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Quotes for
Charlie McFadden (Character)
from Critters (1986)

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Critters 4 (1992)
Ethan: Just what did you do to him?
Charlie: Me? Nothing. That was the Critters. Look, I'm a bounty hunter, and I got job to do.

Charlie: You an alien?
Ethan: No, do I look like one?

Ethan: What do these things look like?
Charlie: What do they look like?
Ethan: Yeah.
Charlie: You ever see a piranha?
Ethan: It's a fish, right?
Charlie: That's right. They look nothing like a piranha. But they're hungry like a piranha.

Charlie: Well, uh, that means everybody I know is.
Bernie: They're dead. They're toast. They're history.

Charlie: That's not normal.
Al Bert: No shit, Sherlock.
Charlie: No, I mean they don't usually turn from a fight. Or a meal.

[first lines]
Charlie: [Charlie finds the last Critter eggs] Alright you gum-balls.

[last lines]
Charlie: [Charlie puts on some cool sunglasses] Captain Charles McFadden.

Charlie: Guess you got a promotion, huh?
Counselor Tetra: Things change Charlie... Things change.

Critters (1986)
Charlie McFadden: Call the Army! They're here.

[Transformer disguises himself as Charlie and turns towards the pool players]
Charlie McFadden: Keep your shirt on asshole.

[Charlie lifts up Harv off of the floor with one hand]
Charlie McFadden: I hope you're not take over our operation.
Harv: Help... put me down...
[Harv flies through the window and hits the ground]

Critters 3 (1991)
Annie: We really have to go now.
Josh: Give my regards to Mars.
Charlie: Don't be so quick. You're not as smart as you think you are.

Critters 2 (1988)
Charlie: I gotta go where the cosmic winds blow me. I gotta go... where no man has gone before.