Nick Vanderpark
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Nick Vanderpark (Character)
from Envy (2004)

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Envy (2004)
Nick Vanderpark: How do I know where the shit goes?

Nick Vanderpark: What's that?
[as he looks down and points at Tim's pants, right by his crotch]
Tim Dingman: What?
Nick Vanderpark: That.
Tim Dingman: Oh... maple syrup.
[Nick reaches over and wipes up some maple syrup from Tim's pants with his index finger and then tastes it]
Nick Vanderpark: Mmm. Man! Can you believe that comes from a tree?
Tim Dingman: Don't taste my pants.
Nick Vanderpark: I can't taste your pants?
Tim Dingman: Ever.
Nick Vanderpark: Ever?
Tim Dingman: No.
Nick Vanderpark: Then don't spill maple syrup on them.
Tim Dingman: Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to taste it.
Nick Vanderpark: Well, I like maple syrup.
Tim Dingman: Well, not from my pants.
Nick Vanderpark: [before Tim finishes] I love it.

Nick Vanderpark: Spray some on my butt cause I just shit my pants!

Nick Vanderpark: C'est la vie, as the Romans say.