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Quotes for
Kile (Character)
from Mean Creek (2004)

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Mean Creek (2004)
Jasper: What are the paddles for?
Marty: We're going cow-spanking.
Kile: What the fuck is cow-spanking?
Marty: Well, it's like cow-tipping, except we spank.

Jasper: What are the paddles for?
Marty: We're going cow spanking.
Jasper: Cow spanking? What's that?
Marty: It's like cow tipping, only we spank.
Jasper: Really.
Rocky: Come on let's get this stuff and get out of here.
Jasper: While you boys are out cow spanking, Kile and I are gonna go pussy huntin'.
Marty: Good for you, Jasper.
Kile: [smacks Marty in the head] Hey, don't get sassy with my boy.
Jasper: You ever been pussy hunting?
[Kile holds a balloon up to Marty's face and squeezes it, so it looks like two pulsating balls]
Jasper: I didn't think so. You know how I knew? You got to have bait to catch one.

Marty: [pointing a gun at a bottle] Kiss my ass, Mr.Shaham, kiss my ass, Mr. Estes, kiss my ass, Miss Johnson, kiss my ass, Mr. Rosenthal
[fires and misses]
Marty: Shit.
Kile: What are you doing with my shooter, twerp-face?
Marty: Target practice
Kile: It's 11 a.m. in the morning, for Christ's sake.
Marty: Most people are doing cartwheels by 11, Kile.
Kile: Aren't you supposed to be in school?
Marty: Fuck school, I don't see you in school, and besides... you're not Dad.
Kile: Come here...
Kile: Come here!
Kile: [pushes Marty's face to the ground] You're right, I'm not Dad, Dad didn't hit as hard as me, I don't really wanna hear about Dad, understand? You understand?
Marty: Yes.
Kile: Now hand me my gun you little stupid, if you ever take this without my permission again you'll be sorry, you understand?
Marty: Yes.
Kile: Get it?
Marty: Yes.
Marty: [grabs bat and smashes the glass bottle] Kiss my ass, Kile!