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Prof. Jerry Hathaway (Character)
from Real Genius (1985)

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Real Genius (1985)
Professor Hathaway: When you first started at Pacific Tech you were well on your way to becoming another Einstein and then you know what happened?
Chris Knight: I got a haircut?

Professor Hathaway: Mitch, there's something you need to know. Compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot.

[Discussing how Knight didn't come in to the lab]
Bodie: He said he didn't feel like it. And I said, "You'd better!" And he said, "Or what?" And I said, "Or you're gonna be in trouble." And he said, "Jam it."
Professor Hathaway: That's a wonderful story, Bodie. I noticed you've stopped stuttering.
Bodie: I've been giving myself shock treatments.
Professor Hathaway: Up the voltage.

Professor Hathaway: What's that smell?
Chris Knight: [sniffs under armpit] Must be the dog, sir.
Professor Hathaway: That's popcorn.
Chris Knight: Yes sir, I know...
Professor Hathaway: Well, get it away from me! I hate popcorn! I can't stand popcorn!
Chris Knight: [Chris drops the bag of popcorn on the steps] Good. Now I know what to get you for your birthday.

Professor Hathaway: I want to see more of you around the lab.
Chris Knight: Fine. I'll gain weight.

Old Lady: Tell me, what's Einstein really like?
Professor Hathaway: Dead.

Professor Hathaway: You still run?
Chris Knight: Only when chased.

Chris Knight: Jerry, if you think that by threatening me you can get me to be your slave... Well, that's where you're right. But - and I am only saying this because I care - there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing.
Professor Hathaway: I'm not kidding, Chris.
Chris Knight: Neither am I, Jerry.

Professor Hathaway: What are you looking at? You're laborers; you should be laboring. That's what you get for not having an education.

Professor Hathaway: Mitch, will you miss your friends?
Mitch: Well, no. I think I intimidate other kids.
Professor Hathaway: Good boy.

Chris Knight: You unbelievable bastard.
Professor Hathaway: Count on it.

Professor Hathaway: [reading his TV script] Your colon: what does it look like?

Major Carnagle: Where's the laser?
Professor Hathaway: It's coming.
Major Carnagle: It's coming? Ha! It's not even breathing hard.

Professor Hathaway: You are of no further use to me!
Chris Knight: [pause] Interesting way to begin a conversation...

Chris Knight: Hey how's it going, Jerry?
Professor Hathaway: What do you want, Knight?
Chris Knight: World peace, but I don't think this is the time to discuss it.
Professor Hathaway: Get out!
Chris Knight: There's something that might interest you, Jerry.
Professor Hathaway: I'm not interested in anything you have to say.
Susan: [Coming downstairs in just a rumpled man's shirt] Dr. Hathaway...
Chris Knight: [Surprised to see her] Susan!
Chris Knight: [Turns back toward Dr. Hathaway who looks guilty] I solved the power problem, Jerry.
Susan: Jerry?
Professor Hathaway: [Turns to Susan] Take a cab.
Chris Knight: So you'll hammer later!