I'm not sure what it is... he never told me... but Sloane has a personal connection to Rambaldi.
Irina Derevko: I lived for years with the same obsession, to find a higher meaning in Rambaldi's work. I never understood how you managed to avoid getting caught up in it.
Jack Bristow: I had something neither of you did.
Irina Derevko: Sydney.

F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: Jack, you make this happen, you can have my job.
Jack Bristow: No, thanks

Irina Derevko: There's one thing. The tracker you put in my shoulder.
Jack Bristow: You want it removed.
Irina Derevko: If they discover I've been tagged, it's over. We both know that.

Irina Derevko: We need to be up early.
Irina Derevko: We should get to bed.
Jack Bristow: Yeah we should.
[they kiss]

"Alias: Salvation (#2.6)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Please try to understand what I'm about to tell you, Sydney. After your mother left, I tested Project Christmas on you because I didn't want you to be a victim. I thought it was my responsibility to teach you how to think strategically, to see through people's lies, to be as strong as you could be in an environment where one mistake could cost you your life.
Sydney Bristow: Then you should've told me the truth before I ended up here.
Jack Bristow: Yes, you're right! I never intended you to lead a double life. I imagined recruiting you into the CIA after you finished college. But Sloane got to you first, and that is a mistake I will never live down.
Sydney Bristow: I'd like to believe you, but I don't trust anything you say.

Jack Bristow: She pled guilty to keep you from witnessing her trial, Sydney, from having you see photos of the agents she savagely murdered, including Vaughn's father. She knew if you sat through that, whatever sympathy she'd managed to elicit from you would vanish, so she cast herself as the victim to compel you to save her and guess what? You fell for it.

Jack Bristow: I spent a decade with this woman and another twenty years analyzing how she could have deceived me for so long. Trust me when I tell you, I am protecting you.
Sydney Bristow: No, you're not. I think you loved Mom so much that when she left you, you lost your soul. You know what else I think? I think the kind of man who'd use his own daughter to frame her mother, who'd test psych experiments when she was six-years-old is the kind of man who looks at his daughter and sees his greatest mistake.
Jack Bristow: You can't honestly believe that.
Sydney Bristow: It's true, isn't it? If Mom hadn't fooled you, if you hadn't been so gullible, I never would have been born. I'm going to finish reviewing the mission now.

Jack Bristow: If you're wondering why that man mistook you for your mother, he worked for her. I skimmed the research as it was downloading. Before she surrendered to the CIA, Irina deliberately ordered Sark to expose some of her own operatives to the virus in order to study it. Ask yourself if that's a person worth saving.

Arvin Sloane: I had toxicology analyze the glass of wine that somehow made its way into my house last week. They found a compound called VTX which counteracts the effects of sodium morphate. Sodium morphate is the poison I used to... end Emily's suffering.
Jack Bristow: I see two possibilities. Either Emily predicted your intention to euthanize her, took the necessary countermeasures and is now playing a game with you, or the more likely scenario, someone wants you to believe Emily's alive or worse, they'll try and make the Alliance believe it, too.

Jack Bristow: [talking about Syd at his hearing] When I look at her, when I look at the little girl who raised herself to become one of the most extraordinary human beings and one of the finest agents I've ever had the privilege of knowing, I see only the promise of my own redemption. Turning myself in was the only way I could think of to make that clear to her, to prove that despite... my limited abilities as a father, I love her more than I could ever say.

"Alias: Second Double (#2.21)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: I have known Will for years. Trust me on this.
Jack Bristow: There's another possibility... that the man we have in custody is not Will Tippin. Project Helix. The doubling prototype that you destroyed in Poland was designed to reshape a person's physical attributes to identically resemble someone else. The prototype's database revealed two scheduled recipients of the procedure: Dr. Markovic who was killed, and a second unknown individual.
Sydney Bristow: You think Will is the double.
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: We found Provacillium in Will's car. It's a medication usually taken by gene therapy patients to keep the body from rejecting the DNA mutations.

Sydney Bristow: If someone wanted to set Will up, this is exactly what they would do... plant these clues, condition him. I'd like permission to assign Francie protective detail. If Sloane is targeting my friends, she could be next.
Jack Bristow: Done.
Sydney Bristow: I'd also like to speak to her about Will. She might have information that could help.
Jack Bristow: Tell her what you think is necessary, but only what's necessary.

Jack Bristow: You went behind my back.
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: That's hardly unheard of in this office.
Jack Bristow: So what is this? Retribution for me taking your parking space?

Jack Bristow: Sydney, you have to accept the possibility that the man we have in custody is not your friend.
Sydney Bristow: Dad, I don't believe it.
Jack Bristow: I understand.
Sydney Bristow: Cause if it wasn't Will then Will is most likely dead and I can't handle that.

Arvin Sloane: [Sloane joins Jack at his outdoor table at a restaurant] It's good to see you, Jack.
Jack Bristow: I assume that since you're sitting across from me with so little regard for your life, I'm in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle.
Arvin Sloane: Two of them.

Arvin Sloane: I'm curious, Jack. When did our friendship end?
Jack Bristow: The moment you recruited Sydney over my objections.
Arvin Sloane: Ahh. I thought so. If I had known that decision would cost me our friendship and my relationship with Sydney, I would have done things differently.

"Alias: The Box: Part 1 (#1.12)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: I know how this feels.
Sydney Bristow: Not exactly. You've had a lot longer to make sense of this than I have.
Jack Bristow: There was a time when this was news to me, too. Your mother was sent to the United States to steal secrets from a ranking officer of the C.I.A. How she and I happened to meet, how she supposedly fell in love, I thought it was all true. But it was just a set-up.

Sydney Bristow: How could K-Directorate overpower fifty trained agents?
Jack Bristow: If K-Directorate attacks SD-6, they know SD-6 will return the favor. This team that's invaded SD-6, isn't working with any organization we know. My guess is they're working for a group, clearly unpredictable and dangerous.

Jack Bristow: Sloane must have activated the emergency failsafe. There are five hundred pounds of C-4 strategically placed within the substructure of this building. Opening the vault will trigger that C-4. All underground levels will collapse, burying any evidence that the Los Angeles cell of SD-6 ever existed.

Sydney Bristow: This is suicide.
Jack Bristow: I don't think it is.
Sydney Bristow: What exactly is your strategy here? Politely asking Sloane to let you out of SD-6?

Jack Bristow: Sloane answers to people. People who don't know or care about you.

Jack Bristow: The advantages of high-level clearance. Let's go

"Alias: Nocturne (#4.6)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: [to Andre] I'll only say that if you choose not to cooperate with us, you'll regret that decision for the rest of your life.

Jack Bristow: [Sydney watched Jack pull out gun and aim it at her; she realizes it was a bottle of water] What is it?
Sydney Bristow: Dad... Do we have any tranquilizers?
Jack Bristow: No...
Sydney Bristow: Then I think you better tie me up.

Sydney Bristow: I'm going to be alright, aren't I?
Jack Bristow: Of course you will.
Sydney Bristow: What if we can't make it stop?
Jack Bristow: Shh... Don't talk... You can't imagine how much I hate it, when you talk.
Sydney Bristow: What?
Jack Bristow: The reason I killed your mother, I had a desperate need to make her voice stop ringing in my ears. What torments me now is that every time I look at you, I see your mothers face.
Sydney Bristow: No... that's... that's not true, that's not.
Jack Bristow: Sydney, listen to me, this is all going to pass.

Jack Bristow: Sydney, look at me, breathe in and out, that's right. That's right, just breathe, good. Now look in my eyes, they're the last thing you'll ever see.
Sydney Bristow: No...
Jack Bristow: Sydney, I'm here with you.
[pauses, we see Vaughn searching for the antidote]
Jack Bristow: Sydney, look at me. Breathe! Your mother killed me, just like I'm going to kill you.
Sydney Bristow: I won't let you.
Jack Bristow: How are you going to stop me? You're tied up.
[Sydney starts to cry]
Jack Bristow: Sydney! I'm here with you; no one's going to harm you. I won't let anything happen to you.
Sydney Bristow: Daddy.
Jack Bristow: I'm here Sydney.
Sydney Bristow: Will you hug me?
Jack Bristow: Of course I will. It's ok.
[Sydney head butts him and knocks him to the ground]
Jack Bristow: Sydney! No!

Michael Vaughn: What if I don't find anything?
Jack Bristow: Let's not discuss that here.
[Another delusion begins]
Jack Bristow: Sydney's not as trust worthy as her mother.
Michael Vaughn: I know
Jack Bristow: I'm going to kill her just like I did Irina
Michael Vaughn: Good

Michael Vaughn: [Sydney pulls gun on Vaughn] What are you doing?
Sydney Bristow: Get... get down, on your knees.
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, its Michael. I've got the antidote, its right here in this bag.
Sydney Bristow: Don't lie to me.
Michael Vaughn: Oh Sydney... Sydney, listen to me.
Sydney Bristow: Put your hands up. Now! I know what this is; this is a game to you, a cruel joke at my expense.
Michael Vaughn: What's a game?
Sydney Bristow: You and me. Admit it.
Michael Vaughn: No, Sydney... Sydney, listen to me. What are you scared of?
Sydney Bristow: I am scared. I'm scared you're going to betray me, again. Like you did when you married Lauren.
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, I would never... ever hurt you
Sydney Bristow: Stop, stop right there.
Michael Vaughn: You need to give me the gun alright...
Sydney Bristow: I said stop.
Michael Vaughn: Just give me the gun.
[Sydney pulls trigger, gun is unloaded, Sydney and Vaughn fight]
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, don't do this.
[more fighting]
Michael Vaughn: Sydney, don't do this.
[Sydney bites Vaughn]
Jack Bristow: No...
[Jack places Sydney in choke hold and knocks her out]
Michael Vaughn: You took the bullets out.
Jack Bristow: Seemed a reasonable precaution

"Alias: Succession (#3.2)" (2003)
Sydney: Where was I buried?
Jack Bristow: You were cremated. Vaughn spread your ashes at sea.

Jack Bristow: A world relief organization. The sheer audacity of your alleged turnaround would be laughable, if you weren't so dangerous.
Arvin Sloane: I was wondering when you'd come to see me, Jack.

Jack Bristow: Personally I would have found it anti-climactic that after expecting to assemble a weapon of ultimate power you found a revelation you could have acquired from a fortune cookie.

