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Irina Derevko (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Before the Flood (#4.22)" (2005)
Irina Derevko: Look
[Jack and Irina turn around to see a red horse]
Irina Derevko: Rambaldi wrote, when blood red horses roam the streets and angels fall from the sky, the chosen one and the passenger will clash and only one of them will survive.
Jack Bristow: You really are through the looking glass aren't you? When I see angels fall from the sky, I'll start to worry.
Irina Derevko: I just can't shake the feeling that tonight, one of my daughters will parish.

Irina Derevko: You shouldn't wait.
Michael Vaughn: For what?
Irina Derevko: I saw the ring.
Michael Vaughn: You know what, you killed my father, the way I see it, I don't need to ask for your blessings.
Irina Derevko: Despite that, you may have them; along with some advice.
Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn laughs a little] Marital advice from you, wonderful, like what, don't betray your spouse.
Irina Derevko: Yeah, that would be one of them. But even between a husband and a wife, some secrets are acceptable. However your activities are not.
Michael Vaughn: What are you talking about?
Irina Derevko: You're not as covert as you'd like to think. Consider my life an object lesson. You don't want to end up like Jack and me, tell Sydney the truth.

Irina Derevko: [to Elena] Hello sis.
[Walks closer to her]
Irina Derevko: Ever since you were eleven, there's something I wanted to do.
[Irina knocks Elena over with her gun]
Irina Derevko: Now!
[Sloane picks up Elena and ties her to a chair]

Michael Vaughn: [Vaughn shoots out a control panel] The relay's blown, check the signal strength.
Irina Derevko: No good Vaughn, the signal's still broadcasting.
Elena Derevko: I've planned this for five years. Don't you think I've accounted for every possibility?
Irina Derevko: Vaughn; Is Sloane with you?
Michael Vaughn: No; he's not with you?
Irina Derevko: Get to the roof right now.
Michael Vaughn: On my way.

Irina Derevko: I'll give you one chance to do the right thing. Not that you were ever any good at that. Which wire?
Elena Derevko: It's useless... In a few minutes when this signal broadcasts, the whole world will be different. However you plan on torturing me I'll hold out, at least for that long.
Irina Derevko: I'm not going to torture you; I'm going to let him do it.
[She nods towards Jack]
Irina Derevko: And he really doesn't care for you. Especially after you tricked him into killing me, one thing you should know about Jack, he hates being anybody's puppet.
Jack Bristow: I'm actually hoping you don't tell us what we need to know.
[He is filling up syringes at a workstation]
Jack Bristow: There's a 50/50 chance Sydney cuts the right wire. I'm willing to take those odds if it means I get to stand here and watch you turn into an animal.

Jack Bristow: It's been a rather interesting year for me. It's made me reevaluate certain parts of my life. I'm trying to have more fun these days.
Elena Derevko: [Jack pushes needle into Elena's neck] Waaiiit... How do I know you won't inject me anyway?
Jack Bristow: You don't...
Elena Derevko: White, tell her to cut the white wire.
[Irina shots Elena in the head]
Irina Derevko: Sydney; cut the blue wire, and then run like hell, you have 15 seconds before the ball bursts.

Irina: Sydney, you may not see me at your wedding. But I will see you.

Sydney Bristow: [She is on the roof and Nadia approaches her] Nadia!
[Sydney realizes that Nadia has been infected]
Sydney Bristow: Nadia, it's me. It's Sydney. I don't want to hurt you.
Jack Bristow: [Over the coms] Sydney, what's happening?
Sydney Bristow: It's Nadia, she's guarding the device. She's infected.
Arvin Sloane: [to Elena] This is all you're doing.
Jack Bristow: You have to take her out.
Sydney Bristow: No dad... She's my sister.
Irina Derevko: Listen to me; she's not your sister anymore.

