Emily Friehl
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Emily Friehl (Character)
from A Lot Like Love (2005)

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A Lot Like Love (2005)
Emily Friehl: Honestly, if you're not willing to sound stupid you don't deserve to be in love.

Emily Friehl: Don't... you'll ruin it.

Emily Friehl: This is your trip, it's happening right now
[Takes Oliver's camera and takes a picture of her crotch]
Oliver Martin: [sarcastically] Oh Great! All the places I have traveled!

Oliver Martin: What's your stance on pancakes?
Emily Friehl: I am pro-pancakes.

Oliver Martin: Bon Jovi get a big record contract or somethin'?
Emily Friehl: His name's not Bon Jovi.
Oliver Martin: Oh.
Emily Friehl: He plays guitar.
Oliver Martin: Everyone plays guitar.
Emily Friehl: You play guitar?
Oliver Martin: No.
Emily Friehl: Strike two.

Oliver Martin: Actually, I'm here visiting my brother. He's a lawyer. Well, he's going to be. He's in law school, so...
Emily Friehl: Is that what you wanna do, too?
Oliver Martin: I don't know. I just finished school.
Emily Friehl: Don't people usually graduate in June?
Oliver Martin: Yeah.
Emily Friehl: It's almost a year ago. You still don't have a job?
Oliver Martin: What are you, my mom?
Emily Friehl: I don't know, when you look at me, do you see your mom?

Oliver Martin: You figure a guy like me with a house, a job a car - a nice car - you think I'm going to have a problem finding someone to fall in love with me?
Emily Friehl: Oh, I think you're going to have a big problem.