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Dr. Brezzel (Character)
from "Alias" (2001)

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"Alias: Conscious (#3.9)" (2003)
Dr. Brezzel: [about drugs that will hypnotize Sydney] They won't kill you. But depending on what they are, your dreams just might.

Dr. Brezzel: I wasn't expecting you until Tuesday, and, um, uh... then I realized that it is, it's Tuesday. You've come to me at a really awkward time...

Dr. Brezzel: I don't know anything about you, except that I'm not supposed to know anything about you.
Jack Bristow: Suffice to say there are people who are under the impression that my daughter has committed a crime. Her memories are the only things that can exonerate her.

Dr. Brezzel: Be aware that if you encounter a new memory, it might be traumatic.
Sydney Bristow: But it won't necessarily be real.
Dr. Brezzel: Oh, it will be to you.

Michael Vaughn: She was knocked unconscious after the fight. How can she remember anything that happened after that?
Dr. Brezzel: Because unconsciously the mind can still establish transhistorical accounts of the real world.
Jack Bristow: Meaning even with her eyes closed, her other senses were alert?
Dr. Brezzel: Yes, thank you. And based upon those senses, her brain will construct an accurate but incomplete memory of the events that followed.

Dr. Brezzel: [about Sydney] She's in a tangent.
Kaya: I was in a tangent once.
Jack Bristow: How nice for you.

Dr. Brezzel: She's still in beta, but she's dreaming... that just doesn't happen.