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Stephen Glass (Character)
from Shattered Glass (2003)

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Shattered Glass (2003)
Stephen Glass: I don't know what you're talking about, okay. Those are all real people.
Chuck Lane: They are?
Stephen Glass: Yeah.
Chuck Lane: Look at me... and say that again.
Stephen Glass: (beat) Those are all real people.

Stephen Glass: I didn't do anything wrong, Chuck.
Chuck Lane: I really wish you'd stop saying that.

[repeated line]
Stephen Glass: Are you mad at me?

Stephen Glass: If I were to throw a party where all we did was play "Monopoly," would you guys come?
Caitlin Avey: Could I be the little shoe?
Stephen Glass: Of course.

[repeated line]
Stephen Glass: It's in my notes.

Stephen Glass: [sweating and nervous] Chuck, will you come with me because I'm afraid I might do something.
Chuck Lane: [ignores him]
Stephen Glass: Did you hear what I said?
Chuck Lane: Yeah I did... It's a hell of a story.

Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve.
Stephen Glass: What?
Chuck Lane: You're fired, Steve. You've lost your job.
Stephen Glass: But you can't do that.

Stephen Glass: It's true, journalism is hard work. Everybody's under pressure. Everybody grinds to get the issue out. Nobody's getting any sleep, but you are allowed to smile every once in awhile.

Chuck Lane: [Outside the closed restaurant] It was ten people?
Stephen Glass: Yes.
Chuck Lane: For dinner?
Stephen Glass: Yes.
Chuck Lane: [Looking at the business hours sign] They're closed at 3:00 on Sundays.
Stephen Glass: Yeah, I know. I know, they almost didn't let us in. Okay? But it was a couple minutes before 3:00 and Ian looked like he was about ready to cry, and so they said okay.
Chuck Lane: But for dinner?
Stephen Glass: Go in and ask them yourself, Chuck. Okay? Go in and see if they would serve a party that came in at 2:58 and the answer would be yes, because that's when we got here.
Chuck Lane: The Forbes guys are going to have all this too...
Stephen Glass: [speaking at the same time] I didn't do anything wrong, Chuck.
Chuck Lane: ...and they're going to dig through the records of that office building. I'm sure they have surveillance cameras and they're going to check them.
Stephen Glass: I didn't do anything wrong, Chuck!
Chuck Lane: I really wish you'd stop saying that!
Chuck Lane: Steve... come on, anyone can make a mistake.
Stephen Glass: You know, this is not right, Chuck! Okay, I feel really attacked. And you're my editor. You're supposed to support me and you're taking their word against mine? You're supposed to support me!

Chuck Lane: You had your brother pose as George Sims.
Stephen Glass: What?
Chuck Lane: The phony recording from Jukt Micronics? It's a Palo Alto number. And your brother is a student at Stanford. You had him pose as Sims.
Stephen Glass: No, Sims is a real guy...
Chuck Lane: Steve, Steve...
Stephen Glass: I've talked to him a million times, Chuck. My brother and I aren't even speaking right now.
Chuck Lane: Stop it. You faked Sims, you faked a website, you faked all those voicemails...
Stephen Glass: [speaking at the same time] You don't know. You don't know, Chuck.
Chuck Lane: Restil, Hiert, Ghort...
Stephen Glass: [speaking at the same time] You got this totally backward.
Chuck Lane: It's all crap. I can trace it if you make me. I'll find it all billed to you.

Kambiz Foroohar: [Over the phone] In light of all this: how confident are you in this story of yours?
Stephen Glass: Are we off the record?
Kambiz Foroohar: If you like.
Stephen Glass: Well, off the record, some of the things that you've brought up: the website, the idea that I was always speaking to these people through voicemail, that is, that they were always calling me. It didn't seem strange before, but clearly, there are some problems with the story. You've pointed them out. One portion of it was structured in a way that - in light of all this, I'm increasingly beginning to believe I've been duped.

Stephen Glass: [Narrating] So Chuck took over and the job, for the first time ever, began to feel like a job. But I'm being unfair. The truth is I wrote fourteen pieces while Chuck was editing the magazine. And the last of them was the biggest story I ever wrote.