Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas
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Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas (Character)
from 3 Ninjas (1992)

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3 Ninjas (1992)
[Grandpa is giving the boys names]
Tum Tum: Can I be Monster Destroyer? Or how about Super Killer?
Colt: How about Super Dork?

Rocky: We should run.
Tum Tum: We should hide.
Colt: We should kick their butts!

Colt: I'm Colt because I'm fast, he's Rocky because he's solid and he's Tum-Tum because he'll eat anything.
Tum Tum: I won't eat dog poop.

Grandpa: Two lessons you have to learn from this battle. Lesson 1, never attack unless you're gonna win?
Colt: And lesson two?
Grandpa: Don't climb a tree that's full of thorns. Uh!

Colt: Oh no, robbers!
Hammer: Robbers? I thought we were kidnappers.

Hugo Snyder: Am I a nice guy or what?
Colt: You're a geek.

Rocky: Hey, what's the matter with us? Remember what Grandpa taught us? Everything around us can be our friend. Be friendly to your environment.
Colt: Oh sure, Rocky, we gonna go make the friendly door open?

Grandpa: Colt, what is a ninja?
Colt: A ninja is one who can use everything around him to trick his enemies. He and fast and he is friendly to his environment.
Rocky: A ninja is honest and good. His mind, body and spirit are one. He has self-control. He has discipline.
Tum Tum: A ninja loves nature, uh, 'cause he is part of nature. A ninja never fights a battle if he cannot win.

Tum Tum, Colt: Ro-cky LOVES Em-il-y!

Fester: [while eating the pizza they stole] Y'know, we should save some of this for the kids we're nabbing.
Hammer: They're probably pretty nice kids.
Colt: [scene cuts] Where are all the weapons? The sling-shot, the knife throwers?

Grandpa: Alright, Samuel!
Rocky: Sir!
Grandpa: From this day forth until forever, you will be known as Rocky. Because you are strong, solid, and cool as granite rock!
Rocky: [Receives mask] Awesome! Yeah!
Grandpa: Ahh, Jeffrey. Fast and free, spirit of the young wild horse; you shall be known as Colt!
Colt: Colt? That's cool.
Tum Tum: What about me? Can I be Monster Destroyer? Or how about Super Killer?
Colt: How about Super Dork?
Tum Tum: Shut up, spazz!
Grandpa: Ah, little one. Since your energy begins and ends with your tummy; you shall be known as Tum Tum!
Tum Tum: Tum Tum!
[Both Tum Tum and Grandpa laugh]
Colt: I can't wait 'till we show these to dad!
Rocky: He'll hate 'em.

Colt: Hold it! Before Phase 2, I got a little surprise! takes out a bottle of Lax-Go laxative
Tum Tum: What's that stuff?
Colt: Takes cap off bottle: Remember last year when you were sick and couldn't take a dump for 3 days?
Tum Tum: Yeah...
Colt: This is the stuff that makes you have to go.
Colt: Instant diarrhea.
Tum Tum: You're sick.
Colt: Not as sick as they're gonna be. stirs spiked Coke with his finger.

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995)
Rocky: I get it now.
Colt: What?
Rocky: The sound of the flowers.
Tum Tum: Where?
Colt: You heard the flowers?
Tum Tum: What? I don't hear anything.
Rocky: That's the whole point. I didn't hear them.

Tum Tum: What is this? A Mercedes Benz?
Colt: It means peace, pizza brain.
Tum Tum: Peas? I hate peas...

Tum Tum: [last lines]
Tum Tum: So, you going to kiss her, Colt?
Colt: Who?
Tum Tum: Her. Jo.
Colt: Nah.
Rocky: Yes, you are!
Rocky and Tum Tum: [making kissing sounds; chanting] Colt's going to kiss Jo! Colt's going to kiss Jo! Colt's going to kiss Jo!
Colt: Come on, you guys! Okay, okay, maybe I will.
Rocky and Tum Tum: What?

Big Hairy Biker: Kids don't belong here! Go!
Colt: And gorillas belong in the zoo.

Colt: Try the ladder, moron.

J.J.: Let me guess - you're too short for the good rides at the carnival.
Tum Tum: What's so funny about that?
Colt: Why don't you buttheads just leave her alone?

Jo: We go and get him out.
Tum Tum: We. As in you and us?
Jo: Yes. You guys and the girl.
Colt: Wait a minute.
Rocky: Colt, I think it's okay.
Colt: Okay. but we'll have to do it tonight, cause they're going to start the hearing tomorrow.
Rocky: Tonight, then,
Colt: Tonight.
Tum Tum: Tonight?
Jo: Tonight.

Colt: [Rocky is driving and chasing the bad guys] Fasten your seatbelt, Tum Tum, and start praying!

3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)
Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas: [a Ninja whips out a cell phone instead of his sword] What are you gonna do, talk us to death?

Grandpa: [after a home alone like battle with three dumb bad guys, when the trio was going to prepare dinner] What happened, I thought You said You were gonna have Dinner ready, what is this mess?
Samuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr., Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas, Tum Tum: These three Guys came, they wanted to rob the Place!
Grandpa: What could they want to rob?
Samuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr.: VCR's and stuff, we heard them talking.
Tum Tum: Yeah, but they finally gave up and ran away!
Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas: We did everything You taught us, we were great!
Grandpa: A true Ninja, never brags about His skill, next time this happens... call the Police.

Vinnie: What are you guys, Teenage Mutant wannabes?
Samuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr.: Not!
[swings down from tree and knocks them down]
Tum Tum, Jeffrey 'Colt' Douglas, Samuel 'Rocky' Douglas Jr.: We're the 3 Ninjas! Yah!
Slam: Let's get outta here while we're still standing.
Vinnie: I'm with that, brother. Out of my way, Slam, I'm outta here!
Glam: [Slam and Vinnie run] I'm working with idiots.

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998)
Sam Douglas: So uh, just another typical day at the park, eh boys?
Colt Douglas: Yeah, pretty boring, I guess.

Colt Douglas: [Throws Water on Dave Dragon's face] You okay? Those guys messed you up pretty bad.
Dave Dragon: Who are you kids?
Colt Douglas: I'm Colt, these are my brothers, Rocky and Tum Tum.