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Ariana Kane (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: The Abduction (#2.10)" (2002)
Ariana Kane: I'm aware of your reputation as a first-class strategist, Agent Bristow. Tell me, where would you begin this investigation?
Jack Bristow: With me. Over the years Arvin's trusted me with everything I'd need to know to be the perpetrator. And if his standing within the Alliance were undermined, I'd be a candidate to inherit his seat. Motive.

Arvin Sloane: Jack Bristow is not the man responsible for blackmailing me.
Ariana Kane: His answers are too perfect. I mean, he even gets angry when it makes strategic sense.
Arvin Sloane: If he had nothing to do with it, I would expect his answers to be perfect. Now, Ariana, unless you have evidence...
Ariana Kane: Contrary to what you tell your subordinates, we are not the US government. I don't need probable cause to go after Bristow. All I need is a hunch.

Ariana Kane: I don't trust anyone who doesn't have the sense to know when he's being insulted.

Ariana Kane: Men always call women crazy when they're caught with their pants down.

"Alias: The Getaway (#2.12)" (2003)
Ariana Kane: Well, three months ago Agent Dixon reported evidence suggesting she's a double agent.
Arvin Sloane: That was a misunderstanding. Dixon came upon Sydney as she was executing an operation that Jack had authorized.
Ariana Kane: Yes, I read your report. I think either she was an accomplice to his blackmail or else the two of them have been up to something more... long-term. You must have noticed that Bristow frequently assigns his daughter to operations of his own design.
Arvin Sloane: Sydney Bristow is an excellent agent.
Ariana Kane: All the more reason he would enlist her help.

"Alias: A Higher Echelon (#2.11)" (2003)
Ariana Kane: Who is Steven Haladki?
Jack Bristow: He was a CIA agent loyal to Irina Derevko.
Ariana Kane: Whom you murdered. We found brain matter in the gun you fired on the day Emily was murdered. I admit, I thought DNA tests would prove that you killed her but instead they proved you killed Haladki.
Jack Bristow: We had reliable intel that Derevko was accessing information through the CIA. Her source turned out to be Haladki. He was crucial to her operation and had to be removed.