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Francie Calfo (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Trust Me (#2.2)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: Mr. Bristow let me ask you a question. Let's say you're hanging out at your favorite restaurant, with your friends... or whatever. You like to go there, you like the food, what color are the walls?
Jack Bristow: I'm... not really into interior decorating.
Jack Bristow: You know, to the Vietnamese and Chinese, the color white means death and bad fortune.
Jack Bristow: Try red.

Francie Calfo: You know what I wanna do to the guy who introduced Will to heroin? I want to kill him. With my hands. I just want to kill him.
Jack Bristow: I can imagine.

Francie Calfo: Will, what happened to your face?
Will Tippin: You know the one thing they don't tell you about doing community service? Sunblock.

Francie Calfo: It's just going to take me six months to get a legitimate liquor license!
Will Tippin: So you're hanging out with the Gambino crime family and you're giving me grief about doing drugs?

Francie Calfo: I just need a liquor license.
Will Tippin: No, no, no, what you need is someone who knows how the system works. Someone who can help you navigate. What you need is me. You know, former drug addict reporter... and sometimes lobster impersonator.

"Alias: The Coup (#1.14)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: What's in the bag and where are you off to this time?
Sydney Bristow: Vegas.
Francie Calfo: Vegas! What was I just saying? Where should we go?
Charlie Bernard: After that brunch, Vegas isn't far enough.
Francie Calfo: I'm serious. Look, that's our cue. We could just go tonight.
Sydney Bristow: W-w-wait. This is not a vacation for me. I mean, there's this public relations conference and...
Francie Calfo: Sydney, we don't need you to babysit.
Sydney Bristow: What I mean is I'd want to hang out with you guys. Just wait a week. We'll all go together.

Francie Calfo: Was coming to Vegas the greatest idea or what? Hey, check it out. There's a wedding chapel.
Charlie Bernard: Aw, come on.
Francie Calfo: Why not? I mean, just think about it. Just us. No parents. No hassle.

Francie Calfo: OK, the next time Charlie and I go to breakfast with our parents remind me that mimosas are rewoven.
Sydney Bristow: Oh, God, today was a big branch.
Will Tippin: They didn't get along?
Francie Calfo: Oh, we wish. They got along so well they are going on a vacation together.
Sydney Bristow: Ew.
Francie Calfo: Yeah.
Will Tippin: What's wrong with that? That's nice.
Francie Calfo: That is a making of a disaster. They are going without us and they are going to plan a whole wedding.

Sydney Bristow: Where have you been?
Francie Calfo: Three movies.

"Alias: A Broken Heart (#1.4)" (2001)
Francie Calfo: He has a law review in an hour.
Sydney Bristow: You want to follow him.
Francie Calfo: So much, I cannot even tell you.

Francie Calfo: There he is. Start the car.
Sydney Bristow: No, you wait till he is a block away.
Francie Calfo: Look at you, getting all into it.
Sydney Bristow: Everyone knows you wait.
Francie Calfo: I don't know you wait.
Sydney Bristow: You wait.

[about relationships]
Francie Calfo: Have you ever spied on anyone?
[Sydney stares surprised]

"Alias: Reckoning (#1.6)" (2001)
Francie Calfo: Hey, how was your trip?
Sydney Bristow: Oh. Not good. I was working with these people who - they were terminated.
Francie Calfo: Oh, man. The economy sucks.

Sydney Bristow: Raid my closet!
Francie Calfo: Thanks, but I got boobs.

Francie Calfo: Bar association dinner. One of the lawyers wanted to sue me because his chicken was undercooked. Can you believe that... an obnoxious lawyer?

"Alias: Mea Culpa (#1.9)" (2001)
Francie Calfo: [as Sydney is packing to go on yet another trip] You should report your boss to the corporate office.
Sydney Bristow: No kidding.

Will Tippin: Okay, okay, whatever, it sucks, all right? But it's why I wanted to become a reporter. I saw this when I was a kid and I loved it. And I was just like, I don't know, all the quick...
Francie Calfo: Repartee.
Will Tippin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it just looked fun. You know, being a reporter looked fun. But it's not. It's not fun. It's a pain in the ass.

Francie Calfo: Can you not be reporter for two minutes?
Will Tippin: I am asking because I care. This thing is weird... something like this happening to you. First it's Danny and now it's...
Francie Calfo: Leave her alone or I'm going to kick your ass, I'm not kidding.

"Alias: Doppelgänger (#1.5)" (2001)
Francie Calfo: Okay, so I'm in my Operations and Technology Management class, and I realize two things. One, I prepared the wrong chapter.
Sydney Bristow: No!
Francie Calfo: I don't want to talk about it. And two, you and I are going to have a Halloween party.

