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Quotes for
Brian Flagg (Character)
from The Blob (1988)

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The Blob (1988)
Dr. Meddows: Let Me tell you a story. Dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions of years and yet they died out almost over night. Why? The evidence suggests that a meteor fell to Earth carrying an alien bacteria.
Meg Penny: Plague? Is that what this whole thing is about?
Dr. Meddows: Prevention!
Brian Flagg: And you think that this meteor brought some kind of killer germ?
Dr. Meddows: It's something I've expected and prepared for all my life!
Brian Flagg: Your meteor brought something all right but if it's a germ, it's the biggest son of a bitch you've ever seen!

Col. Hargis: Let's scrag that son-of-a-bitch!
[the soldiers fire their weapons into the manhole]
[Drops the explosive into the manhole and it detonates]
Col. Hargis: Chew on that, slimeball!
[after a pause, the ground all around them begins to tremor violently]
Col. Hargis: What's happening?
Brian Flagg: I think... you pissed it off!

Brian Flagg: [to Meg] I never thought I'd go out of my way to find a cop.

Meg Penny: The front door is locked.
Brian Flagg: [picks up a brick] That's okay, I got a key.

Brian Flagg: Listen to me, Briggs, think for a minute, do you suppose an army of guys in plastic suits show up every time a meteor falls?
Dr. Meddows: [about Brian] Shoot him, that's a direct order!
Brian Flagg: How do you think they got here so fast? How did they even know when to come?
Dr. Meddows: Shoot dammit shoot!
Brian Flagg: I'll tell ya how! That meteor is man-made! It's some kind of a germ warfare test they fucked up!

Meg Penny: Brian! I need to talk to you. Brian?
Brian Flagg: What the hell are you doing here?
Meg Penny: Look, I came down to bail you out.
[holds out credit card]
Brian Flagg: Who do you think they are, Neiman Marcus? They don't take plastic.

Meg Penny: Nobody believes me about what happened tonight.
Brian Flagg: What did happen?
Meg Penny: You were there, you saw!
Brian Flagg: All I saw was an old man with a funky hand, that's all I saw.
Meg Penny: The thing on that man's hand killed him and then it killed Paul, and whatever it is, it's getting bigger!
Brian Flagg: So you told the cops? Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? I know you're the homecoming queen type and all but are you strung out on something or what?
Meg Penny: [laughs] You're just the same.
Brian Flagg: What are you talking about?
Meg Penny: You act like you're different, you put on this big show, but you're just like everybody else in this town, you're full of SHIT, Flagg!

Brian Flagg: It's locked.
Meg Penny: So what? Brian, what is with you? You're acting like a complete jerk.
Brian Flagg: I have a problem with authority figures.
Meg Penny: What are you doing?
Brian Flagg: I think we ought to get out of here. We ought to take my bike and blow this town. It's getting a little thick around here. Don't you think?
Meg Penny: That's crazy. These people are here to help us.
Brian Flagg: Come on Meg, we don't even know who they are. NASA, CIA, Royal Canadian Mounties, all I know is I saw a bunch of unmarked trucks back there, I think the whole thing stinks.

Brian Flagg: Are you coming?
Meg Penny: Brian, I have to go back, my family's there, people that I care about.
Brian Flagg: Well I'm going, and if you're smart you'll come with me.
Meg Penny: Then go. Take care of yourself. That's the only thing you're really good at, isn't it?

Brian Flagg: You don't give up, do you?
Meg Penny: I need your help.

Brian Flagg: In the meantime, we're your prisoners?
Dr. Meddows: Not at all, you're my patients.

Brian Flagg: [to the people of Aborville] It's a lie. All of it.

Paul Taylor: Flagg! What'd you do to him?
Brian Flagg: Hey I'm not the one who bounced him off my car!
Paul Taylor: YEAH RIGHT! You ran him into the middle of the road!
Meg Penny: Stop it! Let's get him to a doctor!

Paul Taylor: Hey, get in the car.
Brian Flagg: What for?
Paul Taylor: There's going to be a lot of explaining to do and you're part of it, now are you gonna get in the car, or am I going to make you get in?
Brian Flagg: What's the matter, Taylor? You worried about a little insurance claim on daddy's car, huh? Maybe I will come along, just to make sure you don't try pinning this whole thing on me.

Deputy Bill Briggs: Flagg! What are you doin' here boy?
Brian Flagg: The men from Glad here are showin' us how to keep our leftovers fresh.

Sheriff Herb Geller: Flagg, congratulations.
Brian Flagg: For what?
Sheriff Herb Geller: Well, I hear you have a birthday comin' up. No more juvie hall, right?
Brian Flagg: Yeah, right.
Sheriff Herb Geller: Now, you mess up now, and you're in the majors. I'll see you around, Flagg.

Brian Flagg: Moss, what's happenin'?
Moss Woodley: You look like hell.
Brian Flagg: Hey, it's a fashion statement, man.
Moss Woodley: Well, the only statement them clothes got to make is, "I look like hell".

Brian Flagg: So, uh, Moss, how about the ratchet?
[Moss throws a skeptical look at him]
Brian Flagg: All right, maybe I'll put in a couple of hours over the weekend. Maybe that'll lighten things up a bit.
Moss Woodley: There's twelve sockets in that set. Twelve. And they better all be there when I get it back, too.
Brian Flagg: You got it, buddy. You got it. Thanks a lot, Moss. Hey, I owe you one.
Moss Woodley: You owe me too damn many.

Brian Flagg: [escaping the van being driven by government agents taking them back to town] You coming?
Meg Penny: Brian, I have to go back. My family's there, people that I care about.
Brian Flagg: I'm going. If you're smart, you'll come with me.
Meg Penny: Then go. Take care of yourself. It's the only thing you're really good at, isn't it?
Brian Flagg: No one else ever volunteered for the job.

Brian Flagg: All right, Meddows. If you won't listen to me, listen to this.