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Deputy Commissioner Waddington (Character)
from The Painted Veil (2006)

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The Painted Veil (2006)
Kitty Fane: [about Wan Xi] I had no idea you had so much affection for her.
Waddington: What makes you think I do?
Kitty Fane: I can see it in your eyes. I wonder what she sees in you.
Waddington: [In Chinese] What do you see in me?
Wan Xi: [to Waddington] You're a good man.
Waddington: She says I'm a good man.
Kitty Fane: As if a women has ever loved a man for his virtue.

Kitty Fane: I was wondering if you could tell me when the post comes through. It's for Shanghai.
Waddington: Unfortunately, since the cholera the cowards won't venture past the river port. But leave it with me. A local trader I know is making the trip on Friday.
Kitty Fane: [hands Waddington the letter]
Waddington: [reading the envelope] Townsend. Charlie Townsend?
Kitty Fane: Yes. He's an acquaintance of my husband. Do you know him?
[Kitty takes the letter back and looks worried]
Waddington: Years ago. We were both assigned to the consulate in Shanghai. Charming wife.
Kitty Fane: Yes. They're very popular, aren't they?
Waddington: He'd made a science of popularity.
Kitty Fane: So you know his family?
Waddington: Well, well enough. I like Dorothy.
Kitty Fane: [laughs] Yes, I understand they're quite the devoted couple.
Waddington: Oh, he had his little flirtations.
Kitty Fane: Nothing serious.
Waddington: I once heard her say that she found it most unflattering that the women who fell for her husband were so consistently second-rate.
Kitty Fane: [looks mortified for a moment, then laughs] Well, enjoy the record.
Waddington: Mrs. Fane? The letter.
Kitty Fane: Right. Yes, it suddenly occured to me that Friday's much too late. Thanks all the same.

[Waddington walks in to the Fanes' new house]
Waddington: You must be the doctor's wife. I've just met your husband and invited myself to dinner. I've kept the Watsons' cook for you - she's not bad. She'll have to do for your amah as well. We're a little short-handed here.
[Remembering he hasn't introduced himself yet]
Waddington: Sorry, my name is Waddington.

The Painted Veil (1934)
Deputy Commissioner Waddington: [Offering scotch whiskey to Fane] Stay full of this. Leaves no room for the cholera.