Phyllis Stone
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Phyllis Stone (Character)
from The Last House on the Left (1972)

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The Last House on the Left (2009)
Paige: Okay, so can we please just go now?
Francis: [holding a knife to her] Aw, Paige.
Paige: Please!
Sadie: Do you not like us, Paige?
Krug: I'm sorry ladies. We just can't risk it.

Paige: What do you feel like doing tonight?

Justin: Can I get a pack of cigarettes?
Paige: Can I get some ID?
Justin: Can you just give me a pass?
Paige: Justin, I would if I ruled the world, but...
Justin: What if you help me, I help you?
Paige: And how are you going to help me?
Justin: Look, you know, I've got some premium grade-A shit back at the motel.
Paige: Really?
Justin: Yeah. You can see for yourself.

[upon entering motel room and finding Justin and Paige getting high]
Mari Collingwood: What the hell you guys?
Paige: Mari, Justin was not kidding. This is really good shit.
Mari Collingwood: Clearly. So, how long were you going to let me sit out there?

Paige: So Justin, my newfound friend, are you from a really big city?
Justin: Uh, no, I'm from all over.
Paige: All over?
Justin: My dad and uncle hustle around a lot, so...
Paige: What do they do?
Justin: All sorts of things. You know, I'm kind of out of the loop.
Mari Collingwood: Um, where's your mom?
Justin: [after a long pause] She's dead.
Mari Collingwood: I'm sorry.
Justin: It's alright.
Mari Collingwood: When did she... die?
Justin: It was a while ago.
Paige: Probably enough death talk. Do you want to move on to a happier subject?
Mari Collingwood: Sure.
Justin: [to Mari] Someone die?
Mari Collingwood: My brother, about a year ago.
Justin: What was his name?
Mari Collingwood: Ben.
Justin: [after long pause] Sorry.

Paige: You know what Mari? I think Justin here could be kind of cute if he lost his whole like creepy, hooded Unabomber kind of vibe he's got going on. Don't you think?

Paige: You're pathetic!
Krug: What'd you say Paige? Where did that come from all of a sudden?

The Last House on the Left (1972)
Estelle Collingwood: Mari tells me you're from Manhattan. What does your father do?
Phyllis Stone: Oh, my parents are in the iron and steal business.
Estelle Collingwood: Iron and steel both together? How unusual.
Phyllis Stone: Well, my mother irons and my father steals.

Mari: The leaves are really beautiful.
Phyllis Stone: Yup, they're really starting to change. I guess winter's comin' on!
Mari: Yup, Hey, I changed this winter!
Phyllis Stone: What do you mean, you changed?
Mari: I mean, my breasts filled out!
[Phyllis laughs]
Mari: I mean, they were nothing last summer!
Phyllis Stone: I didn't know you last summer!
Mari: Well, they have!
Phyllis Stone: Well, congratulations!

Krug Stillo: Piss your pants!
Phyllis Stone: What?
Krug Stillo: I said, "Piss your pants!"
Phyllis Stone: You sick mother!

Phyllis Stone: You stupid dyke!