Francie Calfo: So, what's going on with work? You always talk about work and you haven't even mentioned it today.
Will Tippin: I wasn't working on a S.A.T. story. When I bumped into you guys? There is no S.A.T. story. I was trying to track down a woman named Kate Jones. She was supposed to be seated next to Danny on a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong.

Sydney Bristow: Is that Will?
Francie Calfo: Maybe he is here to talk to you about humiliating kiss?
Sydney Bristow: Stop calling it that.
Francie Calfo: That's what it was.

"Alias: Masquerade (#1.18)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: Well, why is there a return ticket from Italy in her pocket?
Will Tippin: Probably from another trip.
Francie Calfo: It's dated for last week.
Will Tippin: Why wouldn't she tell us about a trip to Italy?

Sydney Bristow: Hey guys.
Will Tippin: Hey.
Francie Calfo: Oh, you still live here?

"Alias: The Box: Part 2 (#1.13)" (2002)
Will Tippin: Being reporter sucks, I just established that.
Francie Calfo: Okay.
Will Tippin: Hi.
Francie Calfo: Hey, what have you been drinking?
Will Tippin: Ahh, I don't know. It was something with a little horse on a label. Or a dog, I don't know. Some mythical creature condemned to live in a bottle for the rest of eternity. Doghorse, it's a doghorse. Did I mention that my life sucks? Did I mention that?

Francie Calfo: Well, if I were you and if I thought I may be able to help somebody, I would.

"Alias: The Solution (#1.20)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: See, the thing about rats is they're clever. You have to outthink them. You can't really just leave out cheese. You have to leave the good stuff. The heavy-duty stuff. The stuff that they want. It's the only way they're going to come out. Otherwise, you're just wasting your time.

Francie Calfo: I'm gonna send flowers to Will for thanking for babysitting our rodents. What do you think the card should say?
Sydney Bristow: I had sex with someone.
Francie Calfo: [laughs] Seriously.

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Sydney Bristow: I thought about that, but I've always thought about teaching as my safety net.
Francie Calfo: Teaching's no safety net. You know how dangerous it is to be a teacher? Kids bring knives to school these days.

"Alias: The Getaway (#2.12)" (2003)
Francie Calfo: Any news about that guy Michael from work?
Sydney Bristow: No... And there's not gonna be. I realized it's not worth fantasizing about. Nothings ever gonna come of it.

"Alias: Phase One (#2.13)" (2003)
Will Tippin: Okay, the suspense is killing me. What's the occasion?
Francie Calfo: The restaurant is actually making a profit.
Will Tippin: After only six months? Is that even possible?

"Alias: Page 47 (#1.15)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: Dear Aunt Stephanie. Unfortunately, as my mother has informed you, the wedding is off so I am returning your kind gift of a coffee maker because, as it turns out, the man to whom I was engaged is a deceitful, two-faced, sex-crazed jackass. All my love, Francie.
Sydney Bristow: It's not too harsh.
Francie Calfo: I want to read you one more. This is the restrained one.

"Alias: The Abduction (#2.10)" (2002)
Francie Calfo: Hey.
Will Tippin: What's up?
Sydney Bristow: Where you been?
Francie Calfo: Okay, listen. Every time I walk into the room lately, you guys hush up as if I'm interrupting something. I mean, am I?
Will Tippin: What? No.

"Alias: Parity (#1.3)" (2001)
Sydney Bristow: I don't want it to be like that anymore, I'm just sick of it. I mean, I always had this feeling that maybe someday, I don't know, my dad and I would connect. That things could start to get better.
Francie Calfo: Well, you know my opinion of your dad.
Sydney Bristow: I know.
Francie Calfo: But listen. If you can find it in your heart to forgive him for being the kind of guy he's been all your life, which I would find impossible and could never do, then you should make a real effort.

"Alias: A Higher Echelon (#2.11)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: I have a crush on a guy from work.
Francie Calfo: Really? Who is he?
Sydney Bristow: Someone in my department. We've worked together for about a year now.

"Alias: The Enemy Walks In (#2.1)" (2002)
Sydney Bristow: [on the phone with Francie] Have I heard from Will? No.
Francie Calfo: Well, me neither and there's this story on the news right now. Will wrote a story in today's paper that wasn't supposed to get printed unless he went missing.
Sydney Bristow: What was Will's story about?
Francie Calfo: It's about the murder of your fiance, and some conspiracy, and some group called SD-6.