Jane Martin
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Jane Martin (Character)
from The Blob (1958)

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The Blob (1958)
[hears dog barking]
Jane Martin: I bet there is a house somewhere.
'Mooch' Miller: [laughs] It doesn't sound like a house. It sounds like a dog.

Steve Andrews: Dave! Doc Hallen's been killed!
Lieutenant Dave: Doc Hallen? What happened?
Steve Andrews: It's over at his place! You've gotta come now!
Lieutenant Dave: Now wait a minute, Steve. Tell us what happened.
Steve Andrews: I'm trying to tell you - now this thing has killed the Doc.
Sgt. Jim Bert: Well what was it? Out with it, kid!
Steve Andrews: Well it's kind of a - kind of a mass. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Lieutenant Dave: Come on, Steve, make sense.
Steve Andrews: I know, I know! Look, Dave, you gotta see this thing to believe what I'm telling you.
Sgt. Jim Bert: Maybe this thing you saw was a - monster?
Steve Andrews: Yeah, maybe it was. I don't know.
Lieutenant Dave: Hold on, Jim. Now what is this, Steve? A little while ago it was driving backwards, now it's monsters.
Jane Martin: He's not making it up, Dave, honest!
Steve Andrews: Dave, I'm not kidding you. I swear, come out to the Doc's. You can see it for yourself.
Sgt. Jim Bert: You're crazy if you go. Can't you see it's a gag?
Lieutenant Dave: He says Doc Hallen's dead, Jim. We've got to check it out.

Henry Martin: Well then, young lady, do you mind telling me where you've been spending the evening?
Jane Martin: Daddy, it's all right.
Henry Martin: [sarcastically] Oh, yes, everything's fine, I always stop by the police station in the middle of the night to pick up my daughter. Don't you realize that by morning this will be all over town?
Jane Martin: Well we were just trying to warn people.
Henry Martin: After all, I am the principal at the high school.
[to Steve]
Henry Martin: Young man, this is the last time you're going to take my daughter out!
Jane Martin: Steve didn't do anything wrong!

Jane Martin: [hysterical after they just escaped the Blob] Steve... our parents think we're in bed, at home, safe, asleep, sound.

Steve Andrews: You sure you want to go with me?
Jane Martin: Yes.
Steve Andrews: I wouldn't give much for our chances, us running around in the middle of the night, looking for something that if we found it, it might kill us.

Danny Martin: [catches Jane sneaking down the stairs] Hey! Where're you going?
Jane Martin: Shhh, come here, Danny, shhhhhh.
Danny Martin: Where are you going?
Jane Martin: I've got something very important to do, Danny, but it's got to be a secret.
Danny Martin: Will you be back pretty soon?
Jane Martin: Well I don't know.
Danny Martin: Aren't you afraid to go out by yourself?
Jane Martin: You're right, I guess I am, Danny.
Danny Martin: I'm not afraid, I'll guard you.
Jane Martin: Oh no, Danny, you've got a bigger job to do, I need you to guard Mommy and Daddy for me.
Danny Martin: Oh they don't need guarding.