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Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell (Character)
from 1941 (1979)

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1941 (1979)
General Joseph W. Stilwell: This isn't the state of California, it's a state of insanity.

[last lines]
Sergeant Frank Tree: You know, this year wasn't the big year of the war, '41. I think the really big year is going to be 1942.
Major General Joseph W. Stillwell: [sighs] It's gonna be a long war.

Major General Joseph W. Stillwell: Bombs! I don't hear any bombs! Now they're up there. They came all the way from Asia. Don't you think they'd bring a few bombs along?

Captain Wild Bill Kelso: [Exit in a hurry]
General Joseph W. Stilwell: That is the craziest son of a bitch I've ever seen.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: You know son, Col. Maddox is mad.
Cpl. Mizerany: He is?

General Joseph W. Stilwell: You can't have an air raid without bombs!

General Joseph W. Stilwell: [to Birkhead, ignoring the dirt-covered corporal who pulls up in front of them at the movie theater] Come on. I don't want to miss Dumbo.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: [annoyed] Where's Birkhead? He's supposed to have my lunch.
Donna Stratton: [whistling, dreamy] B-17. Mmm...
[heads for the B-17 with a dreamy smile on her face]
Captain Loomis Birkhead: No man has ever gotten to first base with her on the ground. But get her up in a plane, she'll bat your balls right out of the park.

General Joseph W. Stilwell: [arriving at a movie theater] Ah, "Dumbo". Sure be good to get my mind off things for a while.

Donna Stratton: General Stilwell, Colonel Grant suggests dispatching guard units to all the city reservoirs. Intelligence suspects that fifth columnists are going to pour poison into the water supply.
General Joseph W. Stilwell: And G-2 should pour knockout drops into the water supply. Maybe the people of the city would calm down and leave the war to the Army.