Pogue Parry
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Pogue Parry (Character)
from The Covenant (2006)

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The Covenant (2006)
Caleb Danvers: [Tyler jumps off cliff, and Caleb yells] TYLER!
Pogue Parry: Come on Caleb. It's not like it's going to kill us. Yet.

Reid Garwin: [seeing a girl in a short skirt, slapping a twenty on the table] Blue. Cotton.
Tyler Sims: [slapping down a twenty] Pink lace.
Pogue Parry: [slapping down a twenty] Boys, that girl hasn't worn panties since she was twelve.
Pogue Parry: [a gust of wind blows the girl's skirt up, revealing no panties. Pogue walks off with the money, smirking, and hands it to the bartender] Keep the change, man.

Caleb Danvers: [Caleb gets a phone call from Sarah about Kate being in the hospital, Caleb looks at Pogue]
Pogue Parry: What is it?
Caleb Danvers: It's Kate, Chase put a spell on her... creation... spiders.
Pogue Parry: [Stands up] What!
Caleb Danvers: [Stands up] Relax don't do anything stupid.
Pogue Parry: [Runs upstairs] Were talking about Kate!

[first lines]
Reid Garwin: What's up fellas?
Tyler Sims: Where were you? I stopped by to give you a lift.
Reid Garwin: Had things to do. How's the party?
Pogue Parry: Don't know. Just got here.
Reid Garwin: Well hell boys,
[eyes go black]
Reid Garwin: let's drop in.
[jumps off cliff]
Tyler Sims: Shit, yeah!
[jumps off cliff as well]

Pogue Parry: [talking about Chase Collins] Look, I don't even like the guy... are you sure you're not imagining this?
Caleb Danvers: I'm telling you; his eyes were as black as the night in the pool today.

Tyler Sims: So, what did the Provost want?
Caleb Danvers: Someone told him about the fight a Nikki's.
Reid Garwin: Feel like elaborating on that?
Pogue Parry: Oh, you got a piece of glass on your face.