Henry Turner
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Henry Turner (Character)
from Regarding Henry (1991)

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Regarding Henry (1991)
Henry: No thanks, I don't like eggs.
Rosella: What?
Rachel: Eggs are your favourite!
Henry: Okay, then give me lots of eggs.

Bradley: Hey Hank, whatcha doin'?
Henry: Paintin'. Crackers.

[Henry flicks a wad of paper at Rachel in the library]
Rachel: [whispers] Dad, stop it!
[He flicks another wad of paper at her]
Rachel: [whispers sternly] Dad, I'm serious!
Henry: I know. Very.

Henry: I can read! I can read! Ajax! This is Ajax!

Bradley: Hey, Hank what are you doin?
Henry: Paintin', crackers
Bradley: I know, but you're not packed, why aren't you packed?
Henry: Cause I'm not goin'
Bradley: Remember when we talked about this last week? Your family coming to come take you home?
Henry: Yeah, but I changed my mind, I'm gonna stay
Bradley: Your family is coming to pick you up, you're going home.
Henry: But, I live here.
Bradley: No, man this is a pit stop. I hear you got a beautiful place man and your family is gonna be there.
Henry: But you're not gonna be there.
Bradley: No, I gotta hang here.
Henry: But I don't know them.
Bradley: They'll be there for you, they're gonna take care of you.
Henry: Well I don't want them to take care of me Bradley! I don't! No!
Bradley: Hank, come on man
Henry: Leave me alone, Bradley
Bradley: Hank you're gonna be just fine, ok?
Henry: I just can't remember.

Rudy, Lawyer: [Meeting Bruce and Henry after Henry's recovery] Hi, Henry! I'm Rudy!
[Leans close to Henry's face]
Rudy, Lawyer: Rooooo-deeee!
Henry: What's wrong with him?
Bruce, Henry's Partner: He's an asshole.
Henry: Oh.

Henry: I remember grey carpet. I wanna go home.

Bradley: That woman is hot.
Henry: I know. You gotta get you some of that.

Bradley: My brother was married. One day he came home, found out she was cheating.
Henry: Cheating?
Bradley: Doin' the serious with another man.
Henry: Oh, no.
Bradley: Oh, yeah.

Jessica, Henry's Secretary: What's wrong, Mr. Turner?
Henry: I had enough, so I said when.
Jessica, Henry's Secretary: Good for you.

Henry: That table in my dining room is not the table I ordered. That table looks like a... Goddamn turtle. I demand the table I ordered within the next few days.

Henry: You see that man over there? That lady over there. He used to be her husband. Who's she kidding? The damage has already been done.
[Everyone laughs at Henry's joke]

Henry: You see that man over there? That lady over there. He used to be her husband. Who's she kidding? The damage has already been done.
[Sarah and the old man laugh]

Henry: I know a good blowfish restaurant

[comforting his daughter on her first day of boarding school]
Henry: One of the things I do remember is my first day at school. There were all these weird-looking kids and I didn't know any of them and they didn't know me. I was scared, but after two days, we were all laughing about how scared we were. Everybody feels like you do, honey. Everybody.
[emboldened, Henry's daughter goes off with the rest of her class]
Sarah Turner: That's sweet, I didn't know you remembered that.
Henry: I don't.