Cassie Munro
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Cassie Munro (Character)
from RV (2006)

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RV (2006)
Earl Gornicke: So, do you have a boyfriend?
Cassie Munro: Yeah, actually, I'm engaged.
Earl Gornicke: Unlikely.

Cassie, age 5: Daddy?
Bob Munro: Yeah, baby?
Cassie, age 5: I'm never gonna get married.
Bob Munro: Why not? It's not as bad as it looks.
Cassie, age 5: Because I always want to live here with you.
Bob Munro: Well, you know, one day, you're gonna grow up, meet a wonderful guy, and you're gonna get married. But you and I will always be best friends.
[kisses forehead]
Cassie Munro: [Scene switch] Dad, could you be any more of a dork?
Bob Munro: Cassie, you know where this girl lives or you just think you know?
Cassie Munro: I know where, I just know one way to get there. And you refuse to go that way.
Bob Munro: Because it's a stupid way.
Jamie Munro: You're lost, aren't you?
Bob Munro: Yes I'm lost, because our daughter doesn't know where her friend's house it. She knows it's next to the house with the fountain.

Cassie Munro: Maybe we can feed Carl to the raccoon.
Carl Munro: Maybe we can feed him you, he might be on the south bitch diet.
Bob Munro: That's a good one son.

[repeated line]
Cassie Munro: Dad, the RV's rolling away.

Cassie Munro: Mom, some idiot just parked this ugly RV outside our house.
Jamie Munro: What?
Cassie Munro: Oh, my God, it's your husband.

Bob Munro: Welcome aboard, everybody. Before we embark, I think we should give this beauty a name. Suggestions?
Cassie Munro: The Big Turd.
Carl Munro: The Big Rolling Turd?
Bob Munro: In that spirit, we set forth.

Cassie Munro: This is the worst I've ever been treated.
Jamie Munro: Wait till you get married.

Jamie Munro: I feel like that hitchhiker in The Twilight Zone.
Cassie Munro: What do they like about us? We're not even that appealing.

Cassie Munro: Dad.
Bob Munro: Yeah?
Cassie Munro: I get it.
Bob Munro: What?
Cassie Munro: Sometimes if you want to succceed, you have to do what they tell you.

Cassie Munro: What happened to Hawaii?
Bob Munro: Come on, Hawaii's a winter destination. It's summer. The place I'm taking you is special, and not Iike Uncle Mike. It's Lake Nirvana, where I went with my parents as a kid.
Cassie Munro: Is he being funny? Because I can never tell.

Cassie Munro: Why can't we just give it Carl and maybe he'll eat it and leave.
Carl Munro: Why don't we feed him you, maybe he's on a south bitch diet.

Bob Munro: Hey, check this out. It's called the "pop-out."
Bob Munro: [starts to open the pop-out] Whoa, where are you?
Bob Munro: How cool was that?
Cassie Munro: [sarcastically] Macarena cool.

Cassie Munro: My god, I am so bored. I could actually throw up from how bored I am.