Fievel Mousekewitz
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Fievel Mousekewitz (Character)
from An American Tail (1986)

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An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)
Fievel: Give them the lazy eye.

Fievel: Have no fear. Filly the Kid is here.

Tanya Mousekewitz: Someday, I'll be a big star. People will come from miles around...
Fievel: Yeah. To eat.

[Fievel is running along the bottom of the train; T. R. Chula sneaks up from below]
T.R. Chula: Mouse overboard!
Fievel: Where?
T.R. Chula: I just love the "flying aah!"
[grabs Fievel by the leg and throws him overboard]
Fievel: Aah!

Fievel: I see you're missing an eye, pilgrim.
[Pulls hat over one eye]
Fievel: Now that makes it a fair fight. That's right, I'm talkin' to you, furhead!

[Fievel and Tiger are both lost in the desert; they see each other in the distance]
Fievel: Tiger!
Tiger: Fievel! I've been searching all over for you!
Fievel: Tiger! Is that you?
Tiger: Fievel!
Fievel: Nope. Bet it's another mirage.
Tiger: Oh, Fievel, I just can't tell you how much I wish... you weren't... a mirage.
[They pass each other]
Fievel: Hi, mirage of Tiger.
Tiger: Hi, mirage of Fievel.

Fievel: Oh, Tiger, I almost forgot. How do I get to Green River?
Tiger: Just grab a passing sagecoach.
[a tumbleweed stops next to them, Fievel gets on it]
Fievel: Thanks. See you later.
[the tumbleweed tumbles away with Fievel]
Tiger: Sagecoach, get it? Sage. Ha ha ha! Aw, never mind.

Fievel: Are we out west yet?
Mama Mousekewitz: West Jersey, maybe.

Papa Mousekiwitz: What's the matter, Fievel my son? You should be happy we are going out west.
Fievel: I never got a chance to say goodbye to Tiger. Will I ever see him again?
Papa Mousekiwitz: Who am I to know? Tiger was a wonderful cat, but he was still a cat. Someday, you will understand.
Fievel: When, Papa? When will I understand?
Papa Mousekiwitz: Fievel, if growing up were so easy, would it take so long?

Papa Mousekiwitz: I thought things would be better in America. In Russia, my violins were famous. At least we never went hungry.
Fievel: Maybe Tanya shouldn't sing again.
Tanya Mousekewitz: Very funny.

Papa Mousekiwitz: They call America the land of oppurtunity. Oppurtunity for what? For children to play in the filthy streets? To never see the sun shine? Fievel's birthday is coming! And we don't even have enough money for presents.
Fievel: Oh, Papa, I don't care.
Tanya Mousekewitz: I could always sing in front of the gift shop, and maybe they'll throw presents.
Papa Mousekiwitz: How sweetly blessed I am to have such fine children! Maybe things will get better!

Cat R. Waul: [after pulling to activate a trap door on stage which an opera singing mouse falls into] Terrible! Terrible! Absolutely, positively apalling. I must have a voice to match the occulence of this sal...
[Fievel, scrambles up behind Cat R. Waul, picks up a fork and stabs him in the butt]
Cat R. Waul: OON!
[Jumps out of his clothes through the ceiling to an upper level saloon where a lady grabs him]
Lady at Saloon: Oh, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy! Pussy pussy! Oh, pussy!
[Wriggles out, falls down the hole back into his clothes on the stage]
Cat R. Waul: Humans! Yeeuk. So shiny and pleh!
[to Chula]
Cat R. Waul: Right. I want the subversive who tried to asassinate me found.
T.R. Chula: I just love findin' subversives. Boss, what's a subversive?
Cat R. Waul: Someone who doesn't have very long to live.
[Fievel, with his shirt caught on the needle of a record player, tries to run and plays some music, which Cat R. Waul notices]
Cat R. Waul: Ah. If it isn't my diminuitive friend from the train.
Fievel: Cat R. Waul! I heard what you said about the Mouseburgers, and I'm gonna tell everyone. I'm gonna get Wily Burp. Cause he's the law.
Cat R. Waul: The Wily Burp?
[the saloon erupts in laughter]
Cat R. Waul: That quaint historical figure?
[Cat R. Waul picks him up on a fork]
Cat R. Waul: Simply put, Mouseling. I am the law here. And you are a mere hors d'oeuvre.

[Fievel catches up with Tanya after she sang her song to the cats]
Fievel: Tanya, let's get out of here!
Tanya Mousekewitz: [dramatically] I must stay. My public needs me.
Fievel: I can't leave you here; it's dangerous!
[Tanya writes Fievel a note and leaves]
Fievel: [reads slowly] 'Thank you for your adulation'?
[minus Fievel, the whole picture goes black, Fievel is doomed]
Fievel: Tanya!