Jack Bristow: The chopper should be here any minute.
Irina Derevko: We both know how this is supposed to play out. You bring me back to the states; turn me over to your superiors.
Jack Bristow: On foot, you could reach the border by daybreak.
Irina Derevko: What about the agency? What would you tell them?
Jack Bristow: Oh I think they know, no one can hold on to Irina Derevko for too long.
[Irina smiles at Jack then kisses him. She walks over to Sydney]
Irina Derevko: Take care of your sister.
Sydney Bristow: I will.
Irina Derevko: Three years ago, when I told you were the chosen one, that only you could take down the greatest evil, I knew your mind must have been overwhelmed with confusion. But tonight you should recognize that you've done just that. Ohhh; I'm so proud of you.
Sydney Bristow: Thank you.
Irina Derevko: Sydney, you may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you.
[Irina runs off]

"Alias: A Dark Turn (#2.17)" (2003)
Jack Bristow: Sloane doesn't know that you're in CIA custody.
Irina Derevko: He thinks I'm in hiding, as he is.
Jack Bristow: If Sloane believes you've surfaced, obtained the manuscript he's after, he'll want to meet with you. Negotiate a purchase.

Irina Derevko: I remember the first time you introduced me to Sloane. You were both working at the CIA, he came to the house for dinner. You were true friends.
Jack Bristow: Yes. We shared a similar unsentimental patriotism... and a devotion to our wives. But Sloane changed and... it was Rambaldi that did it. I'm not sure what it is... he never told me... but Sloane has a personal connection to Rambaldi.
Irina Derevko: I lived for years with the same obsession, to find a higher meaning in Rambaldi's work. I never understood how you managed to avoid getting caught up in it.
Jack Bristow: I had something neither of you did.
Irina Derevko: Sydney.

Sydney Bristow: Do you think there's a chance you'll get Sloane?
Irina Derevko: I wanted to see you because... it's going to be dangerous, setting this trap. I hope it goes well but there's no guarantee. So whatever happens, there's something I need you to know. Sydney, I love you.

Irina Derevko: There's one thing. The tracker you put in my shoulder.
Jack Bristow: You want it removed.
Irina Derevko: If they discover I've been tagged, it's over. We both know that.

Arvin Sloane: It's good to see you again, Irina.
Irina Derevko: Thank you for extracting me.

Irina Derevko: We need to be up early.
Irina Derevko: We should get to bed.
Jack Bristow: Yeah we should.
[they kiss]

"Alias: Maternal Instinct (#5.11)" (2006)
Irina Derevko: [about being an agent and a mother] In time you'll learn... you can't do both.
Sydney Bristow: Watch me.

Irina: The only reason I saved the baby was because you're my daughter.

Irina: You should know something Sydney. I never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would ensure allegiance to me. You were simply a means to an end. And then when the doctor put you in my arms and I looked at you, so fragile, all I could think was, how could I have made such a terrible mistake. And at that moment I was sure of one thing. I couldn't be an agent and a mother. I'd either fail at one or both. And I chose to fail at being a mother.

Sydney Bristow: It was you, on the ship, wasn't it; behind the glass? You orchestrated the whole thing, because you wanted this. And when... When you couldn't torture it out of me, you came to me as my mother.
Irina Derevko: I am your mother.

Sydney Bristow: Did you put out the order to kill Vaughn?
[Sydney has a contraction]
Irina: [Irina eyes Sydney up and down] I'd known about his investigation for a long time. In Sovogda I tried to warn him. He didn't take my advice.
Sydney Bristow: I fell for you. Even *Dad* fell for you.
Sydney Bristow: But Vaughn never trusted you.

Irina Derevko: [Over the phone] Listen to me very carefully, Marshall. Jack and Sydney are in Vancouver, Queen's Bank. They need extraction.
Marshall Flinkman: Okay, uh, is this who I think it is?
Irina Derevko: Tell the team they'll need diapers.

"Alias: Passage: Part 1 (#2.8)" (2002)
Irina: Agnet Vaughn has trouble sleeping. When you're in the field.
Sydney: I doubt he told you that.
Irina: No he didn't have to tell me I could see it in his eyes. You're so willing to take risks for your country, why aren't you willing to do the same for you're own happiness?
Jack: I hardly think you've earned he right to give anyone relationship advice.

Sydney: You saved Vaughn's life. I'm grateful to you for that but I haven't made up my mind yet if I should trust you.
Irina: And yet here you are. I never told Sark about your status as a double agent, Sydney. That doesn't mean you're safe. Tell me, what intelligence has he provided Sloane?