Arvin Sloane: Jack, don't go digging. You won't find anything. I know that you were imprisoned for making contact with your ex-wife. You went to Irina Derevko for help to find Sydney. Now I wouldn't have believed that you would ally yourself with a woman you vowed you'd never trust again. So, if you're capable of having such a change of heart, why is it so hard to believe that I am as well?
Jack Bristow: Because every morally questionable thing I have done has been to protect Sydney. You don't have the same excuse.
Arvin Sloane: Really?

Jack Bristow: I'm going to bury you.

"Alias: Crossings (#3.12)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: Do you mind if I ask who you are?
Katya Derevko: What you should ask is what I'll need you to do in return for my assistance.
Jack Bristow: I was going to get to that.

Jack Bristow: Tell me, which of Irina's sisters are you? Elena or Ekatarina?
Katya Derevko: I haven't been Ekatarina since I was a child. My sisters call me Katya. Which means Irina wasn't the one who told you about me.
Jack Bristow: Learning that your wife is actually a Russian spy drives you to learn all you can about her true identity.

Arvin Sloane: I remember years ago, I was working at SD-6. I was on my way to a meeting in Berlin. It was a typical day... except K-Directorate made an attempt on my life. As I opened my car door, a sniper shot came out of nowhere. The bullet grazed my neck. Actually left a burn mark... You never forget what that feels like... to barely escape with your life.
Jack Bristow: I have a plane waiting.
Arvin Sloane: Then you should go.

Jack Bristow: You warned him, didn't you? Sloane. Whatever trust I'd established with him over the past few months has been compromised. What I can't figure out is, how will this play to Irina's advantage? Or your own?
Katya Derevko: One day when you least expect it, Irina's intentions will present themselves to you. And when that day comes, I promise you - it will be unmistakable.

[Katya kisses Jack]
Katya Derevko: That was from Irina.
Jack: Okay.
[Katya plants a hot and heavy kiss on Jack]
Jack: And *who* was that from?
Katya Derevko: You ask too many questions.

"Alias: Before the Flood (#4.22)" (2005)
Irina Derevko: Look
[Jack and Irina turn around to see a red horse]
Irina Derevko: Rambaldi wrote, when blood red horses roam the streets and angels fall from the sky, the chosen one and the passenger will clash and only one of them will survive.
Jack Bristow: You really are through the looking glass aren't you? When I see angels fall from the sky, I'll start to worry.
Irina Derevko: I just can't shake the feeling that tonight, one of my daughters will parish.

Irina Derevko: I'll give you one chance to do the right thing. Not that you were ever any good at that. Which wire?
Elena Derevko: It's useless... In a few minutes when this signal broadcasts, the whole world will be different. However you plan on torturing me I'll hold out, at least for that long.
Irina Derevko: I'm not going to torture you; I'm going to let him do it.
[She nods towards Jack]
Irina Derevko: And he really doesn't care for you. Especially after you tricked him into killing me, one thing you should know about Jack, he hates being anybody's puppet.
Jack Bristow: I'm actually hoping you don't tell us what we need to know.
[He is filling up syringes at a workstation]
Jack Bristow: There's a 50/50 chance Sydney cuts the right wire. I'm willing to take those odds if it means I get to stand here and watch you turn into an animal.

Jack Bristow: It's been a rather interesting year for me. It's made me reevaluate certain parts of my life. I'm trying to have more fun these days.
Elena Derevko: [Jack pushes needle into Elena's neck] Waaiiit... How do I know you won't inject me anyway?
Jack Bristow: You don't...
Elena Derevko: White, tell her to cut the white wire.
[Irina shots Elena in the head]
Irina Derevko: Sydney; cut the blue wire, and then run like hell, you have 15 seconds before the ball bursts.

Sydney Bristow: [She is on the roof and Nadia approaches her] Nadia!
[Sydney realizes that Nadia has been infected]
Sydney Bristow: Nadia, it's me. It's Sydney. I don't want to hurt you.
Jack Bristow: [Over the coms] Sydney, what's happening?
Sydney Bristow: It's Nadia, she's guarding the device. She's infected.
Arvin Sloane: [to Elena] This is all you're doing.
Jack Bristow: You have to take her out.
Sydney Bristow: No dad... She's my sister.
Irina Derevko: Listen to me; she's not your sister anymore.

Jack Bristow: The chopper should be here any minute.
Irina Derevko: We both know how this is supposed to play out. You bring me back to the states; turn me over to your superiors.
Jack Bristow: On foot, you could reach the border by daybreak.
Irina Derevko: What about the agency? What would you tell them?
Jack Bristow: Oh I think they know, no one can hold on to Irina Derevko for too long.
[Irina smiles at Jack then kisses him. She walks over to Sydney]
Irina Derevko: Take care of your sister.
Sydney Bristow: I will.
Irina Derevko: Three years ago, when I told you were the chosen one, that only you could take down the greatest evil, I knew your mind must have been overwhelmed with confusion. But tonight you should recognize that you've done just that. Ohhh; I'm so proud of you.
Sydney Bristow: Thank you.
Irina Derevko: Sydney, you may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you.
[Irina runs off]

"Alias: A Missing Link (#3.4)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: What do you mean? Look there, he's saying... he's saying "Jul" or "Julie"...
Jack Bristow: He could be saying any number of things. Sydney, I have already subjected this video to the most intense technological scrutiny available to the CIA.
Sydney Bristow: Maybe "Julia"...
Jack Bristow: If you want me to do a re-analysis, fine, but you have to stop punishing yourself.

Jack Bristow: [to Sydney] When you compelled the NSC to release me from prison, you told me you'd done so because... you needed your father; that you needed my strength. Twelve months in solitary would have an effect on anyone; something that allowed me to stay focused was your... strength. Don't lose it now...

Jack Bristow: We can assume what they've stolen is a precursor agent requiring further synthesis.
Eric Weiss: Okay, does everyone here speak science?
Marshall Flinkman: Yeah.
Eric Weiss: No, Marshall, they don't.

Jack Bristow: Vaughn's been quizzing me about "Julia". I tried shutting down his inquiry, but apparently something you said has made that impossible.
Sydney Bristow: All I said was that I couldn't talk about it.
Jack Bristow: Which, of course, has only piqued his interest.

Sydney Bristow: I thought you said we need to keep this secret!
Jack Bristow: Yes, from the NSC, which is what we've done.
Sydney Bristow: You knew Dixon would order Vaughn to keep this from Lauren. If the NSC found out, I'd be pulled.
Jack Bristow: In time, you would have come to the same conclusion.
Sydney Bristow: Maybe, yes, but I wouldn't have acted on it. The last thing I want is to be responsible for driving a wedge between Vaughn and Lauren.
Jack Bristow: That is a concern I do not share.

"Alias: Facade (#3.15)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: Actually, Ryan alerted local authorities, gave them time to evacuate the building.
Eric Weiss: So he's a humanitarian bomber?

Leonid Lisenker: Sark has never met Ryan.
Jack Bristow: Are you sure of this?
Leonid Lisenker: Yes.
Sydney Bristow: That wasn't a "yes," that was a "no."

Marshall Flinkman: Okay, first of all, I didn't touch anything, I swear! But the bomb's been activated!
Jack Bristow: We know. We just spoke to Vaughn.
Marshall Flinkman: No, not on the plane, in my office! The bomb in my office has been activated!

Daniel Ryan: Don't tell me. We've come to the point where you coerce me into cooperating.
Jack Bristow: Not exactly.
[Jack grabs Ryan by the neck and starts to strangle him]

Jack Bristow: [to Ryan] There's no white light. Not for people like you.

"Alias: Endgame (#2.19)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: Look at this: Elsa Caplan's debrief transcript. It's barely ten pages long. Sloane kidnapped her husband two months ago and all we have is ten pages?
Jack Bristow: Sydney, if you feel Elsa Caplan was improperly debriefed, do it again yourself.

Jack Bristow: Yes, Vaughn briefed me. Elsa Caplan shouldn't be processed as a walk-in, she's an SVR agent.
Sydney Bristow: Which means we can classify her as a defector.
Jack Bristow: Or we can arraign her and try her for espionage. Until we make that determination, I'm holding her here.

Jack Bristow: I'm not willing to risk your life based on speculative intel you acquired from a Russian spy.
Sydney Bristow: Why would she lie?
Jack Bristow: That's precisely the question!
Sydney Bristow: She turned herself in!
Jack Bristow: She's not the first!

Jack Bristow: [to Vaughn] And, just because you have gotten comfortable with my daughter doesn't mean you can get comfortable with me.

Sydney Bristow: We downloaded the DNA database Caplan decrypted from the computer he was working on. We finally have a lead on Sloane and Derevko.
Jack Bristow: Good. But, Sydney, if you go around me again I'll have you transferred and finding them will no longer be part of your job description.

"Alias: Color Blind (#1.7)" (2001)
Jack Bristow: Mr. Vaughn, you're young and you're eager, and I understand that. But one thing you're not, and this is something only time can provide really, is wise.

Michael Vaughn: Sydney's life is worth the risk!
Jack Bristow: Not to Sydney! Taking them down is what gets her up in the morning. Or... did you think it was those meetings she has with you?

Agent Jack Bristow: You pulled my file last week, that's my problem, Mr. Vaughn. Now, did curiosity get the better of you, or were you trying to impress my daughter?
Vaughn: She thinks you were KGB. But, I'm sure you already knew that. So, what I'm wondering is what were you doing checking up on me checking up on you?

Agent Jack Bristow: Shepard killed Danny. I'm assuming you know that.
Sydney: If I hadn't, thank you for breaking it to me so gently.

Jack Bristow: Are Sydney and I switching handlers or is this a special occasion?
Michael Vaughn: No, we have a problem.
Jack Bristow: Fisher hasn't make contact, I know.
Michael Vaughn: No, we believe K-Directorate had an agent waiting in hospital.
Jack Bristow: SD-6 does not have information about that.
Michael Vaughn: CIA does. We have an extraction team waiting on a ready line out of Serbia. I want to pull Sydney out of there. I was hoping we could coordinate this together.

"Alias: Search and Rescue (#4.21)" (2005)
Marshall Flinkman: So what you're saying is a large red ball, plus contaminated water equals a city full of homicidal maniacs. That was a sentence I'd never thought I'd say.
Michael Vaughn: But what's the point, besides the weirdest terrorist attack of all time.
Jack Bristow: Their purpose remains a mystery, perhaps Sydvoko serves some strategic importance.
Eric Weiss: I'd go with world domination, but that's always my go to.

