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Quotes for
Pierrette (Character)
from 8 Women (2002)

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8 Women (2002)
Pierrette: As you ladies want the whole truth, I'd like to add a tidbit of information you lack.
Gaby: What is it this time?
Pierrette: Marcel and your new maid, Louise, have known each other for five years.
Gaby: What?
Pierrette: Five years of rented rooms and secret weekends. This winter you needed a maid, so Louise got hired.
[leaning in towards Gaby]
Pierrette: It's called "in-home service."

Suzon: Didn't you say you saw no-one?
Augustine: I forgot. I went for a drink.
Gaby: Or a prowl around Marcel's room! What happened?
Catherine: You'd know if you still slept with Dad.
Gaby: I'm being judged by my own child!
Pierrette: That's why I never had any.
Gaby: Just admit no man ever asked you to.

Louise: She
Louise: asked me to keep quiet and gave me 10,000 francs.
Pierrette: Which I regret, you hussy.
Louise: What?
Pierrette: Everyone knows you sleep around.
Louise: You know, since we sleep with the same ones, let me explain the bribe. I overheard you say to Monsieur, "Give me the money or you'll die."
Pierrette: No I said, "I'll die."
Louise: No, "You'll die."
Pierrette: My poor Louise! Your word is no good, you're just a maid.
Louise: Nor is yours. You're just a whore.
Pierrette: Which I prefer.