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Lauren Reed (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Blowback (#3.14)" (2004)
Lauren Reed: Michael, what are you doing?
[Vaughn looks at her phone]
Lauren Reed: Sometimes I hate my job. Baby, what's going on?
Michael Vaughn: You know how doctors always make you wait?
Lauren Reed: What?
Michael Vaughn: When you go in for an appointment. My dad hated that. He used to say he'd always kept his appointments, and everyone else should do the same.
Lauren Reed: You okay?
Michael Vaughn: Yeah. I just... I was looking for my house keys and I found this.
[shows her the watch]
Lauren Reed: Why? Were you looking for your house keys?
Michael Vaughn: I couldn't sleep. I thought I'd go for a jog.
Lauren Reed: What time is it?
Michael Vaughn: I dunno. It's broken.
Lauren Reed: Are you sure you're all right?
Michael Vaughn: Yeah, I'm fine.
[they kiss]
Michael Vaughn: I'll see you later.

Lauren Reed: This better be good.
Julian Sark: And a good morning to you, too.
Lauren Reed: You paged me on my NSC cell phone. You know that they track all incoming numbers.
Julian Sark: This cell phone's been cloned, so you have nothing to worry about. We've just learned that a freelance munitions expert has created a cutting edge technology, one that he's since sold to one of our rivals. We need you to filter back any CIA intel that might help us get a lock on it.
Lauren Reed: You called me to remind me to do my job?
Julian Sark: Darling, it's not like that.
Lauren Reed: [sarcastically] Yeah.

Lauren Reed: Are you ready for our first job as senior management?
Julian Sark: You're so ambitious, I love it.
Lauren Reed: The job's in Vancouver. Requires a breach of a data storage facility.
Julian Sark: Really? What's the prize?
Lauren Reed: A plasma charge. Next generation destructive power.
Julian Sark: I thought those were just theoretical.
Lauren Reed: Apparently not in Vancouver.
Julian Sark: All right. I'll meet you there in four hours.
Lauren Reed: Three. We have to be first in line. The CIA's sending agents.
Julian Sark: Who?
Lauren Reed: One guess.
Julian Sark: Sweetheart, this should be fun.
Lauren Reed: I'll see you in Vancouver. Don't be late or call me sweetheart.
Julian Sark: Ambitious and domineering. Fantastic.

Julian Sark: It looks like another black mark on your husband's record. How's it feel to systematically ruin a man from the inside out?
Lauren Reed: It wouldn't be the first time.

Lauren Reed: [Sydney and Vaughn are following to Lauren and Sark] They're right behind us.
Julian Sark: Yes, thank you. I can see that.

Lauren Reed: Stop the car!
Julian Sark: What are you talking about?
Lauren Reed: Stop the car, now. Pull in here.
[they begin to make out]

Julian Sark: Sark: Tell me, did they spot us?
Lauren Reed: No, I don't think so. According to the transport order, the ship docks in 16 hours. We should get going.
Julian Sark: You should know that you are amazing. Before, I mean. Typically, this is where you return the compliment.
[Lauren ignores him and gets out of bed]

Lauren Reed: [Lauren and Vaughn are sitting at a bar. Lauren's phone rings] Sorry.
Michael Vaughn: It's okay.
Lauren Reed: Hello?
Julian Sark: It killed you, didn't it? Seeing him drop the gun for Sydney?
Lauren Reed: No it isn't a good time. Can I call you in the morning?
Julian Sark: He's there with you, is that it? Though he'd rather be with her. You know, it's quite a charade you two are engaged in.
Lauren Reed: I think we both know how dedicated I am to this assignment. If you have any issues, take it up through the proper channels.
Julian Sark: Don't mistake me. It's not your dedication that I question.
Lauren Reed: We'll talk about this later.
[she hangs up]

"Alias: Repercussions (#3.5)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: A member of Walker's team caught Michael; I still don't know how. Walker ID'd him as CIA...
Lauren Reed: ...and stabbed him and left him for dead. I already know all this. It's in the briefing. Thank you.
Sydney Bristow: Lauren, that's not... Walker had a gun to Michael's head. He was about to pull the trigger. I took his knife... I stabbed him myself.

Lauren Reed: Sloane is attending an NPO conference in Mexico City. I have a briefing scheduled with him the day after tomorrow.
Sydney Bristow: I'm still catching up; What did Sloane have to do with this?
Lauren Reed: Sloane gave us the intel that led to Bomani's arrest. The subsequent dismantling of his terror network wasn't simply one of the reasons we agreed to pardon Sloane: it was the predominant reason. He might have a lead.

