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Quotes for
Billy Pratt (Character)
from Overboard (1987)

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Overboard (1987)
[Dean & Billy see Joanna's mugshot on TV]
Dean Proffitt: That's her
Billy Pratt: Who?
Dean Proffitt: THE BITCH!
Billy Pratt: [Seeing Grant leaving the hospital on TV] I can't believe he's skipping out on her
Dean Proffitt: Of course he's skipping out on her, it's his shot at freedom.
Billy Pratt: Maybe you should go down to the hospital and see if you can get some of your money back?
Dean Proffitt: Look, he's gone.
Billy Pratt: Not him, her.
Dean Proffitt: She doesn't even know who she is, you think she's gonna know who I am?
Dean Proffitt: [Dean turns around to walk away only to turn right back when he thinks of an idea]
Dean Proffitt: Billy, there is a God and he loves me!
Billy Pratt: You're not gonna shave your head, are you?
Dean Proffitt: No, i gotta go home and talk to my kids...
Billy Pratt: [interrupts] Dean, don't do this
Dean Proffitt: ...and I want you to take them shopping at the Salvation Army!
Billy Pratt: Dean, it's illegal... Dean you're crazy, you know that!

Billy Pratt: Annie, those are my underwear.
Annie: Yours?
Billy Pratt: I don't mean I wear 'em or anything. They belong to a girlfriend of mine.
Annie: But what about Gertie?
Billy Pratt: I strayed. See, I got lucky with this phone sex girl and I found one that takes personal checks; my truck doesn't have a backseat so I borrowed yours. Dean doesn't want you to tell Gertie so he's covering for me.
Dean Proffitt: [comes up to them] What's going on?
Billy Pratt: I confess. The jig is up!
Dean Proffitt: The jig IS up, Billy, I'm finally trying to tell her the truth.
Billy Pratt: I just did. See, I didn't get the name Bad Billy Pratt for nothing. I'm sorry, Annie, I got horny, do you hate me?
Annie: [smiles] No, no
[hugs him]
Annie: I'm glad you're Bad Billy Pratt!

Billy Pratt: Back in the day he was known as Mean Dean Proffitt and me I was Bad Billy Pratt

Gertie: Hey Billy, who are you talking to?
Billy Pratt: Nobody!
Gertie: Hey is that Dean? Hey Dean! Whats going on? Why dont you come in?
Billy Pratt: Honey, go back to bed.

Dean Proffitt: This one's flat, give me another one Billy!
Billy Pratt: I only got six.
Dean Proffitt: Well, I guess we better send the ol' ball and chain out to buy us more.