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Tat Lawson (Character)
from Menace II Society (1993)

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Menace II Society (1993)
[Playing cards at a table]
Tat Lawson: Look here, man. Now that you been out the joint two weeks don't you think it's about time you gave me my money?
Man: Told you I ain't got your money yet, man.
Tat Lawson: 'da fuck you mean you ain't got my money yet? motherfuckin' everybody know about that money you hid from that robbery!
Man: mu'phucka I told you I ain't got your money yet, man!
Tat Lawson: [tilts head to the left]
Tat Lawson: 'Da fuck you mean you ain't got my money yet? muthafucka you best be comin' up wit' my cash or else you know what I'm sayin?
Man: Fuck you, Tat! fuck you think you is muthafuckin Ron O'Neill or som'm? talkin' about I better pay or else, I ain't your bitch nigga!
Man: [shrugs] Well... whatcha gon' do?
Tat Lawson: Oh... what I'm gon' do?
[pulls out revolver and points it at the man]
Man: What? I'm supposed to be scared now that you pull out a pistol muthafucka? I just spent five muthafuckin' years in the joint... I told ya I pay yo monkey-ass when I feel like it! better suck my dick!
Tat Lawson: [while he shoots the man 8 times] suck on this muthafucka!

Tony: [after Tat Lawson shoots Man #2] The fuck you trippin' off of?
Tat Lawson: Do you owe me some money, motherfucker?
Tony: [Tosses Tat Lawson some cash] Hell no! But here you go!