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Rachel Gibson (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Bob (#5.8)" (2005)
Rachel Gibson: So what happened?
Julian Sark: I over estimated my friendship with Masari. He assumed I was betraying him, he took the money and left.
Rachel Gibson: Oh so then he knows you pretty well.
[Marshall and Sydney talk Rachael thru disarming a bomb that Sark is handcuffed to, she is about to cut a wire]
Julian Sark: Whh... Wait, if that's the wrong wire...
Rachel Gibson: I thought you liked risks...
Julian Sark: I also like my body. And as I recall you do to.

Rachel Gibson: [to Sark as she is about to cut the wire to attempt to disarm a bomb he is handcuffed to] Just so we're clear... You approached me, you were the one who let me into your room, and afterwards you were the one who wanted to cuddle.
[Sark is rendered speechless. Rachael cuts the wire]
Rachel Gibson: It's disarmed.
Sydney Bristow: [Over coms] That was spectacular Rachael.
Rachel Gibson: Thank you.
Sydney Bristow: [Off the coms to Marshall] About what you just heard...
Marshall Flinkman: Don't need to know, don't want to know.

Sydney Bristow: When's the last time you did something just for fun?
Rachel Gibson: Hitting Gordon Dean on the head with a shovel, that was fun.

Julian Sark: [Sark and Rachael are each talking with different hotel staff members] I don't care what sort of Geek convention you have here; I was told an upgrade wouldn't be a problem.
Rachel Gibson: Americans...
[She gets in the elevator, Sark follows her in]
Julian Sark: So, Lydia, here on business?
Rachel Gibson: Yes; the Geek conference.

Sydney Bristow: You're in a good mood, anything you're not telling me?
Rachel Gibson: What... I... Nothing... I just a... The trip was really relaxing.
Sydney Bristow: What did you do? Spit it out.
Rachel Gibson: I met a guy at the hotel. He's a business guy, which is not my at all my type. And we were just talking at the bar, and well one thing...
Sydney Bristow: Led to another, obviously. I mean are you going to see him again?
Rachel Gibson: He thinks I'm Lydia, a British engineer.
Sydney Bristow: Oh rats, yeah.
Rachel Gibson: So no, I guess.
Sydney Bristow: What happens in Brazil stays in Brazil.

Julian Sark: [In an American accent] Lydia...
Rachel Gibson: How nice, you remembered my name.
Sydney Bristow: Do you remember me?
Julian Sark: [Back to his British accent] Sydney; I suppose a congratulations is in order.

"Alias: Solo (#5.6)" (2005)
Thomas Grace: You okay?
Rachel Gibson: If by okay, you mean freaked and embarrassed, I'm great.

Sydney Bristow: Who was the sluttiest girl in your high school?
Rachel Gibson: Mandy Camarino.
Sydney Bristow: You didn't have to think very hard on that one.
Rachel Gibson: Tramp; stole my date at junior prom. She had red hair and a pierced tongue.
Sydney Bristow: Okay, now you're Mandy Camarino.

Rachel Gibson: Your father's kinda scary.
Sydney Bristow: Tell me about it.

Rachel Gibson: Thanks... For being in my head.
Sydney Bristow: You're welcome... I know how important that voice can be. Vaughn talked me through all my early missions with the CIA.
Sydney Bristow: Sometimes his voice was the only thing that kept me going.
Rachel Gibson: I wish I could have met him.

"Alias: Mockingbird (#5.4)" (2005)
Rachel Gibson: Uhh... how high up are we?
Sydney Bristow: Well just... a couple hundred feet. But don't worry... I've been in much worse situations than this.
Rachel Gibson: You have...

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Sydney Bristow: [to Peyton] Now, I'm well aware that you're tough, that you've been conditioned to withstand torture. But I have something you don't have.
Sydney Bristow: I have your former best friend.
Rachel Gibson: And I know what you're afraid of.

"Alias: There's Only One Sydney Bristow (#5.12)" (2006)
Rachel Gibson: Uhh, guys, who's Rambaldi?

"Alias: Reprisal (#5.16)" (2006)
Thomas Grace: [the countdown on the bomb is at 13 seconds and Tom is sitting next to it, talking over coms] Hey Rachael, I wish there was more time; I would've asked you out.
Rachel Gibson: I would've said yes.

"Alias: The Shed (#5.3)" (2005)
Sydney Bristow: [Showing a picture of Vaughn to Rachael] Have you ever seen this man?
Rachel Gibson: Yeah... Dean said he was a CIA agent that turned. He's in custody outside Los Alamos. That was a lie too...
Sydney Bristow: His name is Michael Vaughn... He was a US agent, he was a good man.

"Alias: Fait Accompli (#5.7)" (2005)
Gordon Dean: Well isn't this a surprise... What are you doing here Rachael? You're gonna to fight me? You do you think we never put you in the field? Because we knew you weren't equipped.
Rachel Gibson: Well then... that was you're lose.
[Rachael and Dean fight; Rachael ends the fight by hitting Dean over the head with a shovel]
Sydney Bristow: [over coms] Oracle; do you have a visual?
Rachel Gibson: Yeah... Actually... On Dean.
Sydney Bristow: What's he doing?
Rachel Gibson: Eating dirt... I just hit him with a shovel.
Sydney Bristow: A shovel? Is he conscious?
Rachel Gibson: Yeah, I think so.
Sydney Bristow: Then hit him again.

"Alias: I See Dead People (#5.14)" (2006)
Jack Bristow: What I'm about to tell you, is not to leave this room. Agent Vaughn is alive.
[Tom and Dixon share a confused look]
Marshall Flinkman: I knew it! I knew it! I knew he couldn't be dead!
Jack Bristow: For the last several months, Vaughn's been kept in a secure location in Nepal; pending his recovery. I hope you all can understand that secrecy was a necessary measure to ensure his safety. Unfortunately those measures weren't sufficient. Through Sloane's tapping of our network, the Prophet Five network learned of Sydney's trip to Nepal. They sent an agent to intercept her.
Marcus Dixon: Is she okay?
Jack Bristow: She's fine; she made it to Vaughn's location, but Vaughn was no longer there.
Rachel Gibson: He was abducted.
Jack Bristow: In a manner of speaking.
[He turns on the monitor with a picture of Vaughn and Anna -as Sydney- walking together]
Jack Bristow: We managed to pick up the trail. This was taken in Hamburg international airport one hour ago. The woman in the photo is not Sydney...