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Tony Toponi (Character)
from An American Tail (1986)

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An American Tail (1986)
Papa Mousekewitz: You are calling for a Fillie Mousekewitz, right? Tell my daugther his name is Fillie and not Fievel.
Tony Toponi: His name's Fillie.
Papa Mousekewitz: You see?
Tony Toponi: ...and Fievel.
Papa Mousekewitz: And Fievel... and Fievel?
Tanya Mousekewitz: Papa.
Papa Mousekewitz: No, there are many Fievel Mouskewitzes in New York, maybe thousands! It could still be another Fievel Mousekewitz.
Mama Mousekewitz: No, Papa. Look.
[Holds up Fievel's hat]

Tony Toponi: Why didn't you tell me what time it was, huh?
Fievel Mousekewitz: But Tony, I can't tell time.

Tony Toponi: Stick with me, kid.
[Fievel holds on tightly to Tony's arm]
Tony Toponi: Hey, hey, hey! What, are we engaged or something?

Warren T. Rat: Just throw down that kid!
Tony Toponi: Oh, yeah?
[knocks off Warren's fake nose with his slingshot]
Tony Toponi: Bullseye!
[the crowd murmurs]
Warren T. Rat: Disregard the nose. What's in a nose? A nose by any other name would smell as sweet...
[Tony knocks off Warren's fake ears]
Crowd: Great whiskers! He's a cat!
Warren T. Rat: Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. Who are you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?

Tony Toponi: Tony Toponi's the name. What's your name kid?
Fievel Mousekewitz: Fievel. Fievel Mousekewitz.
Tony Toponi: Fievel? Ooh, that name's got to go! I know... Philly!
Fievel Mousekewitz: Philly?
Tony Toponi: Yeah, fits you perfect.

Bridget: [after listening to her "double cat" speech, the crowd around her suffragette hat pulpit, slowly but gradually leave; leaving Bridget stunned and in distress; unbeknownst to her, Tony is right behind her hiding a flower behind his back]
[distressed; calling to the dispersing crowd]
Bridget: But... Wait! Why don't you all listen to me? I thought...
[She turns to leave in tears, only to sees Tony chivalrously kneeling down on one knee; holding out the flower for her. Now overcome with love, Bridget makes eye contact with the love-stricken Tony]
Bridget: [romantically] I think we should handle these... ca... ca...
Tony Toponi: [love-sick] aht... ahhh...
Bridget: [camera zooms in on Bridget's beautiful face and eyes; flirtatiously] Cats...
Tony Toponi: [chuckling love-sickly] Heh... heh...
[Fievel, annoyed by Tony's dazed state, tugs him by the scarf, only to trip and fall; leading Tony to snap back towards Bridget; causing them to kiss their first kiss; neon hearts bloom around the two mice as they kiss]

Bridget: [watching Fievel reunite with his family; giggling gleefully] It's so lovely to see a family together...
Tony Toponi: Hey, Ain't anybody thanking me?
Bridget: [amourous] Oh, thank you!
[Grabs Tony and kisses him on the cheek]
Tony Toponi: [love-strucked] Ah-uh...
[Tony and Bridget fall in to the water in their embrace]

An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster (1999) (V)
Tony Toponi: [lethargically] Paper, hey! Get yer paper...
[mouse walks by]
Tony Toponi: Fine! So stay ignorant!