Irina: I cannot give you details because I don't trust the CIA. They almost had me executed two weeks ago. The only way for me to maintain my value is to tell you only what you need to know in order to stay ahead of Sloane. And all you need to know now is that if I'm not allowed to leave, everything you've worked to accomplish will be lost.

F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: Well, if she was so concerned about helping us stay ahead of SD-6, she could have told us what was at stake.
Irina: And what would you have done? Given Sydney false control codes to hand over to SD-6? Sark may have known the difference and she would have been exposed as a double agent. I wasn't willing to risk her life that way.

Irina: Jack, we're in enemy territory and the PRF knows we're here. We need to start trusting each other right now.

"Alias: The Telling (#2.22)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: You received my intel. Your friend was cleared. I told you I'd want a favor. This is it. 266 Kroner Strasse in Zurich. I've just given you the address of Sloane's warehouse where he's hiding the Rambaldi artifacts.
Sydney Bristow: That's not why you're here.
Irina Derevko: Yes. It's the only reason.

Irina Derevko: [to Sydney] Stop being as stubborn as I am!

Sydney Bristow: Suddenly you want us to have Sloane's artifacts?
Irina Derevko: Sydney, I know our relationship is complicated but I'm your mother. I have to believe that would be the case under any circumstance. Go to Zurich.

Sydney Bristow: Get off the ledge now!
Irina Derevko: Sloane believes he's been chosen to realize the word of Rambaldi. But you, too, have been chosen.
Sydney Bristow: If you think I'm bluffing...
Irina Derevko: It's you in the prophecy, Sydney, not me. Only you can stop him. Good luck, sweetheart. I love you.

"Alias: Search and Rescue (#4.21)" (2005)
Irina: I've seen you all my life. In my mind.

Irina: And about my indiscretion with Sloane, I can only hope you accept my apology.
Jack Bristow: Of all the things you've done, that's what you're going to apologize for?
[Jack smirks]
Jack Bristow: You're going to enjoy getting to know Nadia. She's exceptional.
Irina: I wonder where she got that from?

Jack Bristow: You broke my heart Irina.
Irina: That was another lifetime. I won't do it again
Jack Bristow: Good to know
[They kiss]
Irina: This has been lovely, but I should go back.
Jack Bristow: Tell me Irina... How did it feel giving the order? Was it difficult or were you able to remain cold, indifferent, were you amused?
Irina: Jack, this is cryptic, even for you.
Jack Bristow: Then let me be clear. How did it feel to pay a man, to kill your own daughter?
Irina: You weren't supposed to find out.
Jack Bristow: You didn't feel a thing did you? How's that possible? Were Sydney and I nothing to you, merely strategic alliances to be disposed of once we outlived our usefulness? After what we've been through Irina, I deserve and explanation. Why? I need a reason.
Irina: Because, it had to be done.
[Jack pulls out a gun and places it to Irina's head]
Irina: Jack...
Jack Bristow: To end you...
[Jack shoots Irina]

"Alias: The Counteragent (#2.7)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: [Vaughn has come to ask a favor of Irina] Tell me how you feel about my daughter?
Michael Vaughn: That's none of your business.
Irina Derevko: Are you in love with her?
Michael Vaughn: I don't know why that matters.
Irina Derevko: [cutting him off] I don't have the advantage of observing casual behavior... I'm curious.
Michael Vaughn: Help me... and I'll tell you what you want to know.

Michael Vaughn: You asked me some questions. I told you I'd answer them if you helped me. You did help me. And I thank you for that.
Irina Derevko: I didn't do it for you.
Michael Vaughn: I'm trying to live a normal life... which was always hard, given what I do. But it's gotten harder since I met your daughter. It's not that knowing her hasn't made my life better. It has. But it's also made it that much worse... I think I've said enough.
Irina Derevko: The problem, Mr. Vaughn... Is that to the one person who matters... You haven't said anything at all.
Michael Vaughn: Listen, this may not mean anything to you, this may not be something you understand, or appreciate, but we have rules. Very clear, important rules that govern the relationship between a handler and his asset.
Irina Derevko: And between a man and a woman?

