Pamela Finklestein
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Pamela Finklestein (Character)
from UHF (1989)

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UHF (1989)
Pamela Finklestein: [into a phone to Fletcher] "Broads don't belong in broadcasting"? Is that the kind of professional courtesy you teach your news department?
R.J. Fletcher: [into the phone] Why, that's a terrible thing. I don't know how many time I've told those boys, never call chicks broads.

Pamela Finklestein: Yeah, so, can I help you?
George Newman: Hi, I'm George Newman. I'm the new station manager.
Pamela Finklestein: [enraged tone] Ugh! You know, when I first took this job, they told me that this position would only be temporary, and that eventually, when the time was right, I would be moved up to news which is really my forte. You know how long I've been working here? Two years! It's kind of hard to get promoted when every other week you have a new boss! This job really sucks!
George Newman: [keeping his cool] Well... this is my friend Bob.

R.J. Fletcher: Hey wait, Just one minute. What do you think you are doing?
George Newman: [as Harvey signed the contract to save U-62] WE DID IT, THE STATION IS OURS!
[Everybody cheers]
Uncle Harvey: Wow, Look at that!
R.J. Fletcher: [Anger] YOU CAN'T DO THIS! We have an agreement, Remember? An oral contract. I'll sue them!
Uncle Harvey: Oh, Blow off your nose. Schruffbag.
FCC Man: R.J. Fletcher. Uh, Are you R.J. Fletcher?
R.J. Fletcher: Who do you think I am?
FCC Man: I am John Vector of the FCC. I notice that your station is late for filing for it's contract renewal. I know this is punishable by it's stiff fine. But I had been watching you lately, You made a big impression on me. Yeah, I am revoking your license. Effective immediately, You are off the air.
Pamela Finklestein: Well, This just in. R.J. Fletcher's VHF TV Station as now went off the air and defeated by the FCC.