Debbie Dingman
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Debbie Dingman (Character)
from Envy (2004)

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Envy (2004)
[as they approach the "lake" by the "cabin"]
Debbie Dingman: Under no circumstances is that a lake.
Tim Dingman: Maybe there's a tide?

Debbie Dingman: [sighs while reading a magazine]
Tim Dingman: What?
Debbie Dingman: Nothing.
[momentary pause]
Debbie Dingman: Liposuction.
Tim Dingman: You mean... Where they suck the fat out?
Debbie Dingman: Mmm Hmm. There's a thing about it in here.
Tim Dingman: You're fine. You don't need to get fat sucked out.
Debbie Dingman: I don't know... If we had a little extra money...
Tim Dingman: We don't have extra money...
Debbie Dingman: We have a little.
Tim Dingman: [more sternly/louder] Not to get fat sucked out!