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Quotes for
Faarooq (Character)
from "WWE Raw" (1993)

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WWF War Zone (1998) (VG)
Faarooq: Don't make me plant my foot up your ass.

WWF Attitude (1999) (VG)
Faarooq: The Lord of Darkness will be pleased.

WWE Vengeance (2003) (TV)
John Hennigan: [gives Matt Cappotelli the props for his effort backstage before the APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl]
John Hennigan: Each day is a lesson learned.
Bradshaw: [the APAs appeared]
Bradshaw: Man, you guys are doing great!
Faarooq: Nothing but future for both of you.
Bradshaw: I see both of you going thru the roof!
Faarooq: Big time!
Bradshaw: Ha ha ha, huge! Hey guys, I'll tell you what, since y'all are doing so well, we got this extra invitation for that miss - who was that - who was that masked guy we had here?
Faarooq: Ah... uh...
Bradshaw: Uh, was the masked - Spiderman? Uh, something...
Faarooq: Something like that...
Bradshaw: The Incredible?... uh, anyway, we got an invitation. You guys both take this, it's for Vengeance. It's the bar room brawl, it's the first annual APA Invitational!
Faarooq: Two for one!
Bradshaw: Two for one!
John Hennigan: So, are we fighting in this?
Faarooq: Drinking and fighting!
Bradshaw: And then drinking some more!
Faarooq: And then drinking a whole lot more!
Bradshaw: We're gonna drink and then we fight and then we're gonna keep drinking.
Bradshaw: [slaps Matt's chest catching him totally by surprise]
Bradshaw: Good luck boys!
Bradshaw: [slaps John]
Bradshaw: You too!
[the APAs walk off]