Irina: And about my indiscretion with Sloane, I can only hope you accept my apology.
Jack Bristow: Of all the things you've done, that's what you're going to apologize for?
[Jack smirks]
Jack Bristow: You're going to enjoy getting to know Nadia. She's exceptional.
Irina: I wonder where she got that from?

Michael Vaughn: [Syd and Vaughn are about to approach a source for information] How do you wanna play this?
Sydney Bristow: You wanna be rough, or you want me to be rough?
Michael Vaughn: You're always rough.
Sydney Bristow: No, I'm not.
Michael Vaughn: Yes, you are.
Sydney Bristow: That's not true!
Michael Vaughn: Yes, it is.
Sydney Bristow: Are you talking about at home, or on Ops?
Michael Vaughn: Both. Hey, I'm not complaining!
[Vaughn gives Sydney a huge grin]
Sydney Bristow: If I'm rough, it's because you like me to...
[pauses looks around embarrassed]
Sydney Bristow: Are we on coms?
Jack Bristow: Yes, you're both on coms right now.
Sydney Bristow: [Sydney covers her mouth in embarrassment, Vaughn grins and nods happily] We'll both be rough.

Jack Bristow: You broke my heart Irina.
Irina: That was another lifetime. I won't do it again
Jack Bristow: Good to know
[They kiss]
Irina: This has been lovely, but I should go back.
Jack Bristow: Tell me Irina... How did it feel giving the order? Was it difficult or were you able to remain cold, indifferent, were you amused?
Irina: Jack, this is cryptic, even for you.
Jack Bristow: Then let me be clear. How did it feel to pay a man, to kill your own daughter?
Irina: You weren't supposed to find out.
Jack Bristow: You didn't feel a thing did you? How's that possible? Were Sydney and I nothing to you, merely strategic alliances to be disposed of once we outlived our usefulness? After what we've been through Irina, I deserve and explanation. Why? I need a reason.
Irina: Because, it had to be done.
[Jack pulls out a gun and places it to Irina's head]
Irina: Jack...
Jack Bristow: To end you...
[Jack shoots Irina]

"Alias: Another Mister Sloane (#4.16)" (2005)
Michael Vaughn: What I learned is that it was a hoax. My father was killed by Irina Derevko in 1979. But someone was trying to make me believe otherwise.
Jack Bristow: Any idea who may have perpetrated this elaborate conspiracy?
Michael Vaughn: Arvin Sloane...
Sydney Bristow: One of his colleagues confessed.
Jack Bristow: What possible motive would he have...
Michael Vaughn: To force me into stealing something they wanted. I mean come on Jack; do I really have to explain to you what this is about? Sloane hasn't reformed... he's still after the same things.
Sydney Bristow: There's more dad; Vaughn wasn't the only person deceived by Sloane. The contract, the hit that was put on my life, I've seen the bank records. The payments paid to the assassin, wasn't mom. It was Sloane, he was behind it, he wanted you to kill her.
[They all pause and look at each other]
Sydney Bristow: I'm sorry dad. We should notify the agency, Chase...
Jack Bristow: No; I'll handle everything.

Arvin Sloane: What's this about Jack?
[Jack grabs Sloane and slams him against the wall]
Jack Bristow: You can't imagine what it felt like looking into the face of a woman that I once shared a life with and with a single bullet, ending that life. I ran through every scenario... Why, what was the purpose of having me believe that the only way to save my daughter's life; was to kill her mother. And then it occurred to me, why you would go to such lengths, it was for Sydney. You imagined you could drive a wedge between me and my daughter.
Arvin Sloane: I didn't, I had nothing to do with Irina's death.
[Jack pulls out a gun and holds it to Sloane's head]
Jack Bristow: One good reason, why I shouldn't do to you what I did to my wife?

Arvin Sloane: As you are aware, someone has been actively perpetrating crime in my name. Objective is simple, find the man. Apprehend him.
Michael Vaughn: Assuming he exists at all.
Jack Bristow: That's the assumption we're working with.
Arvin Sloane: Our best lead, so far, is Roberts. Where are we with him?
Marcus Dixon: Roberts has been interrogated, his knowledge of the organization he's working for is extremely limited.
Sydney Bristow: Well, we can still use him, he knows their contact protocol. We give Roberts the coil, put him into play. He makes an exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone.
[Sloane looks at her puzzled]
Sydney Bristow: Sorry, that's what we've been calling him.
Eric Weiss: Yeah also Marvin Sloane,
[laughing in the room]
Eric Weiss: Rolling Sloane's...
Marshall Flinkman: But obviously equally disrespectful...

Michael Vaughn: Roberts, the man you are about to see is your former employer, Arvin Sloane. All we need you to do is make a positive ID.
[Vaughn sits Roberts in a chair and has him look through a window at the real Arvin Sloane]
Michael Vaughn: Well...
Roberts: Huh...
Michael Vaughn: What does that mean?
Roberts: That dude is him, sort... Sort of
Jack Bristow: Is it him or not?
Roberts: I mean, yeah, it's him, then it's not. You know what I'm sayin'?
Sydney Bristow: It's not him...
Roberts: But almost him. But it's wild, it's like they don't even look that much alike. But... I don't know; this is freaky man. If you're asking me, both of them give me the creeps.

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Agent Jack Bristow: You beat death Arvin. But you couldn't beat me.

Arvin Sloane: You're dying. I can help you.
Agent Jack Bristow: I don't want your help, Arvin. You've caused my daughter so much pain. I could've prevented it. I won't make continue to make that mistake.
Arvin Sloane: I think you've overestimated your position, Jack. You can't hurt me anymore.
Agent Jack Bristow: True. But I can keep you down here with me.
[Jack opens up his jacket to reveal the C4 and a detonator]
Arvin Sloane: What are you doing?
Agent Jack Bristow: You beat death Arvin. But you couldn't beat me.

Sydney Bristow: You can't even stand up straight, how do you expect to confront mom?
Agent Jack Bristow: I'm not coming with you.

Sydney Bristow: You've been paying my tuition; I thought I should at least help out.
Agent Jack Bristow: What did you do you, rob a bank?
Sydney Bristow: Sort of, I got a job at a bank. It's just part time, for now at least. It's umm, a French bank. It's called Credit Dauphine. They have a very international clientele.
Agent Jack Bristow: Credit Dauphine?
Sydney Bristow: Yeah, they have twelve branches around the world.
Agent Jack Bristow: You're already working there?
Sydney Bristow: About a month. I wanted to make sure it would work out before I told you.
Agent Jack Bristow: A month, good, it's not too late to quit.

"Alias: Q & A (#1.17)" (2002)
Michael Vaughn: You're saying that Sydney could be held long enough to blow her cover with SD-6?
Jack Bristow: Under directive 81A, they could conceivably hold her without trial or charges for the rest of her life.

Michael Vaughn: According to Rambaldi, the woman in question, the subject of this prophecy, will have never seen Mt. Subasio. Meaning if Sydney were to go there and see it herself.
Jack Bristow: She couldn't possibly be the woman Rambaldi was talking about.
Michael Vaughn: That makes sense, doesn't it? I thought that made sense.

Jack Bristow: [to Haladki] I have no desire to blow your head off, or ruin your paint job, but I will do both unless you tell me where the hell Sydney Bristow is

Jack Bristow: [to Haladki] Just so we're clear: you report this conversation, and you'll never wear a hat again.

"Alias: Trust Me (#2.2)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: Mr. Bristow let me ask you a question. Let's say you're hanging out at your favorite restaurant, with your friends... or whatever. You like to go there, you like the food, what color are the walls?
Jack Bristow: I'm... not really into interior decorating.
Jack Bristow: You know, to the Vietnamese and Chinese, the color white means death and bad fortune.
Jack Bristow: Try red.

Francie Calfo: You know what I wanna do to the guy who introduced Will to heroin? I want to kill him. With my hands. I just want to kill him.
Jack Bristow: I can imagine.

Sydney Bristow: The idea that the CIA is willing to work with Irina Derevko is insane.
Jack Bristow: Worse, it's naive. Your mother didn't just conveniently turn herself in. This is all part of the manipulation.
Sydney Bristow: Well, she's their problem now. She's not yours. And she's not mine.
[When putting on her jacket, she winces a little bit]
Sydney Bristow: .
Jack Bristow: You okay?
Sydney Bristow: My shoulder's healing, if that's what you mean.
Jack Bristow: It's not, actually.

Sydney Bristow: She told me to pull the alarm.
Jack Bristow: Yes, and for all you know, that could've made things worse. Sydney, you're smarter than this. Your mother wants you to think she's your ally. That she can help you get what you want. Her intel might even be accurate once, twice, but the minute you start depending on her, she will gut you.

"Alias: Prelude (#3.7)" (2003)
Michael Vaughn: You killed Javier Perez, you son of a bitch!
Jack Bristow: You've just returned from a traumatic experience, Mr. Vaughn. You're understandably emotional, which would explain your baseless accusation.
Michael Vaughn: You're right, I am emotional. I get that way when I see a gun pressed to my wife's temple!
Jack Bristow: Ours is a risky business.

Michael Vaughn: If you ever put my wife's life in danger again, I will kill you!
Jack Bristow: Then perhaps you finally understand the moral compromises you'll make when someone you love is in danger.

Jack Bristow: Sloane gave you a key, which he claims was sent to him some time before you woke up in Hong Kong.
Sydney Bristow: Yeah, his claim was pretty convincing: it was written in my handwriting.

Jack Bristow: Remember when I told you that during the time you were missing, I contacted your mother? That cipher text was encoded using a method that she devised.
Sydney Bristow: What does this mean? That I was in contact with Mom during the two years I was gone?

"Alias: Dead Drop (#2.4)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: There's another fact! Nothing that woman says or does can be taken at face value. Her motivations are strictly her own and now that your dealings with your mother have taken on an emotional component, I'm concerned.
Sydney Bristow: Well, don't be. I'm more professional than that. Every one of our discussions has been specific and mission-related.
Jack Bristow: You told her about your school play.

Sydney Bristow: Dad, you don't have to worry about me. I'm not that naive.
Jack Bristow: I'm sure that's something we both hope is true.

Jack Bristow: Irina Derevko gave you the operations manual for her syndicate. I would like you to tell me where you've hidden it.
Claus Richter: Derevko is a great woman.
Jack Bristow: Morphine's not bad, either. Let me be clear. I've only given you enough to last five minutes. Cooperate and get all you want. Resist and you get none.

Jack Bristow: You asked me what I was afraid of. I can tell you, it's obvious. I'm afraid of losing my daughter.