Irina: How do you say thank you to the woman who killed your father?
Vaughn: You don't.

"Alias: Trust Me (#2.2)" (2002)
Michael Vaughn: I know you want to see your daughter. I can guarantee you that is never going to happen unless she knows you're cooperating. Prove yourself. Give Sydney a reason to see you.
Irina Derevko: Sydney? Interesting

Irina Derevko: I've given you a gift and all you get from me is one.
[Vaughn starts to walk away]
Irina Derevko: . You look just like him.

Irina Derevko: You didn't pull the alarm. I wouldn't have pulled it either.

"Alias: Cipher (#2.3)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: Speaking of Ms. Adams... just before I left I remember her encouraging you to try out for your school's Thanksgiving play. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but in the twenty years since I last saw you I often wondered... what part did you play?
Sydney Bristow: I don't remember. It was around the time I was told my mother had died. Everything else is a blur.

Irina Derevko: You know, you haven't asked me how I could shoot my own daughter.
Sydney Bristow: No, I haven't.
Irina Derevko: I assume you wouldn't need this combination so urgently if you didn't know where the music box was. Sark won't hesitate to kill you. I don't want to lose the chance to explain myself someday.

Irina Derevko: [to Jack] There were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful for me as it was for you.

"Alias: The Enemy Walks In (#2.1)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: You must have known this day would come. I could have prevented all this, of course. You were so small when you were born. It would have been so easy

Irina Derevko: Tell me... Sydney... who sent you here? You must tell me.
Sydney Bristow: Or what? I'm grounded?

Irina Derevko: Truth takes time.

"Alias: All the Time in the World (#5.17)" (2006)
Sydney Bristow: So that's it. It's the Horizon, isn't it? You shot the man I loved. You betrayed my trust. You risked my daughter's life, all for that.
Irina Derevko: I don't expect you to understand. We're very different, Sydney. You still cling to naive ideals. I learned, at a very young age, the only currency worth anything in this world is power.
Sydney Bristow: And the Horizon gives you that?
Irina Derevko: You've never seen Rambaldi for what he is. You dismissed his work as the labor of a madman. You blind yourself to his true potential. I've spent a lifetime acquiring power. With this... And I'll never have to give it up. Rambaldi is life, Sydney. Through him, we can live forever. I offered you an out. I gave you your daughter. I was hoping you'd settle down, leave me to my affairs.
Sydney Bristow: You don't know me very well, do you?
Irina Derevko: Sadly, I think I do. After all, I'm still your mother.
Sydney Bristow: That doesn't mean anything. Not anymore. I am through being disappointed by you.
Irina Derevko: I hate that it's come to this.
Sydney Bristow: I suppose it had to.
Irina Derevko: I've come too far to let anything get in my way.
Sydney Bristow: Then you'll have to go through me first.

Irina Derevko: I'm afraid I can't allow you to be such a complication in my life any longer. For whatever it's worth, I truly do love you.

"Alias: Passage: Part 2 (#2.9)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: [In India] So, Sydney, how's school?
Sydney Bristow: I'm writing my dissertation... supposedly.

Irina Derevko: [Irina's back in her cell] You must have a lot of questions.
Sydney Bristow: Yeah.
Irina Derevko: One thing that should not wait any longer is why I shot you in Taipei. The rebel leader, Gerard Cuvee... When you were in Taipei, he was in the next room watching to see if I would betray him or you. Shooting you in the shoulder, giving you time to escape, it was the only way I could think to maintain his trust and keep him from killing both of us.

"Alias: Snowman (#1.19)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: [Sydney is watching the video footage of her mother] My Russian or American name?
Alexander Khasinau: Why not both?
Irina Derevko: Irina Derevko and Laura Bristow.

Alexander Khasinau: [Jack is watching the video footage of Laura] How did you acquire your intel?
Irina Derevko: Every night for ten years I went through his briefcase. I eavesdropped on all of his private conversations. I planted listening devices on his clothing. He was blinded by his emotions. He knew nothing. I can tell you one thing: Jack Bristow was a fool.

