Jay O'Neill
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Jay O'Neill (Character)
from Bachelor Party (1984)

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Bachelor Party (1984)
Hotel Manager: Just where do you think you are?
Jay O'Neill: The Library of Congress?
Rudy: Detroit?
Brad: Beyond the sun?

O'Neill: I wish I had someone I could really respect. Hey, look at the cans on that bimbo!

Jay: Gentlemen... start your boners.

Rick Gassko: [the guys find out their porno film has been edited] Not that I'm complaining, but I usually don't like my filth this clean!
Rudy: Whatta waste of two women!
Jay O'Neill: I don't get it; the dirty parts were there yesterday!

Rick Gassko: Who was that?
Jay O'Neill: I dunno.
Rick Gassko: [pointing to the arrow] And what's this?
Jay O'Neill: Search me.
Rick Gassko: [Another arrow hits the wall] What about this?
Jay O'Neill: Still drawing a blank.
Rick Gassko: [Seeing Cole across the way] He look familiar to you?
Jay O'Neill: Yep.
Rick Gassko: Get the hookers in a circle. We're going to put Cochise out of business.