Bob Wolverton
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Bob Wolverton (Character)
from Freeway (1996)

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Freeway (1996)
Vanessa Lutz: You fucker! You killed my grandma!
Bob Wolverton: That's not all I did to grandma.

Bob Wolverton: Chicken soup, and a fucking straw.

Vanessa: So what you think it's OK do all sorts of bad stuff to me now?
Bob Wolverton: Well that's an open ended discussion Vanessa dealing with deep philosophical ramifications, something you can hardly grasp. In fact take it from me a professional Vanessa, you're an absolute fucking moron!

Vanessa: Are you the guy who's been killing all them girls on the freeway, Bob?
[Bob chuckles sadistically]
Vanessa: Why are you killing all them girls, Bob?
Bob Wolverton: 'Cause I have absolutely reached my fucking limit with people like you, Vanessa.
Vanessa: What kinda people am I supposed to be?
Bob Wolverton: The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the fathers who fuck their daughters, the drug addicted motherfucking whores with their bastard fucking offspring.
Vanessa: Hey I ain't no trick baby!
Bob Wolverton: We call them garbage people, and I assure you, you are one of them.

Bob Wolverton: [to Vanessa] Did you like it when he fucked you?

Bob Wolverton: Vanessa, people like me, we don't go to the gas chamber.