Lauren Reed: I don't know about you, but I can't work to the best of my abilities while wondering whether or not I'm being polite enough to my husband's ex-girlfriend.
Sydney Bristow: You don't need to be polite with me. We're both past formalities.
Lauren Reed: Then I'll be blunt. I want you to request a transfer to another field office.

Sydney Bristow: I know we're being blunt, but was that a threat? You don't have the authority to have me transferred.
Lauren Reed: The NSC will support me, when they learn that our working together is compromising their fight against the Covenant.

Lauren Reed: What I said about requesting you transferred to another field office... it wasn't my place. And it's... it's hard; but I'd really like this to work.
Sydney Bristow: I appreciate you saying that.

Lauren Reed: You've told Bomani you'd work for the Covenant?
Arvin Sloane: Yes. And now I'm telling you that I'm in the position to be a double agent. Working for the Covenant but loyal to the CIA... What is it, Sydney?
Sydney Bristow: [in disbelief] This is classic...

Sydney Bristow: Okay. Just so someone has said it: in the past two years, Sloane has obtained a pardon based mainly on the capture of a criminal who is now free. In addition, Sloane will be allowed to openly participate in Covenant activities, based on the promise that he will inform us of those activities. One could argue that he's just pulled off the con job of the century.
Lauren Reed: It also appears that Bomani will kill Sloane if we interfere with his plans.
Sydney Bristow: And who here would lose sleep over that?

Eric Weiss: Vaughn will back me up. This is a true story, I swear. Sophmore year, college. Her name was April First.
Michael Vaughn: Birth name, by the way.
Eric Weiss: Right. And for a month I was obsessed. I though this women had to have my children, okay? The problem was that she only dated guitar players. Literally.
Lauren Reed: A girl should have her standards.
Michael Vaughn: Since she worked at a coffeehouse, Eric decided to impress her on open-mike night.
Sydney Bristow: You play the guitar?
Eric Weiss: No, no not even a little. But I thought that, you know, if I got up on that stage and the spotlight was in my face, that maybe God would imbue my hands with the power of Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Lauren Reed: So what happened?
Eric Weiss: Oh, disaster. Just embarrassment. I didn't play two notes that went together.
Lauren Reed: And what about April First?
Eric Weiss: Oh, we made out in my Gremlin.

"Alias: Resurrection (#3.22)" (2004)
Lauren: Michael. Please, I need you to understand. When the Covenant asked me to marry you, I knew eventually they wanted me to coax you back into the CIA. But two years went by and I hadn't heard from them. And by then I'd convinced myself I never would. I prayed I wouldn't because I'd fallen in love with you.
Michael Vaughn: Shut up! I am gonna erase you! I'm gonna remove any evidence you ever existed! You used me. You used my grief, my work, who I am. You took that from me... I'm taking it back. This is hydrochloric acid. You'll be unrecognizable.
Lauren: Michael, I swear I was gonna tell you everything. You remember that night we went downtown and had dinner? Instead you told me Sydney was back.
Michael Vaughn: Don't say her name.
Lauren: She came back and you didn't need me anymore. I could see it in your eyes. Sydney came back and...
Michael Vaughn: I said don't say her name!
Lauren: Sydney came back and I lost you.
[Vaughn shoots gun above his head]
Michael Vaughn: I hate you. But I love Sydney more. That's the only reason you're not dying tonight.
[Vaughn gets stabbed in the back]
Lauren: Thank god.

Julian Sark: [Lauren is disguised as Sydney] I must say, your disguise, it addresses a certain proclivity of mine.
Lauren: If this works, I'll happily make your sick little fantasy come true.

Lauren: [to Sydney] You think the CIA couldn't find you when you went missing? Or that you learned what happened to you by chance?

Lauren: [to Sydney] But if your mother has really been helping you since she left, why haven't you spoken to her?

Lauren: We're both pawns in the same game. The difference between us is: I know who controls me.
Sydney: Who controls me?
Lauren: I guess you'll never know.

Lauren: [to Vaughn] If you love her, you'll put the gun down!
[Vaughn puts it down]
Lauren: You really are a Boy Scout.
[Vaughn shoots her]

Lauren: [being strangled by Sydney] If you kill me, you'll never know the truth!
Sydney: This is the truth. Sucks, doesn't it?

"Alias: The Frame (#3.17)" (2004)
Julian Sark: Have you been made?
Lauren Reed: Of course not. If he knew I was Covenant he would arrest me, not break up with me.

