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Carmen (Character)
from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)
Carmen: I am mad at my dad. I am *mad* at my dad. Why is that so hard for me to see, Tibby? I have no problem being mad at you.

Carmen: [voiceover] It would be easy to say that the pants changed everything that summer. But looking back now I feel like our lives changed because they had to, and that the real magic of the pants was in bearing witness to all of this and in somehow holding us together when it felt like nothing would ever be the same again.
Carmen: Some things never would be
Lena: But we know now that no matter how far we traveled on our own separate paths...
Bridget: Somehow we would always find out way back to each other.
Tibby: And with that, we could get through anything.
Bridget: To us. Who we were, and who we are. And who we'll be.
Tibby: To the pants.
Lena: And the sisterhood.
Carmen: And this moment, and the rest of our lives.
Carmen, Lena, Bridget, Tibby: Together and apart.

Tibby: Hey, do you know who would have loved this P, Bee? Your mom.
Bridget: Yeah. I remember this one time she decided that she'd make one herself. She always woke up starving after one of her episodes. I was just sitting in the kitchen doing my homework and she just walked in and just started making this thing. You know, I don't even know if you could call it a pizza. It was more like the entire contents of our refrigerator on a round crust.
[They all laugh]
Bridget: Craziest part is we actually ate it.
Carmen: Of course you did.
[Tibby laughs]
Bridget: We ate every single bit of that pizza in like 10 minutes.
Tibby: Yeah.
Bridget: And we were laughing the whole time. It was great. I remember thinking that maybe there won't be any more bad spells. Maybe she'll just be happy like this forever.
Carmen: It's okay to miss her, Bee. I mean, as hard as it is to be sad about it don't you think maybe it's harder not to be?
Bridget: [Crying] You don't understand.
Tibby: [long pause] Bridge...
Bridget: I can't. It hurts too much.
Carmen: I know.
Bridget: No, you don't know. I just want to feel good and happy and alive. Because if I feel alive then it doesn't seem like she's dead. And if I'm not sad then it proves that I'm not like her.
Carmen: Bee, you don't have to prove that to anybody. I mean, you have a strength in you that your mom never had. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't find it.
Tibby: Yeah, and you have something else too.
Bridget: What?
Tibby: You have us. And we're not gonna let you go anywhere, okay?
Bridget: Thank you.
Carmen: Come here.
[Carmen hugs Bridget and Tibby holds her hand]

Carmen: Is it fair to bribe the driver to turn around and go back home?
Bridget: Oh yeah, with what money? Cause Tibby is the only one of us working this summer.
Tibby: Hey, hey, hey. I actually stacked my last shelf at Wallmans, thank you very much.
Lena: Congratulations!
Bridget: Does this mean there's gonna be a ceremonial burning of the smock?
Tibby: No, actually, Duncan took the smock, but I do have my nametag.
Bridget: Can we burn it?
[they all laugh]
Lena: Hey, how did your suckumentary turn out?
Tibby: Uh... uh... well, it actually evolved into something quite different than I expected, so...
Bridget: What are you gonna call it?
Tibby: [thinking for a minute] Hmmmm... Bailey.
[Tibby smiles and looks to Carmen, who smiles back approvingly]

Carmen: [to Tibby] Why are you giving me this hypocritical lecture? When you're the one who walks around saying screw the world because that's easier than having to feel something!

Carmen: [after trying out a bridesmaid dress for the wedding] ... And you know what, Lydia? Just forget about the dress. We can tell everybody that Carmen's Puerto Rican. And it never occurred to you she might be built differently. Or that, unlike you and your daughter, she has an ass that the tailor didn't have enough bolts of material to cover, or better yet, just tell everyone there is no Carmen. Carmen doesn't exist!

Carmen: We have gathered here today to celebrate a magical gift that has been given to us...
Tibby: then why'd we have to pay for it?

Carmen: Rule number 8, no double-cuffing the pants.
Tibby: Oh, good rule! That's so tacky... and you know what else is tacky? Tucking your shirt in when you're wearing a belt...
Lena: Ok, I do NOT do that any more, I did that ONE time.

Tibby: I thought you were excited about going to el campo de futbol.
Carmen: She sure was until she found out it was all girls!

[Tibby is trying on a piercing]
Carmen: [to Bridget] Hey, hey! Pierce alert.
[points towards Tibby]
Bridget: [goes to Tibby] Nah-ah, young lady! No more holes for you!

Lena: [Lena is trying the pants on at Deja Blue]
Carmen: [shocked] Oh my God! Lena!
Carmen: You have a body!
Lena: [Lena stands in front of the mirror]
Carmen: [smirking] Lena Kaligaris, you have a body!
Lena: I do not!