An American Tail (1986)
Papa Mousekewitz: Ah, so, Mr Curious, you've discovered the herring.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Herring? I thought they were fish.
Papa Mousekewitz: But Fievel, herring are fish.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Really, Papa?
Papa Mousekewitz: Oh, yes. In the ocean, there are many kinds of fish, and herring is one of them.
Fievel Mousekewitz: All kinds?
Papa Mousekewitz: Yes. Tiny fishes, not so tiny fishes, fishes as big as this boat.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Wow! Let's go up and see the fish.

Papa Mousekewitz: And for you, Fievel, a new hat. And not just any new hat. A new hat that has been in the family for three generations. It belonged to me, my father, and my father's father, and now it belongs to you. Happy Hannukah.
Fievel Mousekewitz: It's too big.
Mama Mousekewitz: You'll grow.

Henri: Where is your mama, your papa, huh?
Fievel Mousekewitz: I don't know. They were on a boat to America.
Henri: Then you are in luck, my little immigrant. This is America.
Fievel Mousekewitz: America. But I thought it was bigger.
Henri: It is bigger. All of that is also America.

Henri: I know, my little immigrant. You want to find your family. And you will.
Fievel Mousekewitz: But how? They're so far away, and it's so big. I'll never find them.
Henri: Excuse moi, pardon, did you say never? So young, and you've already lost hope! This is America, the place to find hope. If you give up now, you will never find them. So never say never.

Henri: Now, are you going to find your family?
Fievel Mousekewitz: Yes!
Henri: Chantal! Take this little one to Immigration. You will find your family there. Everyone goes through Immigration. I would take you there myself, but then I would never finish my statue.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Henri, you said never.
Henri: Oh, so I did!

Fievel Mousekewitz: I'm looking for my family.
Warren T. Rat: You've come to the right fella, kid. I know exactly where they are. Follow me.
Fievel Mousekewitz: But Henri said I would find them here.
Warren T. Rat: Have it your way, kid. But remember what Shakespeare said, and I quote: "Opportunity knocks but... uh, but..."
Digit: Psst! Once.
Warren T. Rat: "... but-but once. Taken at the tide, t'will lead to fortune. If denied, t'will never return."
Fievel Mousekewitz: Do you really know where my family is?
Warren T. Rat: Heh heh, trust me, kid. Trust me.

Tiger: I like butterflies with big, golden wings, and blue and green tips.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Me too!
Tiger: I like Swiss cheese ice cream.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Me too! Me too!
Tiger: You too-too? Wait a minute. What's your favorite book?
Fievel Mousekewitz: Why, the Brothers Karamousov.
Tiger: [laughing] The Brothers... I don't believe it!

Fievel Mousekewitz: Henri, what's that over there?
Henri: Oh, that is more America.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Can we go see it?
Henri: You will, my little American. Someday, you will.

[Fievel sees Warren's true form from behind the mirror]
Fievel Mousekewitz: Warren T.!
Warren T. Rat: [Warren sees Fievel] You!
Fievel Mousekewitz: You're not a Rat, you're a Cat!
Warren T. Rat: How'd you get in here? Come here, you little...
[Warren grabs Fievel, but Fievel bites him and runs off]
Warren T. Rat: Gentlemen, cat's out of the bag.
[throws his mirror to the ground]
Warren T. Rat: [yells] Get me that mouse!

Tony Toponi: Tony Toponi's the name. What's your name kid?
Fievel Mousekewitz: Fievel. Fievel Mousekewitz.
Tony Toponi: Fievel? Ooh, that name's got to go! I know... Philly!
Fievel Mousekewitz: Philly?
Tony Toponi: Yeah, fits you perfect.

Mama Mousekewitz: Oh, my little boy, back from the dead. America, what a place.
Papa Mousekewitz: My Fievel. I thought I would never see you again.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Never say never, Papa.

Orphan #1: So what's your story?
Fievel Mousekewitz: I'm looking for my family.
Orphan #2: Hey, fellas! He's looking for his family.
Orphan #1, Orphan #3: [Teasing] He's looking for his family!
Orphan #3: I stopped looking a long time ago.
Orphan #2: At least you know who they are.
Orphan #1: Besides, why are you looking for them? They should be looking...
Orphan #1, Orphan #2, Orphan #3: ...for you!
Orphan #3: They don't care. Forget 'em.
Fievel Mousekewitz: [Angry] You're right! They don't care, and if they did, they would have found me! Well, if they don't care, I don't care! I hope I never see them again!
Orphan #2: Yeah! Forget about them! You're one of us now!
Orphan #1: Here. Make yourself a bed.
[They toss hay over Fievel]
Orphan #1: Ha-ha-ha! Pitiful.
Fievel Mousekewitz: [Crying] I'll never find them anyway. Never. Never. Never. This is my home now.

Mama Mousekewitz: [Fievel has come out of his hiding place, a teapot; after the Cossack Cat raid; and is sitting in the snow, dazed yet relieved. Mama and the others arrive]
[greatly concerned]
Mama Mousekewitz: Oh, Fievel! Fievel, are you all right?
Fievel Mousekewitz: [blissfully] Yes, Mama.
Mama Mousekewitz: [strict] Never do that *Again*!
[Fievel snickers; embarrassed, yet still dazed]