Lauren Reed: My access extends beyond my husband.
Julian Sark: Perhaps, but Vaughn is central to the CIA's efforts regarding The Passenger, so you must do everything possible to keep him close.

Senator Reed: t'd break your mother's heart if she ever found out about this.
[He shows her the file Jack gave him]
Senator Reed: . I know because it broke mine.
Lauren Reed: If it's any consolation, I feel the cause I'm working for is just.

Senator Reed: I could tell the Agency I learned there was a mole in the Rotunda six months ago, and that I've been conducting my own investigation. I'm a Senator on the Intelligence Committee. No one would say a word.
Lauren Reed: You would do that for me?
Senator Reed: Of course I would... I love you.

Lauren Reed: Michael, I got you something while you were gone, open it.
[He opens up a box to find his father's watch inside]
Lauren Reed: I realized I forgot the anniversary of your father's death and I felt terribly, and I wanted to do something special to make up for it. It's the watch he gave you, I had it fixed.
Vaughn: This isn't working.
Lauren Reed: It's not...
Vaughn: Not the watch, us... This isn't working for me. I'm not happy.
Lauren Reed: I see...
Vaughn: I don't know, I guess for a while I thought I could be... again.
Vaughn: But I don't think that's going to happen. I think we should separate.
Lauren Reed: This is about Sydney, isn't it?
Vaughn: No it isn't.
Lauren Reed: Did she give you an ultimatum?
Vaughn: This is about us, our problems.
Lauren Reed: She is our problem! Michael, if you're going to destroy my life, the least you can do is be honest about why you're doing it!

"Alias: Unveiled (#3.18)" (2004)
Michael Vaughn: Lauren, no one's judging you.
Lauren Reed: I've seen the way they look at me... like I'm a traitor too. To tell you the truth, I don't blame them.
Michael Vaughn: People are just angry.
Lauren Reed: And I'm not? He was my father! You have no idea what it's like to think you know someone, to love them, and then figure out it was nothing but lies.

Lauren Reed: [on the phone] What else did Bomani tell you? Did he instruct you in the quietest way to murder me?
Julian Sark: Absolutely not.
Lauren Reed: You pathetic little errand boy. Tell Bomani he'll get proof of my worth the next time he sees me, when I deliver the Passenger.

Lauren Reed: [to Vaughn] You have no idea what it's like to think you know someone, to love them and then figure out it was nothing but lies.

Lauren Reed: I'm looking forward to a nice weekend alone.
Michael Vaughn: Me too
Michael Vaughn: So what did you do while I was gone?
[Lauren stops what she was doing and saunters over to Vaughn and kisses him]
Lauren Reed: I missed you. I'm going to run a bath.
[Vaughn has a pained look on his face, and then begins to search thru Laurens things. He finds a secret compartment in her suitcase with a red and black wig, guns and a passport]

"Alias: Prelude (#3.7)" (2003)
Julian Sark: I understand your investigation into the Lazarey murder has hit a dead end. What a pity.
Lauren Reed: How do you know about that?
Julian Sark: I know because I framed Javier Perez, assuming he'd be extradited to the United States, and that once he was in custody, he'd be forced to confess what he knows... namely, the identity of Andrian Lazarey's murderer.

Michael Vaughn: ...You already reported her.
Lauren Reed: You followed your orders. I followed mine.

Lauren Reed: Under authority of the National Security Council, Robert Lindsay has instructed me to relieve you of duty as director of this task force until he arrives to assume control.
Marcus Dixon: On what grounds?
Lauren Reed: Obstruction of justice. Willingly conspiring to impede an international investigation into the murder of Andrian Lazarey.

Lauren Reed: These premises are to be locked down until Lindsay arrives with Federal Agents. That means, until such time, nobody leaves.
Marcus Dixon: I take it you have Sydney in custody.
Lauren Reed: Not yet. But we know where she is.

"Alias: Breaking Point (#3.8)" (2003)
Lauren Reed: [to Vaughn] He's asked me to go with him: as an observer of Sydney's interrogation. Clearly, he's got nothing to hide.

Lauren Reed: But Sydney's made it very clear she doesn't remember anything.
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: But when we searched her flat in Rome, we found a coded message taped to the underside of her desk. Now, if she can decode that message, it may help us infiltrate or even take down the Covenant.
Lauren Reed: What if she doesn't recognize the code?
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: As long as she demonstrates a willingness to cooperate, that surgery will be nothing more than a threat.

