Luna Schlosser
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Luna Schlosser (Character)
from Sleeper (1973)

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Sleeper (1973)
Luna Schlosser: I think we should have had sex, but there weren't enough people.

Luna Schlosser: I'm great physically. I got a Ph.D. in oral sex.
Miles Monroe: Yeah, they make you take any Spanish with that?

Luna Schlosser: Oh, I see. You don't believe in science, and you also don't believe that political systems work, and you don't believe in God, huh?
Miles Monroe: Right.
Luna Schlosser: So then, what do you believe in?
Miles Monroe: Sex and death - two things that come once in a lifetime... but at least after death, you're not nauseous.

Miles Monroe: Perform sex? Uh, uh, I don't think I'm up to a performance, but I'll rehearse with you, if you like.
Luna Schlosser: Okay. I just thought you might want to; they have a machine here.
Miles Monroe: Machine? I'm not getting into that thing. I, I'm strictly a hand operator; you know, I, I... I don't like anything with moving parts that are not my own.

Luna Schlosser: It's hard to believe that you haven't had sex for 200 years.
Miles Monroe: 204, if you count my marriage.

Luna Schlosser: Miles, do you know that "God" spelled backwards is "dog"?
Miles Monroe: So?
Luna Schlosser: It makes you think.
Miles Monroe: Luna, help me push the car.

Miles: You're a sucker. What you didn't realize is that you're dealing with one of the greatest minds you've ever seen.
Luna: Yeah, and his isn't so bad either!

Luna Schlosser: You were screaming out different names in your sleep.
Miles Monroe: I was having sexual nightmares.

Miles Monroe: You remind me of Lisa Sorenson
Luna Schlosser: Who?
Miles Monroe: An old girlfriend from the village. A Trotskyite, who became a Jesus freak, and was arrested for selling pornographic connect-the-dot books.

Luna Schlosser: You have to give yourself up! They won't hurt you. They'll re-structure your brain.
Miles Monroe: Hey, nobody touches my brain; they may drop it. Then I'll talk like Mr. Lepidus who got hit by lightning.

Luna Schlosser: Sex is different now. There are no problems. Everyone is frigid now.
Miles Monroe: So all the men are impotent.
Luna Schlosser: Pretty much, except for those whose ancestors were Italian.
Miles Monroe: I knew there was something in that pasta.

Luna Schlosser: What's it feel like to be dead for 200 years?
Miles Monroe: Like spending a weekend in Beverly Hills.

Luna Schlosser: Please! I wanna go home! I'm getting a headache! I'm hungry! I haven't had a stress pill! I haven't had a bath in 7 hours! I'm telling you, I'm not accustomed to this!

Luna: You're biting my nails.
Miles Monroe: It's because you're tense.

Luna: Miles, I wrote a song about the revolution.
Miles Monroe: There's not going to be any revolution, unless we stop the Aries Project.
Luna: Don't you worry about that; you just relax. Now, listen:
[Plays guitar and sings]
Luna: Rebels are we! Born to be free! Just like the fish in the sea!

Luna Schlosser: "Regis - register commies, not guns." What's that mean?
Miles Monroe: What?
Luna Schlosser: "Register commies, not guns."
Miles Monroe: Oh, he was probably a member of the National Rifle Association. There was a group that helped criminals get guns so they could shoot citizens. It was a public service.

Luna Schlosser: Would you like to perform sex with me?
Miles Monroe: Perform sex? I don't think I'm up to performing, but I would rehearse with you if you'd like.

Luna Schlosser: [Luna's house party. Herald's arrived, bearing a gift; a Keane-like painting, of some big, doe-eyed, little girl, peering out at the viewer, from behind a pole, and is presenting it to Luna] Herald, it's wonderful! Oh, you shouldn't have, really!
Herald Cohen: [Herald's proudly smiling, next to this videos painting] Ijust thought you'd like it!
Luna Schlosser: [Luna's staring at it, a very long cigarette holder in one hand, and a look of intenseness is on her face, as she visually studies the painting] Oh, it's keen! It-it's pure keen! No
[spreads her hand, as if overcome with a revelation]
Luna Schlosser: No, it's greater than keen...
[dramatic pause]
Luna Schlosser: it's 'Cugat'!