"Alias: Resurrection (#3.22)" (2004)
[last line of Season 3]
Agent Jack Bristow: You were never supposed to see this.

Sydney: I want that tape.
Agent Jack Bristow: No you don't, not if you want what's best for Vaughn.
Sydney: You know what he's going to do if we don't stop him.
Agent Jack Bristow: Yes; he'll get closure.
Sydney: You want him to kill Lauren.
Agent Jack Bristow: If he doesn't, it will eat at him like a cancer. The only cure it is to end it now! She destroyed Vaughn's life.
Sydney: Vaughn's life, not yours, this is about what Lauren did to Vaughn, not what mom did to you. I don't know what you've told him, or how much of all this you've orchestrated. In some twisted way, you've got Vaughn carrying your burden; trying to get you closure by doing the one thing you never had a chance to do, kill the person who betrayed you.
Agent Jack Bristow: I did have a chance, and I didn't take it. And not a day went by that I didn't regret letting her go. Vaughn will feel the same way. He will end up like me, and I love you too much to let that happen.

Sydney: You were right. Lauren has to pay.
Agent Jack Bristow: Vaughn is going to be okay, and when he is, he has to end it, not you.
Sydney: If it's okay for Vaughn it's okay for me.

Agent Jack Bristow: Let me go instead.
Sydney: I can't.
Agent Jack Bristow: I'll cover for you with Foster...
Sydney: What is it?
Agent Jack Bristow: Nothing. We'll talk when you get back.

"Alias: Mirage (#4.18)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: If for some reason this doesn't work, tell my girls I love them; Sydney and Laura.
Dr. Atticus Liddell: You're going to pull through this Jack. I'll see you on the other side.

Jack Bristow: [to Sydney playing Laura] what concerns me,I won't be back until next week, I'll miss Sydney's birthday, again.
Sydney Bristow: That's ok, you'll explain it to her, she'll understand.
Jack Bristow: She's a child; she shouldn't need to understand her father isn't home to celebrate her birthday. Laura, the only memories I have of my father, are of him leaving.
[Long pause]
Jack Bristow: I don't want it to be that way for her, she deserves better.
[Sydney is about to cry]
Sydney Bristow: The work you do; is important.
Jack Bristow: Not as important as her, or you. When I get back from Europe, I'm going to talk to my supervisors.
Sydney Bristow: What about?
Jack Bristow: Giving notice. Sorry, I should've discussed this with you before I made a decision.
Sydney Bristow: No... That means more to me than you'll ever know.
[Jack kisses her hand and moves to play piano with the little girl]
Sydney Bristow: [Sydney watches and begins to cry]

Sydney Bristow: Dad... dad can you hear me?
[Jack moans]
Jack Bristow: Hello...
Sydney Bristow: Hi.
Jack Bristow: [Very delirious] What are you doin... Why am I...
Sydney Bristow: I need to ask you something; Dad?
Jack Bristow: Oh no, it was my turn to pick up Sydney. After dance class, I'm sorry, can you take care of it. I'll cover next time Laura, I promise
Sydney Bristow: Laura?

"Alias: The Counteragent (#2.7)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Are there concerns?
Arvin Sloane: Since I was made a partner in the Alliance, SD-6 has consistently stumbled in its operations. We lost the terahertz wave camera. We failed to retrieve the formula for zero-point energy. We didn't acquire Derevko's operations manual.
Jack Bristow: The situation regarding Emily has been a distraction. Informing them puts these setbacks in context.
Arvin Sloane: Christophe wants me to meet with him in Tokyo. I need a victory, Jack. I need to bring something tangible to the organization.

Jack Bristow: Sloane's on his way to Japan. He plans to stay at a Yakuza-run Ryokan, the Nyoshi Ginza. Use the numbers he gave you and contact Sark. Tell him we will hand him Sloane the night before his Alliance meeting.
Sydney Bristow: Tell me you agree with me, that we have no choice in this.
Jack Bristow: Of course we have a choice, and it's a moment I never wanted you to face. To kill someone. I'm not talking about self-defense: I'm talking about premeditated murder. To be there when the door closes on him for the last time. Knowing you are responsible. That is something you never came close to considering before getting to know your mother.

Jack Bristow: Almost. Sydney got the antidote. The doctors say your blood levels are looking good.
Michael Vaughn: How did she do it?
Jack Bristow: She had Sloane killed.

"Alias: The Descent (#4.20)" (2005)
Hayden Chase: [Director Chase is caressing Dixon in the hospital where he is unconscious. She walks out and approaches Jack and Sydney] If anything changes, you call me.
Sydney: [to Jack] Did you have any idea she and Dixon...
Jack Bristow: No... But then I tend to miss those kinds of details.
Sydney: What are you talking about? You're the master of details.
Jack Bristow: Really? I've gone over the details a thousand times in my mind. Each one, added up to the same conclusion. That your life was in danger, and your mother was the lethal threat.

Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn is waiting for the elevator, you can tell he has something on his mind, it opens and Jack walks out] How's Dixon?
Jack Bristow: Same, Sydney and Nadia are there now.
[Vaughn enters the elevator, it goes to close and Jack stops it]
Jack Bristow: You asked me a question earlier that I didn't get a chance to answer; properly...
Michael Vaughn: I'd say the answer was loud and clear.
Jack Bristow: We're more alike, than I'd care to admit; Agent Vaughn. And I realize now, that in disapproving of you, I was only hating my own limitations. I wasn't asking myself what would be best for Sydney. If you honestly believe that you can make my daughter happy, then by all means you have my blessing to marry her.
Michael Vaughn: Okay then.

Jack Bristow: [Hangs up phone] As if weapon grade anthrax grows on trees.
[to Vaughn]
Jack Bristow: What is it?
Michael Vaughn: Oh if this is a bad time I can...
Jack Bristow: No, please. After dealing with that Chechnyan lunatic for the past couple of hours, whatever business you have will be a welcome relief.
Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn smirks to himself and walks towards jack desk] Well we've umm... I know you're a man who... I know you're a man who respects tradition. As... as do I. And...
Jack Bristow: Please just get to the point agent Vaughn.
Michael Vaughn: I'm gonna ask Sydney to marry me and I'd like your blessing.
Jack Bristow: Perhaps you believe my recent illness rendered me less incoherent than before or that my cogitative faculties have been somehow dulled or diminished. Allow me to clarify the facts for you Mr. Vaughn. While I've come to believe that you're not as useless as I first imagined. I still don't feel you have...
[They are interrupted by loud sirens]

"Alias: The Indicator (#2.5)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Sydney, Washington has made a decision regarding your mother. What she did to you invalidated her agreement with the CIA. The government is pressing charges. They're going to seek the death penalty.

Michael Vaughn: I saw de Souza. He told me that you hired him to rig those explosives.
Jack Bristow: Irina Derevko would eagerly destroy all of our lives.
Michael Vaughn: I'm not a big fan, either. It still doesn't justify what you did.
Jack Bristow: You do good work, Agent Vaughn. But your consistent shortcoming - you should know this - is your naive sense of morality. Evil must be eliminated by whatever means necessary.

Sydney Bristow: I've seen the footage. Mom's briefing with her KGB handler. She was sent here for one specific purpose, to steal information from you about a project you were developing for the CIA. An operation to train children to be American spies. Project Christmas. Ever since Mom came back, you were afraid she'd figure out what you did to me. You weren't trying to protect me from her, you were trying to protect your secret. So the first opportunity you had, you set her up... in Madagascar.
Jack Bristow: Sydney, understand something...
Sydney Bristow: No, Dad, you understand something. You took away my choices in life. You programmed me to be a spy. I will never forgive you for this.

"Alias: Tuesday (#4.13)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Marshall; Sydney has a limited supply of oxygen in a coffin. We have no margin for error. Understood?
Marshall Flinkman: Yeah, I understand, I can do this.

Michael Vaughn: Syd, slow down, say that again.
Sydney Bristow: We can ID him.
Michael Vaughn: Who?
Sydney Bristow: Phantom; my contact. I can send you a picture. You can check it against airport surveillance, inbound flights to Cuba. He wasn't alone. Get visuals of the other members of third faction. And track that against where they've been and... and where they're going.
Jack Bristow: Send the photo
[Sydney takes a picture of the corpse with her cell phone]
Michael Vaughn: Okay Syd, we've got it. We're indexing it now.
Sydney Bristow: Vaughn...
Michael Vaughn: Yeah, I'm here can you hear me?
Sydney Bristow: We know what he looks like.
Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn looks at Jack scared] Syd, we got the picture, we're working on him.
Sydney Bristow: We can check it against airport surveillance.
Michael Vaughn: Syd, you already said that.
Sydney Bristow: He wasn't alone, we can find where he's been, where's he's going.
[Vaughn and Jack share a concerned look, Jack walks off]

Marshall Flinkman: [Marshall has accidentally shot a man; they need the man's eyes for a retinal scan. Marshall digs into one eye with a letter opener] Oh god. It's oozing. It's oozing everywhere, sir.
Jack Bristow: [via cell phone] That means you've ruptured the macula. The eye is useless, abandon it. Approach the second one gently, like a soft-boiled egg. You're going to need a digging instrument to assist with this.
Marshall Flinkman: [looks in a drawer] I've got a spork.
Jack Bristow: [bewildered] What's a spork?
Marshall Flinkman: It's like a half-spoon... half-fork, will that do?
Jack Bristow: That will work.

"Alias: Maternal Instinct (#5.11)" (2006)
Agent Jack Bristow: [to Sydney] Cover your mother.

Agent Jack Bristow: [Sydney is in labor while on a mission in a bank with her mother and father] Look at me. You can do this.
Sydney Bristow: I can't dad, I can't...
Agent Jack Bristow: Sydney, yes you can.
Sydney Bristow: I don't want to do this here.
Agent Jack Bristow: That's okay; tell me where you want to be.
Sydney Bristow: I'm scared.
Agent Jack Bristow: I know, that why we're here. We're going to take care of you. Now, tell me where you want to be.
Sydney Bristow: I want to be on a beach.
Agent Jack Bristow: That's good, okay, just go there. Now tell me about it.
Sydney Bristow: Vaughn is with me.
Agent Jack Bristow: Vaughn is there, with you on the beach, good, Vaughn's with you.
Sydney Bristow: I miss him...
Agent Jack Bristow: I know...