"Alias: The Getaway (#2.12)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: There must be a dozen ways to blackmail the Alliance, all of them far less elaborate than this one.
Jack Bristow: So we can assume a secondary objective to make Arvin suffer. Someone harboring an acute hatred... meaning it could be anyone.

Irina Derevko: You said Sloane requested Kane to investigate.
Jack Bristow: The one person who had an apparent motive for blackmail.
Irina Derevko: Someone easy to frame.

"Alias: Endgame (#2.19)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: This plan might not hold up. The CIA knows too much: they could guess why we were after the genetic database.
Arvin Sloane: I'm not interested in the database. I want satellite footage of Tuscany. I want to know who murdered my wife.
Irina Derevko: We both had to make sacrifices, Arvin. You won't forgive yourself if you stop now. We're so close to knowing what Rambaldi knew.
Arvin Sloane: I wish I never heard that man's name.

Irina Derevko: We still need your help. I just downloaded this. That's a catalog of over ten million people's DNA. We're looking for someone specific, a man. But it's encrypted. We need you to break it.
Neil Caplan: For the past two months I haven't heard a word about my family or been given any indication whether they're dead or alive. So you can just kill me. Just kill me because there's no way in hell I'm going to help you people anymore.

"Alias: The Abduction (#2.10)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: I don't imagine that means you've decided to trust me?
Jack Bristow: Our previous... dealings would indicate that your strategy here may be long-term. So for now, I trust that your behavior is predictable.
Irina Derevko: By "previous dealings" you mean our marriage? You know, technically, we may still be husband and wife.

Jack Bristow: You were right. Although our marital contract was founded on fraudulent pretenses, it's still valid until it's annulled. Which means, technically, we are still married.
Irina Derevko: Jack. Thus far, I've agreed to be debriefed only by Sydney. From now on, I'm willing to talk to you, too.

"Alias: Dead Drop (#2.4)" (2002)
Irina Derevko: How do you say "thank you" to the woman who killed your father?
Michael Vaughn: [pause] You don't.

Sydney Bristow: [returning her mother's earrings] They've been checked for hidden compartments, transmitters, passive sensors. Every sharp edge has been dulled.
Irina Derevko: I was twenty-one years old when I was given these at the graduation from the academy. My mother,your grandmother, put these in my hands. I cried. She said: "Sweetheart, wear them well". You would have liked her. Had things... been different.

"Alias: Almost Thirty Years (#1.22)" (2002)
Sydney: Wait. I have questions for you.
Alexander Khasinau: You can ask my boss.
Sydney: Your boss? I thought The Man was the boss.
Alexander Khasinau: Yes. Yes, but I am not The Man.
Irina 'The Man' Derevko: [a woman enters and stands in front of Sydney] I have waited almost thirty years for this.
Sydney: Mom?

"Alias: A Free Agent (#2.15)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: I'm thinking about leaving the CIA. Which would mean giving up my clearance to see you.
Irina Derevko: You're too forgiving, Sydney. Don't pretend I'm something I'm not. I've never been a real mother to you and... you don't owe me a second chance. If you make this decision about me, you're a fool. In fact, if you decide to stay I won't agree to see you anymore. Take care of yourself.

"Alias: Second Double (#2.21)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: You erased it...
Irina Derevko: I transferred a copy to a secure location. I'll give it to you. In exchange, I want you to do something.
Sydney Bristow: Go to hell!
Irina Derevko: If you don't, you'll never clear Will's name. He'll be tried as a traitor and executed. I'll be calling on you soon, Sydney.

"Alias: Truth Takes Time (#2.18)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: I see through you. You must know that.
Arvin Sloane: This is who I am.
Irina Derevko: You may need to think of yourself as an honorable husband, a father figure. But I don't. I will never see that man in you, which frankly is why we have this agreement.
Arvin Sloane: You need to get some rest.
Irina Derevko: Never talk to me about your love for Sydney again.

"Alias: A Higher Echelon (#2.11)" (2003)
Irina Derevko: I'll need to send an access code.
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: How will we know you're not signaling your operation?
Irina Derevko: You won't.
[Kendall looks at Jack]
F.B.I. Asst. Director Kendall: Do it.