Leslie Zevo
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Leslie Zevo (Character)
from Toys (1992)

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Toys (1992)
Leslie Zevo: We're going to fight fire with marshmallows.

Leslie Zevo: I was born in the back of a bumper car.

Leslie Zevo: Aww, he broke my sister.

Leslie Zevo: Let's all bob our heads for a brief moment of prayer... those who can.

Leslie Zevo: Bastards, they attacked us while we were at prayer. It's like Pearl Harbor.

Leslie Zevo: Hold 'till you see the lights in their eyes.

Leslie Zevo: Four stores and many Christmases ago, my father brought forth a factory conceived in innocence and joy and squeezable fun for everyone.

Leslie Zevo: Today may be the beginning of the end... or the end of the beginning... or the beginning of the beguine.

Leslie Zevo: In the words of Barbie, "I had a dream house."

Leslie Zevo: In the words of Mahatma Gumby, "We are toys of tolerance, but there's only so much that a toy can tolerate."

Leslie Zevo: You tried to kill us all...
General Leland Zevo: Heh... c'mon, Leslie... can't you take a joke?
Leslie Zevo: Oh yeah! I love jokes! I love all kinds of jokes. But you know what I don't like? I don't like people trying to kill me, hurting my family and my friends, and destroying the whole world as I know it. That just doesn't sit well with me.

[Whistling the 's']
Leslie Zevo: You look ssssstunning.
Gwen Tyler: Oh, ssssstop.

Leslie Zevo: There's a madman at the factory, and it's no longer me.

Leslie Zevo: This doesn't look like vomit.
Asian Researcher: Sorry sir, thats diarrhea.
Leslie Zevo: Send that over to the Poop department.

Researcher: Is this room getting smaller or am I bloating?
Asian Researcher: What!
Leslie Zevo: Oh look, we're being attacked by a crossword puzzle.

Hagenstern: Should I deactivate the sea swine, sir?
Leslie Zevo: A sea swine? Oh, yes, you deactivate the goddamn sea swine!

Owen Owens: Leslie! How are we going to get into the restricted area?
Leslie Zevo: MTV! MTV!

Alsatia Zevo: So this is Paris.
Patrick Zevo: What?
Leslie Zevo: She still needs some work.

Leslie Zevo: I'd hug you but your body is over there.
Alsatia Zevo: I really miss my heart.
Leslie Zevo: We'll get you two back together soon.

Alsatia Zevo: [Leslie's reading her a bedtime story] I don't get it.
Leslie Zevo: It's a fable.
Alsatia Zevo: No, I don't get why Daddy left his business to Uncle Leland.
Leslie Zevo: I know, it would've made more sense for him to leave it to Owen.
Alsatia Zevo: Or to you.

Leslie Zevo: I broke into the restricted area, well actually I danced my way in.

Leslie Zevo: [while fighting Leland] I! Will! Not! Let! You! Destroy! Dad's! Dream!