Sydney Bristow: Would you like to hold your granddaughter?
Agent Jack Bristow: Yes, I would.
[Sydney hands the baby to Jack]
Sydney Bristow: She has Vaughn's eyes.
Agent Jack Bristow: Yeah, she does.
[Sydney looks down and thinks for a moment]
Sydney Bristow: Dad...
Agent Jack Bristow: I'll take care of it.
[the scene changes from the airplane to Bhutan and a man riding a horse to a shack, he enters the shack and whispers a message to the monk]
Lama: [in subtitles] My brother... there's good news. You have a daughter.
[the screen moves over and you see Vaughn look up and smile]
Lama: [last lines]

"Alias: Rendezvous (#1.21)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: You're going to tell your contact you want a meeting. A meeting to take place at your contact's discretion.
Will Tippin: Why would he lead me to you knowing that you'd want to flush him out?
Jack Bristow: He only told you my name so you would realize that my threat to you was a bluff. That I would never hurt Sydney, even if you continue your investigation. He didn't expect you'd have the guts to contact me.
Will Tippin: Oh, well, I'll assume that's a compliment.

Jack Bristow: Kretchmer briefed me on Denpasar. It was a sloppy operation. Your pursuit of your mother is clouding your judgement. You can't afford to continue and at the moment, I can't protect you. I haven't regained Sloane's trust. He still hasn't reinstated me to active duty. I'm not even privy to his briefings.
Sydney Bristow: Then you haven't heard that SD-6 got Sark.

Sydney Bristow: None of this changes the fact that you were using Will!
Jack Bristow: He was already being used! It's no coincidence that out of all the reporters in the world, he was chosen.
Sydney Bristow: What are you saying?
Jack Bristow: For some reason, Khasinau is trying to expose us.

"Alias: Remnants (#3.10)" (2003)
Michael Vaughn: Think that was the best move? Punching Lindsey in the face?
Jack Bristow: Based on the comments he was making, it was obvious that you and I were going to end up here no matter what we did. Whether I hit him or not. I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.

Jack Bristow: You and I have something in common. We both suffered through the death of the woman we loved only to discover that she was still alive. I know, it's hard. But this isn't about you. And I will not allow my daughter to become your mistress.
Michael Vaughn: If that's where you think my concern for Sydney is headed, then you are even more cynical than I thought.

Jack Bristow: [to Vaughn] If you care about my daughter as you claim to, then push her away. Be cruel if you have to... make her despise you. Because your kindness tortures her. I can see it, what it does to her. And I won't have it.

"Alias: Passage: Part 1 (#2.8)" (2002)
Irina: Agnet Vaughn has trouble sleeping. When you're in the field.
Sydney: I doubt he told you that.
Irina: No he didn't have to tell me I could see it in his eyes. You're so willing to take risks for your country, why aren't you willing to do the same for you're own happiness?
Jack: I hardly think you've earned he right to give anyone relationship advice.

Sydney: Sloane wouldn't agree to partner with him unless Sark made it worth his while. Do you have any idea what they're after?
Jack: Given the scope of Sark's previous contacts and operations, he could be offering almost anything. What concerns me more is that your mother knew we were double agents before she turned herself in. She may have told Sark.
Sydney: I'll find out.
Jack: Before you do, consider this: two months ago she surrendered to the CIA. Yesterday, Sark made a back-door agreement with Sloane that places him inside SD-6. Do you believe that's just a coincidence?

Jack: When it comes to Irina Derevko, my judgment's proven to be... impaired.

"Alias: The Getaway (#2.12)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: How long have you known about this?
Jack Bristow: I didn't tell you because it didn't concern you!
Sydney Bristow: If the Alliance thinks you're lying to them, they'll kill you. That concerns me!
Jack Bristow: What concerns me is having them suspect that you're my accomplice. That's why I kept you out of it.

Irina Derevko: There must be a dozen ways to blackmail the Alliance, all of them far less elaborate than this one.
Jack Bristow: So we can assume a secondary objective to make Arvin suffer. Someone harboring an acute hatred... meaning it could be anyone.

Irina Derevko: You said Sloane requested Kane to investigate.
Jack Bristow: The one person who had an apparent motive for blackmail.
Irina Derevko: Someone easy to frame.

"Alias: The Confession (#1.11)" (2002)
Sydney: Dad, can I ask you something? When you started with SD-6, you knew that they were a mercenary group and that they had no connection with the C.I.A. But I didn't. When I joined, I thought I was going to be saving the world and not making it more dangerous.
Jack Bristow: What's the question?
Sydney: Why didn't you say something? I mean, you could have told me what I was really doing - damage instead of good - but you kept quiet.
Jack Bristow: [sighs] Revealing the truth about what you were doing would have required revealing the truth about what I was doing.

Jack Bristow: [to Sydney] Those cyrillic codes you found in those books - yes, they were orders from the KGB and yes, they were orders to kill. An agent recieved those orders and carried them out, murdering officers of the C.I.A., including your father, Mr. Vaughn. All this is true. But, Sydney, I was not that agent. Your mother was.

Sydney: It took me a second to realize what you were doing.
Jack Bristow: I was blinking as fast as I could.
Sydney: I know. I was like, "Hard on your light"?
Jack Bristow: Guard on your right.
Sydney: Well, I figured it out. I was just never very good at Morse code.

"Alias: Unveiled (#3.18)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: What about Vaughn?
Sydney Bristow: I've tried talking to him about it. He won't even entertain the possibility. It's like he can't hear it.
Jack Bristow: Perhaps he can't hear it from you.

Michael Vaughn: Sydney spoke to you...
Jack Bristow: All I ask is that you hear me out.
[Vaughn nods and looks down]
Jack Bristow: My marriage with Irina, in spite of everything, was a happy time for me; it was easy being with her. There were times, moments, when I become curious, how would she occupy her morning, what were her plans while I was out of town. Usually she told me, but occasionally she'd stop what she was doing, walk over and offer me a kiss; A spontaneous gesture. But on one occasion it struck me, this impulsive kiss, what if it was an evasion; camouflaging the truth in an expression of love. Of course I dismissed my concern immediately, merely my professional paranoia. After all she was my wife I don't regret having married her. I have Sydney because of our time together. What I do regret is that once I saw signs of her duplicity, once I sensed her betrayal, I chose to ignore it. All I'm asking is that you be responsive to the signs if and when they present themselves.
Michael Vaughn: You never respected me. Never thought I was worthy of your daughter. So I'm not surprised you're so quick to think Lauren is betraying me. But whether or not you or Sydney believe me, I know the life I'm living, and I know the woman I am married to. Lauren is not Irina, and I am definitely not you.

Marcus Dixon: You recall that I requested Dr. Barnett's notes from her sessions with Sloane?
Jack Bristow: Yes. Did they reveal anything?
Marcus Dixon: Yes. There is something in the notes that concerns you. In one of his sessions with Barnett, Sloane admitted having an affair with Irina while you were married.

"Alias: Page 47 (#1.15)" (2002)
Will Tippin: Sydney tells me you're doing analysis for the bank.
Jack Bristow: Strategy. Investment strategy. Arvin made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
Emily Sloane: Oh, that sounds like my husband!

[Talking about Tippin getting closer to SD-6]
Arvin Sloane: What concerns me is that this doesn't seem to concern you.
Jack Bristow: There is a difference between concern and assassination.

[after Jack had beaten up and threatened Will]
Sydney Bristow: I'm taking Will tonight.
Jack Bristow: You're doing what?
Sydney Bristow: Yeah. Emily told me to bring someone. Why?
Jack Bristow: Nothing.

"Alias: Taken (#3.16)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: Jack. To what do I owe this pleasure?
Jack Bristow: I take no pleasure in this, Arvin.

Jack Bristow: All of the resources of this agency are being diverted to meet demands the Covenant must know are unattainable, which leads me to believe it's merely a distraction. What do they really want?
Arvin Sloane: Well, then my question to you is: why target Dixon? What does he have access to, Jack?

Jack Bristow: The Covenant is desperate to acquire a box constructed by Rambaldi. It's Sloane's understanding that they're close to locating a key to activate it.
Marcus Dixon: And why should we trust a thing Sloane says?
Jack Bristow: Because Sloane believes the contents of that box in The Covenant's hands will put Sydney's life in jeopardy, and I believe him.

"Alias: The Abduction (#2.10)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: I don't imagine that means you've decided to trust me?
Jack Bristow: Our previous... dealings would indicate that your strategy here may be long-term. So for now, I trust that your behavior is predictable.
Irina Derevko: By "previous dealings" you mean our marriage? You know, technically, we may still be husband and wife.

Ariana Kane: I'm aware of your reputation as a first-class strategist, Agent Bristow. Tell me, where would you begin this investigation?
Jack Bristow: With me. Over the years Arvin's trusted me with everything I'd need to know to be the perpetrator. And if his standing within the Alliance were undermined, I'd be a candidate to inherit his seat. Motive.

Jack Bristow: You were right. Although our marital contract was founded on fraudulent pretenses, it's still valid until it's annulled. Which means, technically, we are still married.
Irina Derevko: Jack. Thus far, I've agreed to be debriefed only by Sydney. From now on, I'm willing to talk to you, too.

"Alias: Spirit (#1.10)" (2001)
Jack Bristow: I need you to tell me what's happening!
SD-6 Agent: You didn't hear this from me.... While Sydney and Russek were in Geneva, a transmission was recorded from her location and it was not one of ours.
Jack Bristow: You think it was Sydney?
SD-6 Agent: This is not the first indication that she might be working for someone else.

Jack Bristow: Sydney, I heard about what happened. Are you alright?
Sydney Bristow: I'm fine.
Jack Bristow: Russek. That was a shock.
Sydney Bristow: You didn't?
Jack Bristow: What?
Sydney Bristow: Have anything to do with that?
Jack Bristow: What do you mean, did I engineer it, somehow? No, Sydney, of course not.

[after Vaughn confronts him about Russek's transmission]
Jack Bristow: Whoever the hell you think you are : checking up on me, pulling my file, second-guessing my choices, let's just both face the facts: you are not that person. Neither your experience nor your intelligence has earned you the right to question the thing that I do. So I'm gonna make two suggestions. One: that you stop it and two: that the next time they assigned you to be my handler, you kindly decline.

"Alias: Truth Takes Time (#2.18)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: Your mother betrayed us. Betrayed the CIA. Her meeting with Sloane was staged to secure her escape.
Sydney Bristow: You don't know that. Sloane could've set up the meet to abduct her.
Jack Bristow: Before the operation, she swapped the Rambaldi manuscript. She left us with a fake. She and Sloane are now in possession of the original. Sydney, they planned this.

