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Quotes for
Arthur Burns (Character)
from The Proposition (2005)

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The Proposition (2005)
Samuel Stote: What's a misanthrope, Arthur?
Two Bob: Some bugger who fuckin' hates every other bugger.
Samuel Stote: Hey, I didn't ask you, you black bastard
Arthur Burns: He's right Samuel. A misanthrope is one who hates humanity.
Samuel Stote: Is that what we are, misanthropes?
Arthur Burns: Good lord no. We're a family.

Officer Dunn: Who the fuck left Danny Boy out in the sun?
[Taking a piss]
Officer Dunn: Hey, Jacko, you lazy bugger, I told you to bury that bastard last night. He stinks worse than you. Jacko!
Two Bob: You got the wrong fuckin' black man.
Arthur Burns: Slowly now, Sergeant. Put your privates back in your pants and turn around. Come to steal my brother a horse, and we find ourselves a copper.
Officer Dunn: You fire that gun, you'll have eight more all over you.
Arthur Burns: Fair enough.
[Puts gun away, draws knife]
Arthur Burns: Step into the shade, Sergeant. To the back.
Officer Dunn: Has Charlie found you, then? Stanley's little mate.
Arthur Burns: Over there, by the straw. That's right. Stay. Lay down, Sergeant.
Officer Dunn: I know something you don't know. Your brother's come to kill you. I can help.
Arthur Burns: You can help me? Help your fucking self!
[Stomping on Officer Dunn's head]
Arthur Burns: . Help! Your! Fucking! Self! Copper.

Arthur Burns: Love. Love is the key. Love and family. For what are night and day, the sun, the moon, the stars without love, and those you love around you? What could be more hollow than to die alone, unloved?

Arthur Burns: Why can't you ever just... stop me?

[last lines]
Arthur Burns: You got me, Charlie. What are you going to do now?

Jellon Lamb: [dying words] There's night and day brother, both sweet things. Sun and Moon and stars, all sweet things. And quiet, there's a wind on the east. Life is very sweet, brother.
Arthur Burns: Life is very sweet, brother, who would wish to die?
Jellon Lamb: Ah.
Arthur Burns: George Borrow, I believe. A worthy writer, and a beautiful sentiment sir. But you're not my brother.
[finishes him off]

Charlie Burns: They're hanging Mikey come Christmas day.
Arthur Burns: When's Christmas, Charlie?