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Louis Simo (Character)
from Hollywoodland (2006)

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Hollywoodland (2006)
Chuck: You're not invited, Simo.
Louis Simo: Were you?
Chuck: We're working.
Louis Simo: Why don't you lay off? Mister Harris!
Rick Harris: Hello, Louis.
Louis Simo: You come up from Palos Verdes just to see me?
Rick Harris: I came here to celebrate my friends' anniversary. You've met Mister Mannix.
Louis Simo: No. But we've got people in common. Ain't that right, Eddie?
Eddie Mannix: I've got nothin' in common with you.
Louis Simo: Bernice, the first missus. You like that car crash gimmick, huh?
Eddie Mannix: Rick...
Louis Simo: Riva Watson. She get all clingy? How'd it feel, pounding her face in? Happy times, huh, Ed?
Eddie Mannix: Richard, please.
Louis Simo: George Reeves...
Rick Harris: That's enough, Louis.
Louis Simo: Am I being indiscreet? Bad for business, huh?
Rick Harris: Louis, your problems are your own.
Louis Simo: Ricky, you cover for this prick?
Rick Harris: Whatever you're pursuing here, whatever fantasy... you've constructed will not alter your past.
Louis Simo: You had a bullet put in Reeves' head! He used the studio and the cops -
[Chuck punches him in the stomach]
Louis Simo: You're gonna burn in hell, you sonofabitch!
Eddie Mannix: Come here. You don't know me. You don't know what I think. What I do. I don't let you.
Louis Simo: You're an old man, Eddie. Who's gonna wipe the blood off your hands?
Eddie Mannix: My hands? I'm in the picture business.
Louis Simo: No, you're a murderer.
Eddie Mannix: Prove it. You hear me? Go on, I'm ready. Prove one fuckin' thing.

Louis Simo: Excuse me. You the Times?
Times Reporter: I'm the Times.
Louis Simo: You're the Times? What do you think about Superman offing himself and cutting his beloved fiancee out of the picture, leaving the green to Eddie Mannix's wife? Huh? Like she needs the dough? "Hell hath no fury," huh! I mean, people get killed for less than that.
Times Reporter: You saying George Reeves was murdered?
Louis Simo: It's a heck of a question.
Times Reporter: What's your name?
Louis Simo: Louis Simo. S-I-M-O.

Detective Doug Johnson: The deceased woke up, joined his guests for approximately half an hour, returned to bed. No sign of forced entry or physical struggle. The Luger, found there, on the floor. Heavily oiled, no prints. He kept it in the nightstand. The slug, there.
[Points at the hole in the roof]
Detective Doug Johnson: . And the casing on the bed, underneath the body.
Louis Simo: You want to explain to me how a man can shoot himself and end up on top of the shell?
James Engelman: Is this your strategy, Mister Simo? To impune the laws of physics?
Louis Simo: There are no prints on the gun. What, did he wipe it clean after putting that hole in his head?
Detective Doug Johnson: Fingerprints aren't automatic. Certain conditions have to be present.
Louis Simo: Did you question the people in the house?
Detective Doug Johnson: They all signed sworn statements.
Louis Simo: Forty-five minutes to call the cops, that's plenty of time to come up with some bogus story. But you got sworn statements!
Detective Doug Johnson: Are you accusing me of something?
Louis Simo: Was Reeves checked for powder burns? It's a suicide shot to the temple - where's the burn?
Detective Doug Johnson: When a gun is discharged directly against the ...
Louis Simo: The coroner never checked! He didn't notice the bruises on the body either - which, by the way, aren't automatic, OK? Certain conditions have to be present. Like, maybe a fight with a guy who's about to... cause your expiration.
[Jack Paterson notices two more gunshot holes in the floor]
Louis Simo: Since when do suicides miss twice, lay down a rug, and start over? Is that normal? Just asking.

Louis Simo: Sad day, huh, boys? Tell you what's even sadder: calling it suicide when it's really murder. Why would the cops do that?
Funeral Reporter #1: Sing us a new song, Simo.
Louis Simo: What, you don't love me anymore? Two months ago, somebody drained all the fluid out of George Reeves's break lines. Almost bought it right then. Coincidence, right? I mean, LAPD don't make mistakes. Huh, Paterson? What's the truth? Huh, boys? Who wanted him dead? You guys might be lazy, but nobody said you're dumb.
Funeral Reporter #2: I need some names.
Louis Simo: What, you want me to write it for you, too?
Funeral Reporter #1: Hey, you got a story or not?
Louis Simo: You want names? Ask this guy.
[Gestures to Howard Strickling]
Louis Simo: . He's got the names. Names, pictures. What's he doing here? MGM never cut Reeves a check in his life. Huh? Come on. Do some work, will you? Hey, cameraboy. Lift the fuckin' camera, will you? There you go. Say cheese.

Louis Simo: Let's go outside. You packin'?
Del: Not when I cross the street for lunch.
[Simo pulls gun from Del's jacket]
Del: Lou, I do what I'm told.
[Simo slams him against the car]
Louis Simo: You took the cash from that rack, same as me! Twenty-five-hundred for ratting out some hop-head actress, and I never said a word. 'Cause I'm loyal to my fuckin' partner!
[Strangles Del]
Del: [Choking] Rick!
Louis Simo: Why?
Del: Didn't say, just take care of it.
[Simo releases him]
Del: Look, when I helped you out, with the old lady, I should've kept my mouth shut. I had to make good. You would've done the same thing. Don't bullshit me. It's how the mortgage gets paid!
[Simo punches him in the stomach]

Louis Simo: Whatever you want to say...
Laurie Simo: Are you going to fight everybody?
Louis Simo: I thought you liked tough guys.

Evan Simo: How come you're not at work?
Louis Simo: 'Cause I don't sit in an office, okay? That's for suckers. Your pop's an investigator, alright? Come on, let's go.
Evan Simo: I'm supposed to wait for mom.
Louis Simo: What?
Evan Simo: I'm supposed to wait for mom.
Louis Simo: Your mom and me, we don't...
[he puts his hand on his son's head]
Louis Simo: Evan. Evan. Nobody has magic powers. You got to be tough. You got to show them what you're made of, you know? My father never taught me that.

Louis Simo: [slurring] I'm his son. He's MY son, he is.

Louis Simo: I can see the pieces. How they should fit. How I want them to fit.

Louis Simo: [about the bullet holes in George Reeves' floor] Since when do suicides miss twice and start over?

Louis Simo: Why are you telling me now?
Leonore Lemmon: I'm... I'm just a little blotto, sugar. Kind of horny. And pretty goddamn all alone.
Louis Simo: So...?
Leonore Lemmon: I don't know. And I thought maybe we had something in common.

Louis Simo: Lady, I can nail you with this.
Leonore Lemmon: D'Artagnan, you couldn't nail me with roses and a trip to Vegas.