Marshall Flinkman: Uh, excuse me, one thing. Did you say that before the explosion, your mother called out your name?
Sydney Bristow: Yes.
Marshall Flinkman: Well, why'd she do that? Does that seem weird to anyone or is that just me? It's cool if it is just me. It is just me, isn't it?
Jack Bristow: Irina may have wanted to save Sydney's life.
Sydney Bristow: I doubt that's the case.

Sydney Bristow: [watching Emily on security camera footage] She's alive?
Jack Bristow: She walked through the front door, told the duty guard she is the wife of Arvin Sloane, that she wants to cooperate with the CIA and that she will only talk to you.

"Alias: A Higher Echelon (#2.11)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: Who's leading the team to recover Marshall?
Arvin Sloane: We've changed his access codes. There is nothing that Marshall can tell Cuvee that could possibly hurt us.
Jack Bristow: He will be tortured. Most likely, killed.
Arvin Sloane: Oh yes, I'm sure he will be. I've already contacted SD-4. There'll be a replacement in op tech by morning.

Jack Bristow: Kane called a meeting.
Michael Vaughn: Does she know anything?
Jack Bristow: Unclear. But I'm told she has two units from security section prepared to take me in. I have to be ready for anything.

Ariana Kane: Who is Steven Haladki?
Jack Bristow: He was a CIA agent loyal to Irina Derevko.
Ariana Kane: Whom you murdered. We found brain matter in the gun you fired on the day Emily was murdered. I admit, I thought DNA tests would prove that you killed her but instead they proved you killed Haladki.
Jack Bristow: We had reliable intel that Derevko was accessing information through the CIA. Her source turned out to be Haladki. He was crucial to her operation and had to be removed.

"Alias: Time Will Tell (#1.8)" (2001)
Arvin Sloane: Tell me something. How did Tippin get a lead on the Kate Jones alias in the first place?
Jack Bristow: I don't know yet, but I'm looking into it.
Arvin Sloane: Well, your efforts notwithstanding, that reporter may be a casualty of his own curiosity.
Jack Bristow: I'd consider that a last resort. I know you want what's best for Sydney, and if at all possible, we should spare her the pain of losing someone else.

Jack Bristow: Lie detector test.
Sydney Bristow: I studied the C.I.A. instruction book on how to take a successful LDT.
Jack Bristow: This isn't like that. This test monitors variations in blood flow in the brain. It's very difficult to deceive. Tell your handler Vaughn he needs to prepare you for this. If he can't, he'll get someone who can.

[Sloane wants Will to stop looking into Danny's murder]
Arvin Sloane: How do you suggest we proceed?
Jack Bristow: Leave it to me, I'll get Tippin off the story.
Arvin Sloane: And if you can't?
Jack Bristow: Then I'll kill him myself.

"Alias: The Enemy Walks In (#2.1)" (2002)
Sydney Bristow: [on the phone with Jack] I'm in the middle of Taipei. I just got free. Is Vaughn with you?
Jack Bristow: No, we haven't heard from him. Sydney, you have to get to the plane now.
Sydney Bristow: Dad, I have to go back for him.
Jack Bristow: No, there's no time! The Taiwanese authorities will check this airstrip.
Sydney Bristow: I can't leave him behind. Hold the plane, I have to back to the lab.
Sydney Bristow: Sydney, wait!
Will Tippin: Who's Vaughn?

Jack Bristow: [to Sydney] You and I need to assume Dixon's reported you. The best move for us is for me to take full responsibility.
Sydney Bristow: What about Will?
Jack Bristow: [to Will] You're... going to have a hard time.

Will Tippin: I understand that, but you can't think of another way than this?
Jack Bristow: Yes, I can think of a number of other ways. But they all involve your burial.
Will Tippin: Is that your idea of a joke? You're morbid, Jack.

"Alias: No Hard Feelings (#5.15)" (2006)
Vaughn: Marshall! I'm gonna need a green light in a hurry!
Agent Marshall Flinkman: Easyer said than done. It's all in german..."Anschlag"?
Agent Jack Bristow: "Gruen"

Sydney Bristow: [Sydney and jack are talking about the mission, and Isabelle laughs in the background] Dad, did she just...
Agent Jack Bristow: Giggle, yeah, apparently I'm funny.
Sydney Bristow: She hasn't done that before. It was a first.
Agent Jack Bristow: Of which there will be many...
Sydney Bristow: I know...

"Alias: Nightingale (#4.14)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Sydney!
[Sydney and Jack embrace]
Sydney Bristow: I couldn't stop him. It was Vaughn, he took the coil. I couldn't stop him dad.

Marshall Flinkman: I didn't shut down that reactor at all.
Jack Bristow: That's impossible!
Marshall Flinkman: No it isn't. The printouts, listen, it is physically impossible for me to shut down that reactor from a remote location. I mean given its particular status. It would have to be shut down manually but that's impossible too, because that you mean that someone, that that's
[pauses as he realizes what happened]
Marshall Flinkman: ... I mean you. The only way it could happen is if you went into the reactor yourself.
Jack Bristow: It was my daughter's life.
[pauses; walks into elevator]
Jack Bristow: Between *us*

"Alias: Masquerade (#1.18)" (2002)
Sydney Bristow: Dad... I'm going to find her. I have to.
Jack Bristow: Searching for that woman will accomplish nothing! No good can come from it!
Sydney Bristow: I need to know where she is.
Jack Bristow: Sydney, we don't even know if she's still alive!
Sydney Bristow: I know
Jack Bristow: Even if she is, it doesn't change what she did!
Sydney Bristow: Dad, I know!
Jack Bristow: Do you expect her just to say..."I'm sorry"?
Sydney Bristow: I don't know what to expect!
Jack Bristow: Well, you better know exactly what to expect!... What could she ever say... that would satisfy you?

Dr. Judy Barnett: And how would you define a "normal" family?
Jack Bristow: I suppose it's one in which the family members aren't under orders to lie to each other.

"Alias: Ice (#4.4)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Is something on your mind Agent Vaughn.
Michael Vaughn: [hesitant] No, not really. I'm not very sleeping well.
Jack Bristow: It's Lauren, isn't it.
Michael Vaughn: I think I see her sometimes; I thought I saw her in the market in Algeria. Did that ever happen with you?
Jack Bristow: Do I have visions of Lauren?
Michael Vaughn: I don't know that many people who killed the woman they were married to. I was just wondering if that's what happens.
Jack Bristow: It did, now it doesn't.

Jack Bristow: [to Nadia] Irina told me years ago that this is a picture of her holding her niece. She told me that holding this baby filled her with a longing and a hope to have children of her own. The next day I asked Irina to marry me; I wanted my child to be loved like the baby in this photograph. Of course, her story could have been a total fabrication, another one of her countless lies designed to draw me in. But I choose to believe it was truth. When we had Sydney, Irina held her in this exact same way, and I can only imagine that she did the same with you. So for me, I choose to believe. But than I suppose each of us needs to find out own sense of closure.

"Alias: Legacy (#3.21)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: I know why you checked yourself out of medical services early. I know you're under the impression you're fine, that all you need to do is hold yourself together, bury yourself in work.
Michael Vaughn: Get to the point, Jack.

Jack Bristow: I suggest you focus your energy into achieving closure on this matter.
Michael Vaughn: No one wants Lauren in custody more than I do!
Jack Bristow: That's not the kind of closure I'm referring to.
Michael Vaughn: [Jack hands Vaughn a key] What's this?
Jack Bristow: It's the key to my storage facility, you've been there before. In it you'll find false identification, unmarked and untraceable weapons, contact sheets, as well as disposal facilities capable with dealing with her remains.
Michael Vaughn: That might be your way of dealing with things, but it's not mine.
[Vaughn tries to give the key back]
Jack Bristow: Keep it.
[Jack walks off]

"Alias: Detente (#4.7)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Arvin, the nuance of fatherhood elude me; but there is one thing I'm sure of. You are not going to forge any kind of bond with Nadia if you attempt to keep her from working with her sister.

Arvin Sloane: We have no Intel on that woman. You'll be going in blind Sydney.
Sydney Bristow: We know enough. She has gossip rags all over the room, which means she's fine making a mess, so we know she's not a one-night stand. Her shoes cost more than most people's monthly salary, so she either has money of her own or access to Tambor's.
[Vaughn stares at Sydney, then looks up at Weiss bewildered]
Sydney Bristow: Either way, empty champagne bottles, her side of the bed. This girl likes to party. But her boyfriend would rather stay in and watch TV their last night in Monaco than hang out with her, so she's bored. Most likely pissed off.
Jack Bristow: How do you propose to find her?
Sydney Bristow: Well, she let her handbag. She didn't go far. In fact, I'm guessing she's hitting the hotel bar right now.
[Vaughn grins at Sydney]
Sydney Bristow: All Nadia and I need to do is get to her and get her to take us to the room. Why are you smiling?
Michael Vaughn: I don't know.

"Alias: Snowman (#1.19)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: SD-6 has run an additional profile on Noah. There were anomalies, including recent bank activity which suggested he may have ties to K-Directorate. Noah's been taken into custody by security section.

Jack Bristow: Tippin didn't turn out to be a problem, did he?
Arvin Sloane: Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks.
Jack Bristow: I'm not sure that's my business, and I know it isn't yours.

"Alias: Double Agent (#2.14)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: We've decrypted the specs on Project Helix that you and Vaughn obtained. The data describes a breakthrough in next-generation molecular gene therapy. It refers to a new procedure whereby a patient's face and body are reshaped to identically resemble someone else. Agent Lennox was the first test subject to be doubled.

Sydney Bristow: How is this possible without obvious scarring?
Jack Bristow: The procedure isn't surgical. A patient's genetic code is altered to reshape their physical attributes.
Sydney Bristow: Is it reversible?
Jack Bristow: It's unclear. It only works on people of a certain genetic disposition and the recipient must be induced into a comatose state for several days while their cells regenerate. The data indicates the only way to distinguish the real person from the double is by an ocular scan. A flaw in the iris was deliberately built into the procedure to tell them apart.

"Alias: Almost Thirty Years (#1.22)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: Khasinau knew about the safehouse. He must have someone on the inside.
Sydney: I know.
Jack Bristow: As long as there's a mole at the CIA, you can't tell Vaughn a thing. Not that you've been contacted, or that you and I have spoken.

Julian Sark: Are you comfortable? Do you feel comfortable trading priceless documents for a low-grade reporter?
Jack Bristow: You should read Tippin's stuff. It's not so bad.

