Cat R. Waul
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Cat R. Waul (Character)
from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)
Miss Kitty: You put a mouse on that stage and your saloon's gonna be as empty as Death Valley on a cold day in June when the snow don't fall.
Cat R. Waul: What?

Cat R. Waul: I have mentioned that I dislike being referred to as Pussy Poos.
Miss Kitty: Yeah? Well maybe I'm not so happy about being dumped in nature's ashtray 500 miles from a pastrami sandwich, either! Pussy Poos!

Tanya Mousekewitz: [singing to the tune of The Star Spangled Banner] Oh, say, can you see? You're on a mousetrap, so...
Cat R. Waul: [panicky] No, no, no, stop! You'll crush the diva!
Tanya Mousekewitz: ...FLEE!

Cat R. Waul: What do we have here? It appears to be a young pioneer.

Wylie Burp: Cat R. Waul, we've come to close you down!
Cat R. Waul: Okay, chaps, it appears it has become necessary to put these dogs through obedience school. Kill!

Cat R. Waul: Which would you rather have, the crouton or the entire caesar salad? Of course we're going to eat the mice, but only after we have exploited their labors. See, we are nice to the mice because it is intelligent to be so. If we act sweetly, they will come in droves. If we hiss, they will run and we will have to chase after them, an unnecessary expenditure of calories.

Cat R. Waul: Right, I want the subversive who attempted to assassinate me found.
T.R. Chula: I just love finding subversives! Hey, boss, what's a subversive?
Cat R. Waul: Someone who doesn't have very long to live.

Cat R. Waul: Let the saliva flow!

Cat R. Waul: [after pulling to activate a trap door on stage which an opera singing mouse falls into] Terrible! Terrible! Absolutely, positively apalling. I must have a voice to match the occulence of this sal...
[Fievel, scrambles up behind Cat R. Waul, picks up a fork and stabs him in the butt]
Cat R. Waul: OON!
[Jumps out of his clothes through the ceiling to an upper level saloon where a lady grabs him]
Lady at Saloon: Oh, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy! Pussy pussy! Oh, pussy!
[Wriggles out, falls down the hole back into his clothes on the stage]
Cat R. Waul: Humans! Yeeuk. So shiny and pleh!
[to Chula]
Cat R. Waul: Right. I want the subversive who tried to asassinate me found.
T.R. Chula: I just love findin' subversives. Boss, what's a subversive?
Cat R. Waul: Someone who doesn't have very long to live.
[Fievel, with his shirt caught on the needle of a record player, tries to run and plays some music, which Cat R. Waul notices]
Cat R. Waul: Ah. If it isn't my diminuitive friend from the train.
Fievel: Cat R. Waul! I heard what you said about the Mouseburgers, and I'm gonna tell everyone. I'm gonna get Wily Burp. Cause he's the law.
Cat R. Waul: The Wily Burp?
[the saloon erupts in laughter]
Cat R. Waul: That quaint historical figure?
[Cat R. Waul picks him up on a fork]
Cat R. Waul: Simply put, Mouseling. I am the law here. And you are a mere hors d'oeuvre.

Cat R. Waul: Jolly, jolly good. Now for my part.