[Lena is trying on the Pants]
Carmen: Ay dios mio, Lena, you have a BODY!
Carmen: Lena Kaligaris has a body!
[everybody laughs]
Carmen: [laughing] When did this happen?
Lena: [annoyed] Shh! Stop it! I do not!

Carmen: UGGHHHH, Can you get a pizza hangover?
Tibby: It was the olives.
Carmen: Tibby no, it was the bacon.
Tibby: It was the olives.

Carmen: You think a pair of pants that fits all three of you is going to fit...
[slaps hips]
Carmen: ... all of this?

Tibby: Well, maybe sometimes it's easier to be mad at the people you trust.
Carmen: Why? Why is that?
Tibby: Because you know they'll always love you, no matter what.

Carmen: [At her house, sitting at a table across from Tibby. Awkwardly, shifting in her chair, Carmen speaks into the phone] Um... I just... I wan - .
Al: [At his house, Al walks from the dining room where Lydia and the kids eat dinner, to a small den and speaks to Carmen at a whisper] I-It's alright. You don't - you don't have to apologize, sweetheart. You were... upset, I know.
Carmen: Um... no dad. You don't know. That's just it, you've never known. Because I've never been able to tell you.
Al: T-Tell me what?
Carmen: That I'm angry with you, Dad!
[She stands and walks across the room and begins to pace]
Carmen: This entire thing about you, and Lydia, and... and the kids!
Al: It's my fault.
[He sits at a small table]
Al: I, I should have told you about them before... and I'm - I'm sorry.
Carmen: Yeah, you should have warned me, but it's more than that. It's, it's the fact that you've found yourself this new family and I feel like some outsider that doesn't even belong to you anymore.
[Carmen begins to cry, softly]
Carmen: It's like you traded me and mom in for something that you thought was better. And I wanna know why. Are you ashamed of me? Are you embarrassed?
[Cut to Al, listening to Carmen through the phone]
Carmen: Just tell me, Dad. What did I do wrong?
[Back to Carmen, crying much harder now]
Carmen: Why did you leave? Why did you have to go? And then tell me that we were gonna be closer but that never happened! And why does Paul visit his alcoholic dad every month, but you only visit me twice a year? And I know you... you just seem so happy about being Paul and Chris's dad, but you never even had the time to be mine.
Al: [Cuts to Al, still sitting. Very quietly] I'm sorry. I... I'm so sorry...
Carmen: [Back to Carmen] I wish that were enough, Dad.
[Hangs up]

[Carmen is on the phone when her father is leaving]
Young Carmen: Lena, I don't think he's coming back this time.
Young Lena: It's gonna be OK, Carmen. I'll come over first thing tomorrow. And Tibby and Bridget, too. Just stay on the phone with me until you fall asleep.

Young Tibby: [filming] "What were they thinking?" Take 7.
[walks towards the camera]
Young Tibby: What were they thinking, having another baby at their age? And what was I, just some... experiment of their hippy days? And now it's time to start their real family?
Young Tibby: [turns to young Bridget] Go ahead!
Young Bridget: [walks towards the camera] They're out of their minds!
[goes next to young Tibby]
Young Carmen: [walks towards the camera] This sucks!
[goes next to young Bridget]
Young Lena: [makes a step forward] Totally...
Young Tibby: Cut!
[turns to young Lena]
Young Tibby: Lena, don't you see this is a tragedy? Can I get a bit *more* enthusiasm?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008)
Carmen Lowell: Sometimes I like to think that the pants got lost on purpose. That this was their final gift to us. Bringing us back together. Back to a place of forgiveness, and love, and in understanding that what we shared was all the magic we could ever need. And as we spent those last few moments of summer, looking out at the blending of sea and sky, I realized it was a color I knew very well. The softly faded, essential blue of a well worn pair of pants. The pants had brought us together again. The rest is in our hands.

Ian: You welcome.
Carmen Lowell: [sarcastic] Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget to say thank you?... Thank you.
Ian: How do you feel?
Carmen Lowell: Like a fake.
Ian: Oh, please! You had them at "Um... hi"

[while stuidying for the play]
Carmen Lowell: "Oh, Lady Fortune! Stand you auspicious!" God! Why don't people talk like this anymore? It's just, we've gotten so lazy! We don't say "Oh, Lady Fortune! Stand you auspiscious!" We say "Dear God, help me..."
Ian: Or instead of "Enjoy the honey heavy-dew of slumber", "Yo, get some Z's"
Carmen Lowell: It's just... It sounds so good and it feels so good to say. It's rich and luscious.
[Carmen touches her cheek]
Ian: "See how she lays her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon her hand and I might touch that cheek"
[Carmen blushes]
Ian: See what I mean?
Carmen Lowell: [blushing] Yeah...