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Quotes for
Jake (Character)
from Silverado (1985)

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Silverado (1985)
Jake: I got things to do, kid, I'm a busy man.
Augie Hollis: I go with you.
Jake: A grown man can't have a little boy with him everywhere he goes.
Augie Hollis: Well, who's a grown man?

Jake: All I did was kiss a girl!
Emmett: They got you in jail for that?
Jake: Yeah, I kissed a girl, and this other fella didn't like it, so we had some words, and so I decided to get out of there. So I did, I got out of there. You know me, Emmett, I don't want no trouble. So, I go outside, and this fellow tries to shoot me in the back.
Emmett: You had to kill him?
Jake: No, no, I winged him. And he dropped his gun.
Emmett: They got you in jail for winging a guy?
Jake: Well... no, not exactly. Because, see, then his friend opened up on me.
Emmett: What friend is that?
Jake: The one with the shotgun.
Sheriff Langston: The DEAD one.

Phoebe: [Phoebe stands between Jake and an angry Tyree] Nothing happened, Tyree. This is my job.
Tyree: Shut up.
Jake: I don't believe a lady has to explain anything to a man this ugly.
[Two deputies come up behind him, but he doesn't seem to notice]
Paden: [Comes up behind Tyree] What's the trouble here?
Tyree: Stay out of this, Paden.
Stella: He can't do that, Tyree. Cobb's hired him.
Tyree: That's Cobb's mistake.
Stella: Come on out of there, Phoebe, you've done enough.
[Phoebe moves to leave, but Tyree pushes her back. Paden takes Tyree's gun and points it at him]
Paden: Go on home, Jake.
Jake: All I did was kiss the girl.
Paden: That's what you said in Turley. Remember how that ended?
Jake: What's the matter, Paden? You afraid I couldn't get those two behind me?
Paden: I don't want you getting anybody in my place.
Jake: [Takes his hat, faces the deputies, and points a finger at them] Boom.
[He leaves]
Tyree: [to Paden] I should've killed you a long time ago.
Paden: [Offering Tyree's gun back to him] Why not now?
[Tyree takes the gun and holds it under Paden's chin]
Stella: Don't do it, Tyree. I just lost one partner. If you kill him, I'll never get anyone to work in here.
Tyree: You better start looking.
[He takes the gun from under Paden's chin and leaves]
Stella: You really are a gambler, aren't you?
Paden: [Walks up to the bar] Give me some of the good stuff.

[last lines]
Jake: We'll be back!

Jake: You've been to Chicago?
Mal: Yeah.
Jake: Was it wonderful?
Mal: No.

[Paden comes back to the fire the night after Conrad is killed]
Emmett: Where you been, Paden?
Paden: Oh, I was just, uh... checking the, uh...
[Mal laughs]
Jake: Geez, Paden, her old man ain't even cold yet.

Jake: Come on, boys! Jake's in town! Let's start the ball!

Emmett: [Emmett, Paden, Jake, and Mal are about to ride into town to face McKendrick, Sheriff Cobb and his deputies. Emmett turns to the others] I'll see you 'round.
Paden: Last one at the Midnight Star buys.
Jake: You're on. Let's get 'em!
Mal: [Emmett and Jake ride down the hill into town. Before following, Mal turns to Paden] Hey, Paden. Good luck.

Paden: [Paden has just been locked in a cell with Jake who is sentenced to hang] Making a big mistake.
Jake: That's what I told 'em!