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Prince Jai (Character)
from Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)

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Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)
Prince Jai: [upon discovering the Black Fungus] Mother was taken ill yesterday. Was it because of this?
Empress Phoenix: [nods head]
Prince Jai: Why is Father doing this to you?
Empress Phoenix: Jai, after the Chrysanthemum Festival, I shall tell you the whole truth.
[turns away]
Empress Phoenix: Each day, in front of your father, I have to feign ignorance. Every two hours, I swallow this poison without protest. Nobody knows what is happening. I shall die exactly as your father intends. A half-wit. But I refuse to submit without a fight. On the night of the Festival, I shall put an end to all this.
Prince Jai: Do my brothers know?
Empress Phoenix: No.
Prince Jai: If I had not returned, would Mother have gone ahead?
Empress Phoenix: Yes.
Prince Jai: Then why did you tell me?
Empress Phoenix: Because I want you to be Emperor.
Prince Jai: Are you going to kill Father?
Empress Phoenix: I shall force him to abdicate, but it is not my intention to kill him.
Prince Jai: Mother, a son cannot stand in rebellion against his father! Whatever the circumstances, he is still my father and my Emperor.