Pvt. Little Joe
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Pvt. Little Joe (Character)
from Kelly's Heroes (1970)

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Kelly's Heroes (1970)
Pvt. Little Joe: It's Mulligan.
Big Joe: It's Mulligan! What the hell does he want?
Pvt. Little Joe: He says he's sorry.
Big Joe: [muttering] Sorry son of a bitch.
Pvt. Little Joe: [into the radio] Mulligan, Big Joe's a little upset right now, I think maybe you should leave town... Get out of the neighborhood... Right.

Pvt. Little Joe: Kelly's even got us armor support.
Big Joe: [facing Kelly] What armor?
Crapgame: [interrupting] Three Shermans from the 321st.
Big Joe: [still facing Kelly] Who's in command?
Crapgame: It's a top line outfit, I personally recommend these guys.
Big Joe: [turning to Crapgame] Now you butt out, hustler, the only time you come out of the ground is when you smell a profit.
Crapgame: Oh, yeah, well I'm comin' out now, because Kelly's got the perfect caper.
Big Joe: Sure for you it's a vacation. Six days out of seven you're behind the lines, we're at the broken end of a bottle all the time, so you, BUTT OUT!
[turning back to Kelly]
Big Joe: Who's in command?
Kelly: A guy named Oddball.
Big Joe: Oddball! He's a freak!
Kelly: He's got three Shermans all ready to go.
Big Joe: What kind of a guarantee is that? "He's ready to go." He's a nut!
Pvt. Jonesey: Well we're all nuts, or we wouldn't be here!