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Quotes for
Jim Burns (Character)
from Pieces of April (2003)

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Pieces of April (2003)
Jim Burns: I can think of one memory. She was wearing a pink nightgown...
Timmy Burns: That was ME!

[Beth has just finished singing]
Jim Burns: Bravo! Encore, encore!
Beth Burns: Any requests?
Joy Burns: That you stop.

Jim Burns: Just remember everybody. April is cooking.
Joy Burns: We'll need an extra dozen glazed.

Joy Burns: I keep waiting for a good time to tell you, but there's really no good time. I need everyone to listen.
Joy Burns: I don't know how to say this.
Joy Burns: We need to discuss how each of you, Oh God...
Jim Burns: It's OK, sweetie.
[everyone assumes that Joy is trying to discuss her imminent death from cancer]
Joy Burns: How each of you is going to handle
Joy Burns: discarding food without letting our hostess know.
[starts laughing]

Joy Burns: The thing about Smack Daddy is...
Grandma Dottie: Who?
Joy Burns: Smack Daddy.
Jim Burns: Have I ever heard of Smack Daddy?
Timmy Burns: He's a black singer, dad, you wouldn't know him.
Jim Burns: Oh, no! I never head of, uh, James Brown, or Barry White, or Puffy the Dog...