Lauren Reed: No, I'm sorry, but if I'm going to chronicle our treatment of Sydney Bristow, I need to see how she's being treated.
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: How do you suppose it was that Sydney Bristow knew to flee the country before she was even aware the NSC wanted to take her into custody?

"Alias: Conscious (#3.9)" (2003)
Lauren Reed: [to Sydney] So, I was an idiot. Michael tried to tell me about Lindsey, but I couldn't believe what he was saying. So... so, I did what I always do. I followed the rules.

Lauren Reed: I know how hard this might be for you...
[Sydney punches her]
Lauren Reed: .
Sydney Bristow: That was for turning me in to Lindsey.

Jack Bristow: You're sure the DNA matched Lazarey's?
Lauren Reed: Yes. Which means that Sydney did not kill him... Lindsey has nothing on her. She can come home.

"Alias: Reunion (#3.3)" (2003)
Lauren Reed: The risks you are describing have already been factored into our analysis. And as for SD-6, the Alliance doesn't exist anymore...
Sydney Bristow: Well, the only reason that SD-6 and the Alliance broke down is because Arvin Sloane, a man the White House pardoned by the way, wanted them to! So do me a favor and don't revise history that I lived through!
Michael Vaughn: All right, enough! Sark was an inch away from initiating a nuclear exchange, and that was only Phase One. Capturing Sark, while it might put a smile on my face, will do nothing to shut down the Covenant.

Lauren Reed: We need access to the bunker; Sloane can get it for us. If we can use him, I don't see why we...
Sydney Bristow: Maybe you haven't been lucky enough to have firsthand experience with that psychopath...
Michael Vaughn: She brokered his deal.
Sydney Bristow: What?
Lauren Reed: I was part of the team that arranged for Sloane's pardon.
Michael Vaughn: Look, none of us have any illusions about Sloane. The only reason he was given a pardon is because he provided us with intel that led to the destruction of terrorist cells...

"Alias: Legacy (#3.21)" (2004)
Arvin Sloane: If we overload the cerebrum, her brain won't be able to function properly. She could die.
Julian Sark: But we would have the equation, wouldn't we?
Arvin Sloane: Don't. Don't push me, Julian.
Lauren Reed: You are wasting time we do not have. We have all chosen this path, Arvin. We have all made sacrifices. I trust you are willing to do the same.

Arvin Sloane: The deal's off. If you go quietly, you leave unharmed.
Lauren Reed: You remind me of my father. When he learned the CIA was close to identifying me as Covenant, he was willing to do anything to protect me, even take the fall. He loved me that much. He's dead now, because reaching this goal is far more important.

"Alias: A Missing Link (#3.4)" (2003)
Sydney Bristow: Why did the NSC want me in on this?
Lauren Reed: I wanted you... Michael said you were the best.

Lauren Reed: What about my father?
Arvin Sloane: Well, he knew how badly you wanted to become field rated, and he thought it was too dangerous, so he made sure it didn't happen. But you knew that... didn't you?

"Alias: The Nemesis (#3.6)" (2003)
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: The Covenant doesn't want anyone to know they're behind the assassination.
Lauren Reed: And your source believes their reach extends so far within the Russian government that they can make that happen.
NSC Director Robert Lindsey: You leave tonight. Any leak, and our source could be compromised and killed. That means no one at the CIA can know about this, including your husband.

Tupikov: How does a British woman become an American spy?
Lauren Reed: I'm not a spy. And though I grew up in London, I was born in the United States. Now that you know my life story, I have some questions myself. Your government's running a probe into this. I would think you'd want to bring closure to your own investigation. Why come to us?

"Alias: After Six (#3.13)" (2004)
Julian Sark: Once we eliminate all six cell leaders, we'll travel to St. Petersburg to meet with the head of Covenant Operations.
Lauren Reed: Why? To make it easier for him to kill us?

Lauren Reed: [to Sydney] I see what's going on between you and Michael, so let me be clear. Stay the hell away from my husband.

"Alias: Succession (#3.2)" (2003)
Lauren: You should know, in addition to being the new NSC liaison, I'm also Michael Vaughn's wife...
Sydney: Hi...

"Alias: Taken (#3.16)" (2004)
Michael Vaughn: See you later.
Lauren Reed: Not if I see you first, love.

"Alias: Hourglass (#3.19)" (2004)
Lauren Reed: Sloane is dead. We can now locate the Passenger without his interference.
Olivia Reed: Not quite. The code key you retrieved from the CIA is unusable; I can only assume that was deliberate on their part. Vaughn played you. He's likely to try again, but that will be his last mistake.