"Alias: The Frame (#3.17)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: All I have is a paper trail. Not definitive proof but the beginning of what Director Dixon and I believe to be a strong case for the existence of a mole.
Senator Reed: Other than Sloane.
Jack Bristow: Or instead of him. At this point, that is unclear.
Senator Reed: Is it that hard to identify a traitor? Honestly, sometimes I think you people just get too close.

Jack Bristow: I understand this is difficult.
Senator Reed: No, no, it's not, because there is nothing here. Lauren is a patriot, and I will not allow you to ruin her reputation based on innuendo and supposition!

"Alias: Phase One (#2.13)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: There's only one reason Sloane would keep secret the existence of a computer. Because this computer server forty-seven is a vulnerability.
Jack Bristow: Until you tell me what you're suggesting, I have nothing to respond to.
Sydney Bristow: I think there's a central Alliance computer: I think that's what server forty-seven is. A network that links all the SD cells. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Jack Bristow: The answer is in the document. According to the information you retrieved, each SD cell uses a code which changes weekly to operate their security system. The current code is listed right here.
Michael Vaughn: So you're saying we need to get into SD-6 and find out what the actual code is right now?
Sydney Bristow: If it matches the one in the document, then the rest of the intel is real.
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: In which case I could go to Langley about raiding the Alliance facilities.
Michael Vaughn: Do we have the current SD-6 code?
Jack Bristow: No. But I can get it.

"Alias: A Free Agent (#2.15)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: [about Kendall] Legally he's right, Ethically he's an ass

Jack Bristow: Simply put, it's the study of geometric objects and how they fit together. All Alliance facilities have been raided yet we haven't found a single Rambaldi artifact. If Sloane was expecting our raid, he could've had everything moved to a secure location. He must be using Caplan to help him assemble a Rambaldi device.
Michael Vaughn: So what happens when Sloane puts the pieces together?
Jack Bristow: Whether or not you believe Rambaldi was a prophet, he did anticipate technological advances, many of which seem most applicable to warfare. It's likely Sloane is building a weapon.

"Alias: Reckoning (#1.6)" (2001)
Sydney Bristow: I know about you! That you were hunted by the F.B.I.! And I know that mom died because they went after you.
Jack Bristow: Sydney...
Sydney Bristow: Every time I think I know just how awful you are, I learn something worse.

Jack Bristow: You don't have clearance.
Sydney Bristow: Clearance to know how my mother died?
Jack Bristow: There are rules, Sydney.
Sydney Bristow: Then you break them!

"Alias: Cipher (#2.3)" (2002)
Dr. Judy Barnett: Well, I'm sorry, but I am not in the habit of helping a father manipulate his daughter. No matter how good his intentions may be.
Jack Bristow: I see. And is your opinion here based on what's best for Sydney, or for the agency? Because the fact is if Sydney doesn't talk to Laura, the CIA learns nothing.
Dr. Judy Barnett: So you still think of her as Laura, even though that was her alias.

Sydney Bristow: Seeing her again, I'm realizing there are these gaps in my memory from around the time she left. Dad... do you remember the Thanksgiving play I was in that year in school? Because I sort of do. I mean, I have an impression of it, but I can't remember... was I a pilgrim or an indian...?
[He stares off]
Sydney Bristow: What?
Jack Bristow: You were neither. You were a turkey. You were the only turkey that was spared to celebrate the harvest.

"Alias: Truth Be Told (#1.1)" (2001)
Danny: Sir, I love your daughter and I want to marry her. That's why I'm calling.
Agent Jack Bristow: First of all, Danny, the truth is this is just a courtesy call. Like when you say to your neighbor, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night if that's all right with you," what you really mean is, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night."
Danny: Mr. Bristow.
Agent Jack Bristow: Sydney doesn't give a damn what my opinion is. What interests me is that you do.
Danny: It's just a custom to call the father. That's all this is.
Agent Jack Bristow: Well then, I'll tell you what. I may become your father-in-law, that's just fine. But I will not be used as part of a charming little anecdote you tell your friends at cocktail parties so they can see what a quaint, old-fashioned guy Danny really is. Are we clear?
Danny: Yes, sir.
Agent Jack Bristow: Good. Then welcome to the family.

Sydney: I thought you sold airplane parts!
Agent Jack Bristow: I don't sell airplane parts. I never sold airplane parts.

"Alias: Fait Accompli (#5.7)" (2005)
Sydney Bristow: Have you actually ever built anything before?
Jack Bristow: Yes, in fact, I built your crib.
Sydney Bristow: Really?
Jack Bristow: Well your mother and I did it together.
[Jack grabs the crib mattress and throws it inside the crib]
Jack Bristow: Done.
Sydney Bristow: Done?
Jack Bristow: Uh huh, why did you doubt me?
Sydney Bristow: No, of course not.
[She stands up and they push the crib out of the room, but it won't fit thru the doorway]
Jack Bristow: Get me the screwdriver.

Jack Bristow: [Sydney has just injected Dean with a version of LSD that Marshall modified] How long until we can interrogate Dean?
Marshall Flinkman: Not long. In about an hour, he'll think your God. He'll tell you anything you want to know. Of course, if you'd like, I could facilitate the process.
Jack Bristow: Let's do that.
[Psychedelic music starts playing in the background]
Jack Bristow: I see you've done this before.

"Alias: After Six (#3.13)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: About last week: it was a matter of circumstance, Arvin. Whether I would have gone through with it...
Arvin Sloane: Oh, you would've. I would've.
Jack Bristow: Perhaps.
Arvin Sloane: And now you feel guilty. Well don't bother, Jack. Sydney's life was at stake. How can I blame a man for doing whatever he can to save his daughter's life?

Jack Bristow: You realize it is your prerogative to ask Dixon to send someone else.
Sydney Bristow: If Dixon sends me on an operation, I'm going.
Jack Bristow: What I mean is, someone instead of Vaughn.

"Alias: The Two (#3.1)" (2003)
Sydney: Dad I don't know if I can explain what it's like waking up and having everything be different. My friends are gone. I have no job. I have no home. Vaughn's married.
Agent Jack Bristow: [surprised] Vaughn's what?
Sydney: [hesitating, almost crying] He got married.
Agent Jack Bristow: Michael Vaughn is just a boy who was never good enough for you.

Sydney: They told me you were charged with resisting authority. Dad, I don't understand.
Agent Jack Bristow: I became obsessed with your death; with finding those responsible. And at a certain point in my pursuit, I needed help. So I contacted the one person I believed I could trust, given the circumstances... your mother.
Sydney: You were working with Mom?
Agent Jack Bristow: At the time, she was number 6 on the CIA's most wanted list. The National Security Council, primarily... Robert Lindsey. You met him?
Sydney: Yes.
Agent Jack Bristow: He discovered that I was collaborating with your mother, so he threatened me, questioned my allegiance to this country. He chose to make an example of me - an NSC power play. And here we are.

"Alias: I See Dead People (#5.14)" (2006)
Sydney Bristow: [on the phone] You were right, the missions been compromised. Anna knows about Vaughn.
Jack Bristow: Where are you?
Sydney Bristow: No wait, Dad, listen to me it gets worse; I've been doubled.

Jack Bristow: What I'm about to tell you, is not to leave this room. Agent Vaughn is alive.
[Tom and Dixon share a confused look]
Marshall Flinkman: I knew it! I knew it! I knew he couldn't be dead!
Jack Bristow: For the last several months, Vaughn's been kept in a secure location in Nepal; pending his recovery. I hope you all can understand that secrecy was a necessary measure to ensure his safety. Unfortunately those measures weren't sufficient. Through Sloane's tapping of our network, the Prophet Five network learned of Sydney's trip to Nepal. They sent an agent to intercept her.
Marcus Dixon: Is she okay?
Jack Bristow: She's fine; she made it to Vaughn's location, but Vaughn was no longer there.
Rachel Gibson: He was abducted.
Jack Bristow: In a manner of speaking.
[He turns on the monitor with a picture of Vaughn and Anna -as Sydney- walking together]
Jack Bristow: We managed to pick up the trail. This was taken in Hamburg international airport one hour ago. The woman in the photo is not Sydney...

"Alias: Reunion (#3.3)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: How was the first briefing with Lauren?
Sydney Bristow: [sarcastically] Wonderful.
Jack Bristow: I'm not asking because I'm a fan of inter-office gossip. Tell me how it went.

"Alias: The Orphan (#4.12)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: [Marshall is going into detail about the technology, while Sydney is in the field] Marshall; not the time.
Marshall Flinkman: Vaughn asked me to lunch.

"Alias: Blowback (#3.14)" (2004)
Sydney Bristow: I thought you'd be home by now.
Jack Bristow: I was about to say the same to you. The plasma charge, it's in our hands.
Sydney Bristow: Sark isn't... the Covenant.
Jack Bristow: Have you had dinner? If memory serves, you always liked Mitchellis.
Sydney Bristow: I haven't eaten there since I was eight.
Jack Bristow: I do eat, you know.
Sydney Bristow: I'd like that, actually.

"Alias: Out of the Box (#5.5)" (2005)
Thomas Grace: My mother always said, "If somebody's worth shooting once, their worth shooting twice."
Jack Bristow: I'm sorry I never met her; she sounds like my kind woman.
Thomas Grace: I think the two of you would've gotten along.

"Alias: The Horizon (#5.9)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: [after they learn that someone stole all of Vaughn's files] Sydney; you should know, when it comes to Vaughn, I take it quite personally.
Sydney Bristow: I know dad.
Jack Bristow: We're going to fix this.

"Alias: S.O.S. (#5.10)" (2006)
Jeffrey Davenport: [At CIA headquarters in DC] So Jack, you care to enlighten us as to why you called and operations meeting at 8:00 on a Friday?
Jack Bristow: I didn't call you all here for an operations meeting. Given that all of you have Alpha Black clearance, most of you may already be aware that A.P.O. has been investigating an organization known as Prophet Five. What may however, come to news to you is we have reason to believe that someone within our own agency is in collusion with this organization... Someone with Alpha Black clearance.
Arvin Sloane: [At APO with Marshall and Dixon] What have we got so far?
Marshall Flinkman: Four down, three to go. Still nothing.
Jack Bristow: The reason I've gathered you all here, if it isn't obvious by now, only seven people in the entire agency have this level of clearance, and all of them are sitting in this room.
Jeffrey Davenport: Oh, come on!
Arthur Devlin: Jack, this is absurd. Are you suggesting that one of us is working for a terrorist organization?
Jack Bristow: That's exactly what I'm suggesting.
Marshall Flinkman: I got a match.
Marcus Dixon: Jack, we've got a signal match.
Jack Bristow: One of you is working for Prophet Five and we have your number.
Arthur Devlin: Oh, that's enough, this meetings over.
Arvin Sloane: Go.
[You can hear dialing in the background and then a cell phone rings. The room sees that the ringing phone belongs to Davenport. Jack pulls his gun out and shoots him in the leg]
Jeffrey Davenport: [Screams in pain] Aah...

