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Dr. Judy Barnett (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Blowback (#3.14)" (2004)
Dr. Judy Barnett: Excuse me?
Arvin Sloane: I'm suggesting that we talk over dinner. You know, in vino veritas?

Dr. Judy Barnett: It's hard to believe that you threw away something that you would normally consider holy.
Arvin Sloane: Are you calling me a liar?

Dr. Judy Barnett: Are you telling me Sydney is your daughter?
Arvin Sloane: I never tried to prove it, one way or the other. But the strength that Sydney finds within, I like to believe that comes from me... How about that: the world didn't come to an end.

"Alias: The Enemy Walks In (#2.1)" (2002)
Dr. Judy Barnett: How did you escape?
Sydney Bristow: I'm sorry, but Agent Vaughn is missing and my sitting here telling Houdini stories to a CIA shrink, no offense, is pointless.

Dr. Judy Barnett: One more thing. You haven't said anything about your mother.
Sydney Bristow: What, am I supposed to say something insightful? The first time I see my mother in twenty years, and she almost kills me. Which would have made me the thirteenth CIA officer she's killed. She's former KGB. She's betrayed my father. She's betrayed me. She's betrayed this country. All anyone needs to know about that woman is that she's a bad guy.
Dr. Judy Barnett: I think this was a good beginning.

Dr. Judy Barnett: So the operation in France must have gone well. Your spirits seem lifted.
Sydney Bristow: The doctor said Vaughn's going to be all right, so...
[long pause]
Sydney Bristow: Okay. I see what you're thinking and the answer is 'no'. There's no line being crossed. He's my handler. Vaughn and I have a professional relationship. That's it.
Dr. Judy Barnett: Well, actually, I was thinking about your reporter friend.

"Alias: After Six (#3.13)" (2004)
Sydney Bristow: Now that I know what happened to me over the last two years, in theory I should finally be able to move on with my life.
Dr. Judy Barnett: "In theory".
Sydney Bristow: The thing is, when I look ahead all I see is Vaughn.

Dr. Judy Barnett: How would you feel if Vaughn left his wife for you?
Sydney Bristow: I don't know. I don't think he would ever leave his wife because of me. I mean, I think it would be because he and Lauren don't belong together.
Dr. Judy Barnett: Does he belong with you?
Sydney Bristow: Have you ever felt that someone's your soul mate?

Arvin Sloane: I presume that you treated Sydney and Jack Bristow before.
Dr. Judy Barnett: I can't discuss other patients with you.
Arvin Sloane: Then they were your patients?

"Alias: Masquerade (#1.18)" (2002)
Dr. Judy Barnett: And how would you define a "normal" family?
Jack Bristow: I suppose it's one in which the family members aren't under orders to lie to each other.

"Alias: Cipher (#2.3)" (2002)
Dr. Judy Barnett: Well, I'm sorry, but I am not in the habit of helping a father manipulate his daughter. No matter how good his intentions may be.
Jack Bristow: I see. And is your opinion here based on what's best for Sydney, or for the agency? Because the fact is if Sydney doesn't talk to Laura, the CIA learns nothing.
Dr. Judy Barnett: So you still think of her as Laura, even though that was her alias.

"Alias: Taken (#3.16)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: Look, Judy, why don't you ask yourself: if I wanted to damage you, if I wanted to damage the CIA, would I be so careless? Would I leave a trail that so obviously leads in my direction?
Dr. Judy Barnett: You used me. I compromised my judgment because I believed that you had changed. You are incapable of it.