"Alias: Echoes (#4.8)" (2005)
Michael Vaughn: If Sloane can't touch this case, then why did they assign it to his task-force?
Jack Bristow: Because of Sydney. Our target is someone with whom several of you are quite familiar.
Sydney Bristow: Who is it?
Jack Bristow: Anna Espinosa.
Sydney Bristow: I thou... She's supposed to be dead.
Jack Bristow: So are a lot of people.

"Alias: Passage: Part 2 (#2.9)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: She was putting on a show for Cuvee. Before she left, she put these in my hand. She told me they're using the cores to activate a Rambaldi artifact.
Sydney Bristow: They're not detonating the nukes?
Jack Bristow: Among the things Rambaldi experimented with was self-sustaining cell regeneration. This artifact they're opening today is reported to be Rambaldi's proof of endless life.

"Alias: The Solution (#1.20)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: I work in Intelligence. That is all you need to know.
Will Tippin: So, the bank, Credit Delphine... that was all just a front cover?
Jack Bristow: You and I meet only when and where I decide. Never contact me by any means. Do not call, write, text, email or use any means of communication to contact me. I will contact you.
Will Tippin: When you say "intelligence" that means SD-6? Is that some off-the-books government agency...
Jack Bristow: We go after the source first. Everything else comes later. Are we clear on that?
Will Tippin: Does Sydney know? Jack? Is your daughter a part of this?
Jack Bristow: [after a short pause] No, she is not. Now... are we clear?
Will Tippin: Yes.
Jack Bristow: Do you have a way of contacting your source?
Will Tippin: Yeah, it's a transmitter in a pin. I found it in a box of stuff belonging to Eloise Kurtz.
Jack Bristow: [surprised] I planted that pin on Eloise Kurtz.
Will Tippin: Of course. That's why it's government issued. So, you hired her to play the nonexistent Kate Jones so she could lie to me about being involved with Danny. When she said too much... you had her killed.
Jack Bristow: I did not kill her, but I bear some responsibility for her death as do you for involving her in this.
Will Tippin: I don't understand why...
Jack Bristow: [cutting him off] Focus, Mr. Tippin! Do as I instruct or more people will die!
Will Tippin: All right, I'll contact Deep Throat and I'll insist on a meeting...
Jack Bristow: [cutting him off again] He told you about me! If you insist on a meeting, he will know that it's a set up. You will contact him and tell him you know that I was the one who kidnapped you that night and you are terrified. Then, tell him that you are back on the story. This meeting never took place.

"Alias: The Telling (#2.22)" (2003)
Arvin Sloane: He had so many brilliant creations. Rambaldi. But there was one in particular, a machine. He called it "il dire" - the telling. The construction consists of forty-seven pieces. Classic Rambaldi. As you know, it took me a long time, longer than I thought, but I've acquired them all, including the Di Regno heart with your help. They're in the next room, Jack. I have a team assembling "il dire" right now. They said it shouldn't be more than a day.
Jack Bristow: And then what?
Arvin Sloane: I've seen things recently. I've seen what's possible. There's a change coming, Jack. Something even I couldn't imagine.

"Alias: Pandora (#4.15)" (2005)
Marshall Flinkman: You're probably going to want to kill me once I tell you this, but I ran some tests.
Jack Bristow: What kind of tests?
Marshall Flinkman: You may be very sick Mr Bristow. Now you'll need additional blood work...
Jack Bristow: I thought I made myself clear Marshall; this is not something that I care to discuss.
Marshall Flinkman: I understand... Just hear me out. You have a mutation.
Jack Bristow: Marshall, I've heard enough.
Marshall Flinkman: Damn it, you may not care what happens to you, but what happens to you affects other people, Sydney, for example. Have you thought about that? You need to see a doctor now!

"Alias: Solo (#5.6)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: This is no different than when you were sent back into SD-6.
Sydney Bristow: It's completely different... I had Vaughn.
Jack Bristow: And Rachael will have you.

"Alias: A Man of His Word (#4.9)" (2005)
Michael Vaughn: Look, I don't like it any more than you do, but if Listening to him, helps us get the bomb back, I can live with it.
Sydney Bristow: Even if your right, what if Anna gets away?
Jack Bristow: Sark has agreed to lead us to Ushek San'ko, the leader of CRF. We believe San'ko can provide operational intelligence that will allow us to stop Anna, and recover the weapon.
Sydney Bristow: When do we leave?
Jack Bristow: He has however made a demand which involves you.
[Looks up at Vaughn]
Jack Bristow: He wants to exhume your wife's body.
Michael Vaughn: Fine, let him.
Jack Bristow: That's not all, Sark has demanded that you open her coffin for him.
Sydney Bristow: No!
Jack Bristow: Agent Vaughn?
Sydney Bristow: You can't order him to do this?
Jack Bristow: I'm not ordering, I'm asking. Sark's participation leading us to CRF, stopping Anna is dependent...
Michael Vaughn: I'll do it.

"Alias: Countdown (#2.20)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: I've worked with Agent Dixon for nearly a dozen years. You've worked with him for little over a month. If he feels ready to be in the field, I'm going to accord him that respect.
Michael Vaughn: But given his state of mind, do you really think he's the right person to make that decision?
Jack Bristow: Yes.
Michael Vaughn: Jack, he just lost his wife. I mean, with all due respect, why are you fighting with me on this?
Jack Bristow: I'm not required to justify my decisions to you, Agent Vaughn. However, I recruited Agent Dixon into SD-6. I'm the man who sold him the lie he was working for the CIA. I introduced him to the man who killed his wife. I will not be the one to tell him he can't assist in Sloane's capture.

"Alias: The Road Home (#4.11)" (2005)
Sydney Bristow: Heading home?
Jack Bristow: Yeah, I'm going to grab some dinner first.
Sydney Bristow: Okay, night.
Jack Bristow: Goodnight.
Sydney Bristow: Dad, I'm kinda hungry myself, if you wouldn't mind the company.
Jack Bristow: What about your report?
Sydney Bristow: It'll keep.

"Alias: ... 1... (#5.2)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Sydney...
Sydney Bristow: We lost our only lead on Gordon Dean. I'm not sure if I can do this dad.
Jack Bristow: We'll get another lead.
Sydney Bristow: It's not that... It's everything... It's... It's hard being without him... I saw the baby's heart beat for the first time the other day... I was by myself... It's not fair, he should have been there.
Jack Bristow: I'm here, how can I help?
Sydney Bristow: My next doctor's appointments in a few weeks, would you go with me?
Jack Bristow: Oh sweetheart, of course I will.

"Alias: There's Only One Sydney Bristow (#5.12)" (2006)
Marshall Flinkman: Well, it's a sub-derma device placed just below the skull at the base of the brain stem. I've never seen one this small before. It's like they patched a radio receiver to a powerful micro-charger.
Will: [Sydney, Jack, and Sloan share worried looks] So what-what does that mean?
Marshall Flinkman: It means that they-they put a bomb in your head.
Will: What?
Marshall Flinkman: I know, I know. Um... but there's good news. It looks like the charge is small enough that the blast will be localized.
Will: Waitwaitwait - So it might not kill me?
Marshall Flinkman: No. It will definitely kill you. There just won't be any collateral damage.
Sydney: Marshall. How do we get it out of him?
Marshall Flinkman: Well, um, we could perform a surgical procedure, but I'm worried there's a gyroscopic fail-safe. I mean, there is a very real chance that if we try to remove it, uh... Will's head could explode.
Jack Bristow: Get medical in here. I want a full extraction scenario.
Will: What? No! Didn't you hear what he said about the exploding?
Sydney: Will... Calm down.
Will: Sydney, how am I supposed to calm down when there's a bomb in my head?

"Alias: Reprisal (#5.16)" (2006)
Thomas Grace: Son of a bitch, why do I always get the assignments that involve hypothermia?
Jack Bristow: Because you're always late to briefings.

"Alias: A Clean Conscience (#4.17)" (2005)
Dr. Atticus Liddell: A clean conscious, that's a treatment I can stand behind. We both know how this is going to end. We could filter your blood until the cows come home, but there's no changing the outcome. Clear your conscious Jack.
Jack Bristow: That will take another lifetime, at least...
Dr. Atticus Liddell: I'm not suggesting you write your memoirs... Although, I'm sure they would make a hell of a read.

"Alias: Prophet Five (#5.1)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: Sydney; Vaughn is not the person you think... He's been working with a known criminal...
Sydney Bristow: Renée Rienne, I know.
Jack Bristow: Then what on earth prompted you to risk your own life, not to mention your professional integrity.
Sydney Bristow: Dad; Vaughn and I... were having a baby.

"Alias: The Coup (#1.14)" (2002)
Jack Bristow: When you asked me the other day about school, I couldn't help you. I... I'm out of practice when it comes to, uh... personal matters.
Sydney Bristow: Dad, I'm in no rush.
Jack Bristow: Believing your mother was a professor may have influenced you somewhat but the decision to go back to school was yours. And I'd trust that. I think that, uh, if you stick with it... you could become the kind of teacher your students will always remember.
Sydney Bristow: Thank you.

"Alias: Blood Ties (#3.20)" (2004)
Jack Bristow: Sydney, there's something you should know. When I first learned of Sloane's affair with your mother, I was forced to consider the possibility that I wasn't in fact your biological father.
Sydney Bristow: You don't even...
Jack Bristow: It's not the case. I had our medical files examined. Our relationship is clear. But I wanted you to know, during that brief time before I was reassured my feelings for you never changed.

"Alias: So It Begins (#1.2)" (2001)
Sydney Bristow: Since I've known the truth about you, I've asked myself questions. Thousands of questions. But this one I have to ask you now. When Danny was killed... Dad... did you know? Did you know that's what they were going to do?
Jack Bristow: Yes.
[Sydney slaps him]
Sydney Bristow: Don't you ever speak to me again

"Alias: Bob (#5.8)" (2005)
Jack Bristow: What's a little treason between old friends?